Determine the Most Effective Recruitment Channels

Determine the Most Effective Recruitment Channels. To be able to conduct effective Staffing recruitment, several recruitment channels are needed to get the best Staff according to company needs. Keep in mind that every organization, both government and private organizations, will definitely recruit new employees to fill a position.
In a company, both private and government companies, a vacancy is a common thing.
The vacant position is usually caused by Staffing rotation, changes in the structure and function of employees, as well as company growth such as opening new branches, and so forth.

To fill a vacancy, a new employee is required to fulfill the vacancy.
This can be done by recruiting new Staff. The recruitment process is needed to find people who have certain education, knowledge, and skills that are in accordance with the vacant position. Recruiting new Staffing is not an easy job.
The purpose of recruiting new Staffing is to find the right and qualified people to fill the vacant position. Although there is someone who is truly qualified for a vacant position we cannot immediately recruit him if the person concerned is not included in the group applying.
This is why we have to determine the right recruitment channel or sourcing channel.
On this occasion, we will discuss some effective recruitment sources.

10 Most Effective Sources of Recruitment

There are many recruitment channels both sourced from internal and external companies.

Here are some recruitment channels that you should know about:

Derived from Staff Reference.

Recruitment through computer references is the best recruitment channel. Staffing who give references will surely refer to people who really have the education, knowledge, and abilities in accordance with the available vacant positions. The reference giver certainly does not dare to recommend just anyone because it is directly related to the giver of the recommendation.


  1. Give Staff an award for referring/recommending someone. Rewards can be in the form of money or other forms.
  2. Announce this to all Staff so that many employees will be interested in recommending the best people they know.
  3. Make a list of Staffing who recommend new Staff and the contact address of the prospective new Staffing.

Company Website.

List some of the benefits of working in your company such as an adequate review, a clear career path, a good work environment, and so forth.


  1. Include a job button on the company’s website.
  2. Give some contact numbers that can be contacted
  3. Vacancies can still be advertised on the company’s website but never mention that all vacancies are full.

 Recruitment Through Social Media.

If done correctly recruitment through social media can attract qualified candidates.
This method allows you to get the right Staffing without having to spend as much money as in the conventional recruitment process.


  1. Show the benefits of working for your company.
    Show the credibility of your company to prospective Staffing.
  2. You can check the profile of prospective candidates and you can check posts on social media. Also, check that your qualifications and work experience are true or lie.
  3. Use social networking for professionals like Linkedin and other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

 Opening Job Vacancies on the Internet.

The new facts show that 74 percent of Staff are ready to change jobs if there are new vacancies that are suitable and in accordance with the criteria they want.
They even routinely open the internet to look for job vacancies.


  1. Look for credible job vacancy sites.
  2. Write job openings lure prospective applicants to want to know.
  3. If you need to advertise your vacancies in the vacancy forum because in the forum prospective applicants can ask questions about existing job openings and you can answer them directly.

 Internal recruitment.

In contrast to external recruitment, in internal recruitment, we pay attention to our staffing and look for approximately who is suitable to fill the vacant position. 


  1. We already know the needs of the staffing concerned
  2. Staffing gets a job promotion where this can increase Staff dedication and they will feel uncomfortable working at our company.
  3. Save time and money.

Using Staffing Agencies.

There are two types of Staffing agencies, namely labor agents that we rent monthly to ensure all positions are fulfilled or we hire Staffing agencies when the company has a vacant position. Austin Staffing, one of the staffing agents based in America under the auspices of Scion Staffing, has been a staffing service agent for a decade.

Scion Executive Search is an award-winning, full-service, non-profit executive search firm that provides clients with an exceptional talent for hire and a member of ASA.

Since 2006, their partners have strategically placed non-profit talents in organizations throughout the world. Make organizational growth goals a reality that can be achieved.


  1. How long has the company been standing
  2. What will be checked against prospective Staffing
  3. Any client-owned
  4. They used to recruit workers in what field
    And so forth

 Recruitment Through Campus.

There are many ways to recruit on campus.
Some of these ways include: telephone interviews, video calls, on-campus interviews in person, work fairs or you can list available vacancies directly on the campus website.
Keep in mind that recruiting on campus is the right way to get Staffing with money salaries that are not too expensive.

Using ATS.

ATS or Applicant Tracking System is an application or software that can help companies to process work applications and directly conduct the recruitment process.
With the information available, we can test, select, and conduct interviews.
With this tool, we can also check references, match skills, send messages automatically, and much more.

Recruitment Through Video Calls.

Recent research shows that 63 percent of companies in America conduct interviews with prospective new employees through video/video calls.
Recruitment like this is usually preferred by young people.
Recruitment through video can also provide many advantages because we can pay attention to the attitudes and body language of job seekers.
We can also pay attention to the emotional aspects of the prospective new staff.

Newspapers and Trade Journals.

Who said the newspaper was dead. Newspapers and trade journals still exist and are still read by many people.
To get new Staffing you can place advertisements in newspapers both local and national newspapers. Heavy industry companies, service, and mechanical positions can easily get new Staffing by placing advertisements in existing newspapers.

Recruiting new Staff is a routine activity carried out by various agencies both government agencies and private companies.
The process of recruiting new Staff must be done properly in order to get the best Staffing in accordance with existing positions.
Hopefully, the review on how to determine the Most Effective Sourcing Channels above can be your reference in capturing the quality candidates you want.

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