An article about decorating with vintage wallpapers for a retro flair

The vintage wallpaper style still makes a lot of impact in your house in today’s world. In other words, the retro theme is one of the most liked and trending styles when it comes to interior. And when we talk about the interior makeover, the first thing that comes into our mind is that wallpaper.

Wallpaper gives you the exact feel and the vibe you need for your dream house interior. And today, we will be exploring the beautiful and evergreen retro theme inspired vintage wallpapers. that can correctly set your home and your personality.

In today’s blog, I will be sharing some fantastic vintage wallpaper that can be set according to the different rooms of the home.

Vintage wallpapers for different rooms

I am listing down different styles and patterns of vintage wallpapers according to other rooms.

1.    Flower Print Vintage Wallpaper for Living Room

Flower Print Vintage Wallpaper for Living Room

  • Flower Print Vintage Wallpaper is the best option for living rooms. They turn out to be the most attractive prints and designs. Flower prints are very subtle, soothing, and refreshing.
  • You can set your room aspects according to the wallpaper. They will perfectly stand out and blend, too, according to the wallpaper and the room decor.
  • Color Theme: You can adapt blue, grey, or dark colors for the other aspects of the room’s decor.
  • Furniture: For sitting arrangement, you can use fabricated furniture with a wooden furniture set, and for other aspects, choose wooden furniture for the room decor.
  • Lighting: Make sure that you install bright lightings to brighten up the room.

(Note: ultimate use of the furniture and other objects can not just make the room look spacious but also bright.)

2.   Geometric Print Vintage Wallpaper for Dining and Kitchen

Geometric Print Vintage Wallpaper for Dining and Kitchen

  • Geometric Print Vintage wallpaper turns out to be perfect for the kitchen.
  • Applying any bright or bold wallpaper in the kitchen or dining area is not at all a good idea, so I suggest light and specific color printed vintage wallpaper for space.
  • Color Theme: Use a light color theme for both the room to make them look comfortable and perfectly blending according to the light and space available.
  • Furniture: Use wooden furniture to perfectly blend it with the entire decor theme. It would contrast with the vintage wallpaper and present you with the exact look.
  • Lightings: Usually, the kitchen and the dining area are provided with natural lights through the windows and the doors, thus if you want, you may think ve the ultimate lightings.

3.   Motif Vintage Wallpaper for Master bedrooms

Motif Vintage Wallpaper for Master bedrooms

  • Motif Vintage wallpaper will be perfect for master bedrooms. They are neither too loud, nor too simple.
  • If you want you, may even try different dark and shimmery colors for your bedroom according to your likings and theme. But I personally prefer motif print vintage wallpaper when it comes to bedrooms.
  • You tend to spend quality and peaceful time in bedrooms. Having loud aspects surrounding you can be very disappointing and dull.
  • Color Theme: Choose a light and soothing color theme for the bedroom.
  • Furniture: Adapt wooden furniture for your bedroom. They are simple yet classic and always trending.
  • Lightings: Go for bright lighting and, you are ready to showcase.

4.   Kids Print Vintage Wallpaper for Kids Bedroom

Kids Print Vintage Wallpaper for Kids Bedroom

  • Children are very fond of animated stuff, applying animated print vintage wallpaper will give them the ultimate satisfaction and happiness.
  • Kids have a delicate mindset, use light colors for their rooms to avoid creating a heavy impact on their eyesight and mind, and prioritize.
  • Color Theme: If possible, please use light and soothing colors, such as; sky blue, light grey, baby pink, light olive green, etc.
  • Furniture: For kid’s rooms, use minimal furniture, and set Wooden furniture.
  • Lightings: Use maximum light to provide the ultimate light and brightness to the room.

5.   Guest Room/ Study Room Vintage Wallpaper:

Guest Room Study Room Vintage Wallpaper

  • Study and Guest Room Vintage Wallpaper are very simple and subtle to give a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
  • No use of bold and loud wallpapers when planning to decor the study or the guest room.
  • Color Theme: Use White, Grey, Light wooden brown color to keep a simple look.
  • Furniture: Wooden Furniture or Metal Furniture can blend perfectly with the theme of the room.
  • Lightings: Installing the right brightness and light in the room is a must, thus using bright lights in the room.

The Conclusion On Decoration with Vintage Wallpapers for Retro Flair.

So these are the 5 different room and Vintage Wallpaper ideas that can be adapted accordingly to create the retro flair to your home interior. Make sure you select and consider all the essential aspects while choosing the amazing vintage wallpapers, right from style, color, taste, space availability, lighting in the room, and furniture.

And for furniture, I would suggest you adopt wooden furniture because nothing else can perfectly fit the retro theme other than the rigid aspects of furniture.

Every single pattern and style of the wallpaper would make a lot of impact on the entire interior of the home.

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