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“Every man’s home is his castle” is a century-old saying and is quite the truth.  However, it does not mean that you spend millions on that home. You can make your home look aesthetic, expensive and elegant by having the interior designer with a contemporary theme.

Interior designing is expensive and can’t be done again and again. Hence before you decide on things you have to research and make decisions about the colour scheme of the house, which furniture and how much in each room, the artifacts, the lights, accessories, and many other things. All these things will come together make your house look at how you feel comfortable and happy.

If one word that describes a modern home in its whole essence is ‘Simplicity’. However this simplicity wouldn’t lead to your house being boring, instead, your house would be a little less cluttered and more open.

Here are a few elements that every modern house has:

1. Letting the Light in The House

When interior designing changed from traditional to modern one stark difference you could observe between both the settings was the light. While the traditional houses had small windows and more enclosed spaces using the light to make things illuminated. The modern house was open with huge windows, as big as a full wall. This was done so that the sunlight could enter the house.
This made the houses look quite different from that of traditional and it has its appeal as it gives off an elegant vibe to the house.

2. Natural Material for Interior & Exterior

Giving your house a modern outlook means that you use natural and organic material to make things in your interior. For instance, you can add a resin table. Here you can find a resin table tutorial. The tables are unique, aesthetic and give a modern outlook to the house.  Also, you can use these natural materials to design accessories for your home interior. For the decking of the house, you can make wooden decks or plastic decks that have a wooden outlook. Also, don’t try to match the colour of the walls with the interior furniture, rather have them in contrast. It will make things stand out from the rest of the room.

3. Dominant Pale with Hints of Dark Shades

To give the outlook of maximum space in your room by picking the base colour of the rooms to be pale. No pale doesn’t always mean grey and whites you can add peaches and light green to your space too. Along with that add a dark splash of colour, which will be your game changer and bring things together beautifully. For instance, you can add the splash to the borders of your wall or have one whole wall coloured while the other four are in a neutral colour.

4. Bare Floors

Unlike a traditional house in a modern house, you have bare floors. The floors are made of porcelain, tiles, and ceramics. They are devoid of carpets but have rugs to full a few spaces. The rugs and the bare floor come together to give an appealing visual of the floors of the room.

5. Fewer Things on the Floor

In a traditional house, every inch of the floor had a piece of furniture only leaving enough space to navigate around the room. In modern style, you have only essential furniture and leave the rest of the room open to give space. This will give an iconic look to your house.

6. Everything Should be Functional

If you are confused about how to accommodate fewer things on the floor then evaluate things based on their functionality. There should only be things that would make use of and other things should be thrown out the window.

7. Focus on the Details

Modern houses wouldn’t have been possible if the steel and wood industry hadn’t accommodated them. Instead of going for straight wall heads you can now have them slanted or twisted in any way as per your design. These details will make things stand out. Also, the railings and stairs which in traditional homes are bulky are sleek made from high tension cables, glass, and industrial materials. The focus on these small things will help you lessen the clutter and give you more open space in the room.

8. Use the Smart Stuff

The modern home is also filled with technology. However, it is incorporated in the house in such a way that it is not visible by the naked eye.  Some of these smart things can be controlling devices by buttons or by oral commands. You can have keyless locks and add temperature controlling thermosets in the house. Things that were previously wired now being wireless for instance remotes. The more hidden these details are the more luxurious the outlook they will give to your house.

9. Say no to Mouldings

While moulding was an essential part of furniture and cabinets in a traditional house. They have no space in the modern house, so skip all mouldings and go for none. If you still like some then don’t make them too heavy. The lesser the embellishments the better will be the outlook.

10. Say no to Design Rules

When you have finally decided to go for a modern house. Then forget all the strict rules of design. It is about minimalism, functionality, aesthetically pleasing and being open. This interior will also help you adapt to the new working ways of this world and change things for the better. Your home reflects your lifestyle and preference. It is your palace and you have the authority to design it in any way you want.

Creating a modern house isn’t difficult but it requires time, money and patience. On each step, you have to be smart and make wise decisions.  Everything in your house represents you and you should only select things that speak to you and you are comfortable using them.
Hopefully, these tips will help you design the modern home you have dreamed about all these years

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