Detailed Guide on the Different Types of Mattresses Available

Different Types of Mattresses

In order to have a goodnight’s sleep, one must have an adequate mattress. Unfortunately, numerous people across the country do not possess a suitable model, because of the lack of direction present on the market. There are a variety of options, which cause even more confusion for consumers. The structures of mattresses vary from each other in more than one aspect because manufacturing companies want to standout in meaningful measure by addressing different concerns in distinctive ways. This is why it is vital to conduct some homework on what is available before conducting a selection. What might be the ideal mattress for someone might not be so much for another individual, and vice versa.

The Different Types of Mattresses Available on the Market

Different Types of Mattresses in the shop

Bed-in-a-Box Mattress

This type of mattress was able to garner popularity like never before in 2016 when the company Casper launched its first bed-in-a-box service. This service consists of mattresses that are ordered online and arrive within a couple of days. A bed-in-a-box mattress is like no other. It is made from foam or a hybrid between memory springs and foam. It is designed to provide a more balanced, supportive, and comfortable sleeping experience. Bed-in-a-box mattresses help alleviate pains and aches because they respond to your body’s shape. This type of mattress has already garnered a loyal following in the United Kingdom and around the globe, hence why other companies have jumped into the wagon of manufacturing them, including Leesa and Simba. This is the ideal mattress for someone who prefers to order online but does not want to compromise quality. For more information about this mattress click here!

Latex Mattress

Latex foam is what structures this mattress. Since it is a breathable material, overheating will not take place at night. Latex is also very durable; thus, it can last for more than a handful of years. Around the world, numerous doctors recommend this type of mattress to individuals who have asthma or allergies. It is very firm, so it can be difficult to turn. Even so, the advantages outweigh this possible downfall. Over the years, its popularity has skyrocketed, and it appears this popularity will not diminish any time soon.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is a mouldable material that has hypoallergenic properties and responds to weight and temperature as one would want, hence why this mattress has been selling like hotcakes ever since it was first introduced on the market. This material models to the shape of any body, helps relieve pressure on joints, and absorbs weight. Even though this material can get quite warm, it is able to add support to an injured back and aid in the aligning of spine and thus help maintain posture. Millions of chiropractors recommend memory foam mattresses due these and other undoubted benefits.

Open Spring Mattress (a.k.a. open coil or continuous coil mattress)

This type of mattress, which is very light, is suited for occasional use because it provides less support than other mattresses; nonetheless, it has a durable structure. It has a long piece of metal wired coiled into countless springs, and it comes accompanied by a border wire or rod in order to help maintain shape and keep the structure intact for many years to come. This affordable mattress is ideal to place in guests or children’s bedrooms.

Pocket Spring Mattress

Depending on your preference, this type of mattress comes in different versions: firm, medium, and soft. No matter the version chosen, you can count for each spring to move independently, providing more support than open spring mattress models. Compared to memory latex or foam mattresses, pocket spring mattresses are more breathable, which makes them ideal for those individuals who tend to get too hot while sleeping. On the other hand, they are not ideal for those individuals who are allergic to natural materials such as lamb wool. Furthermore, this is a great bed option for two people, as the separate springs can accommodate different weights and needs while minimizing the possibility of rolling.

Standard Sizes for Mattresses on the UK Market

Mattress Sizes

Large emperor:

215cm x 217cm


200cm x 202cm

Super-king size:

180cm x 200cm

King size:

150cm x 200cm


135cm x 190cm

Small double:

120cm x 190cm


90cm x 190cm

Small single:

75cm x 190cm

The Role of Firmness in a Mattress

Contrary to popular belief, firmness in mattresses varies to a great extent. There is firm, medium firm, medium soft, and soft. The ideal firmness varies from person to person.


A firm mattress keeps back in a stable and comfortable position; thus, it best suits people who sleep facing up or suffer from back pain.

Medium Firm:

A medium-firm mattress provides extra lower-back support, so it would be a great selection for people who sleep on their back for an extensive time during the night.

Medium Soft:

A medium-soft mattress moulds the body and provides a bit more support than other models, so it is perfect for people who change their sleeping position throughout the night.


A soft mattress moulds to a body’s natural position, so it is a great fit for people who change positions during the night.

Tips When Choosing a Mattress When Pregnant or Suffering from Joint or Back Pain

For pregnant women, soft mattresses are recommended, especially in the second trimester and third trimester because the weight of the baby is felt more and thus sleeping on the side becomes the go-to position. To feel even more comfortable, pregnant women should also consider pillows designed for them.

When suffering from joint or back pain, a firm mattress is suggested. Even so, it is important to analyse the option that has caught your eye to determine if it would meet your needs as you envision.

How to Protect Your Mattress

Mattresses should be looked upon as investments; thus, they should always be taken care of. When you receive your mattress, it is vital to allow it to air for four hours or so to diminish storage smells. Every mattress should be allowed to air at least once a week and should have a protector to keep it in perfect shape. You should also consider mattress topers to implement an extra layer of cushioning to your mattress. Also, it is recommended to replace your mattress every eight to ten years so that you can keep on having a pleasant sleeping experience every night.

Choosing Your Mattress Wisely

If you are currently on the hunt for the adequate mattress, take the aforementioned information into account. By doing so, you will save time and money, as you will be playing it safe and thus choosing a mattress that meets your needs and wants in every aspect.

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