Difference between innerspring and pocket coil mattresses

Innerspring and pocket coil mattresses are almost similar when it comes to their look and feel. The comfort provided by both of them is ultimate and they look so alike that people often get confused between them. However, there are many differences in both these mattress types such as the basic construction and materials used in the framework.

The upholstery used in both these mattress types can be similar or different depending upon the choice of the craftsmen and the directions of the manufacturing company. Talking about craftmanship, you can take a look at the NectarSleep brand of mattress.Today, let us see some of the key differences between these two mattresses.

The key differences between innerspring and pocket coil mattresses:


Both these mattress types use springs and coils in their framework but the basic difference lies in the design. You can also take a look in some of the amazing modern rugs and decor that are used in the some new homes that are being constructed.

While innerspring mattresses showcase a network of interlinked coils and springs, the pocket coil mattresses are made up of individual coils and springs which are integrated into distinct cloth pockets.


Both these mattress types are comfortable but pocket coil mattresses perform a little better in this department as they distribute your weight evenly on the springs. On the other hand, innerspring mattresses can cause pain or pressure on the sensitive joints and parts like neck and back since they are made from a rigid network of coils. For your drawing room you can go for small accent rugs  for your small home along with a open mattress to give it more ethnic look.

Also, you might not be able to sleep in one position for a long time on innerspring mattresses especially if the thickness of the padding is less. Similarly, the pocket coil mattresses too can be rigid if the foam padding used is not up to the mark.


Innerspring mattresses are durable and also stand the test of time. Also, they can be much easily repaired and maintained as compared to the pocket coil mattresses as much more efforts are required to remove and repair the individual springs.

In fact, innerspring mattresses are the most durable types of mattress available in the market and they have been around from more than a century at least.


Innerspring mattresses are cheap and affordable to most since they are designed to be sturdy and rigid. On the other hand, pocket coil mattresses are slightly costlier than the innerspring mattresses.


The time consumed to clean an innerspring mattress is much less as compared to the time required to clean a pocket coil mattress. Also, the pocket coil mattresses can cost you a significant amount for repair as compared to the innerspring mattress. You should have a clear idea about how much are eco friendly mattress cost in maintenance, before you proceed to buy one.

These were some basic differences between innerspring and pocket coil mattresses. A pocket coil mattress is ideal for those people who want extra comfort whereas innerspring mattress is suitable for those people who want an inexpensive and durable option.

You can say that the pocket coil mattresses are advanced variants of innerspring mattresses since they are most comfortable and luxurious as compared to the innerspring mattresses. Therefore, these mattresses score slightly higher than the innerspring mattresses. However, there are many people who still prefer innerspring mattress since they are tough, reliable and low on maintenance.

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