Decorating Tips For Small Living Rooms

Believe it or not, your living is one of the most important areas of your house, even more than the bathroom. For me the living area and the kitchen are quite crucial for a healthy household. 

Many people might not agree with me as they would believe their bedrooms as an essential part. Now, there are two cases if you are living with your family then your living room is important, but if you are living with somebody else in their house, then you would prefer your room. 

Designing the interior of your house requires a lot of things. The first thing which I believe is your mental approach. Many people will deny this fact but actually it is your thought which will help you decide how you would be using your living room

Anyhow, in this article, we will discuss some tips and suggestions which can help you to recreate your house. 

1) Combining Mirrors And Wallpaper

Small living rooms can feel oppressively cramped, particularly if they have few windows. You can make the space feel larger and brighter — and create a focal point — by papering one wall and hanging a mirror on it. Where possible, hang the mirror facing a window. This way, the mirror will reflect the exterior view and suggest your living room has another window. 

Try to buy some crafted mirrors, keep in mind that these mirrors are not for the main purpose of looking at your face. These can be colored mirrors or designed mirrors with various frames. 

You can have various designs, either colored mirrors they will also look great. Another option is lamps and pendant lights. 

2) Incorporate Hidden Storage Space

Clutter can become a serious problem in a small living room. To keep it at bay, look for furnishings that provide unobtrusive storage. Use a storage ottoman or a trunk as a coffee table. Instead of putting a console table on the wall, use a credenza or a chest of drawers to fill the same role while adding storage space.

Buying some stools, in which there is space for keeping small items, more you can buy some cheap shelves of different designs which can be fixed anywhere on your walls, in nasty or symmetric positions.

 3) Use Vertical Space

If you’re in the fortunate position of having a small room with high ceilings, you can use the extra space to your advantage. Extra wall space overhead won’t magically increase your square footage, but there’s great value in drawing the eye upward. It makes the space feel bigger and more meaningful. Use the space at the top of your walls to showcase interesting art pieces.

Buy a big and long vertical rack, where you will be having almost 3 to 5 layers of drawers. This can be used for putting extra things in your house. 

4) Pick Petite Furniture

When you’re furnishing a smaller room, you need to expand your horizons and look for smaller furniture. If it fits with your decorating ideas, antiques are generally great for use in small living rooms. This is because room sizes tended to be much smaller in the years before WWII. Hunt up love seats, settees, and lightly-built chairs to make your living room comfortable without crowding it. Take a look at CB2 for a range of furniture solutions.

Having stools instead of sofas and an arm chair instead of couch is recommended if your room’s size is not big.  

5) Fill Up One Corner

This may seem contradictory at first, but fitting a major piece of furniture into a small living room can make very efficient use of the space. Sectional sofas are ideal for this when they’re fitted to the room’s proportions; they provide ample seating without making the room feel cluttered. Note that modern sectionals with minimalist lines look better in a small room than overstuffed ones.

6) Use A Smaller Sofa

In the tightest of living rooms, there just might not be enough space for a full-sized sofa. Look for lighter, smaller options, like a streamlined loveseat. To get the lightest, airiest look, pick a sofa with exposed legs.

7) Buy A Backless Sofa

In living rooms where the middle of the space is the only option for a sofa, a backless sofa may be the best way to provide seating without overwhelming the room. Backless sofas are quite stylish, and they open up extra seating options because they can be used from both sides. This lends the backless sofa some real flexibility; in the future, you may carry it over to a larger room and use it to divide two different seating areas.

Sofa come beds are the most useful item in this category. Imagine that you have got friends coming to your place and you have not got any extra bed. Your sofa bed cna be a great option. 

 8) Recreate 

You will have to recreate your old stuff so that your living room decoration plan does not get out of your budget. 

You can, for example, use the broken pieces of mirror or tiles for covering some surfaces, such as your side tables,so it will create an artistic look. 

Sew some good cushion covers, which will pop up the colors of your curtains and sofa. Or simply buy some ready made cushions. 

 9) the Indoor Plants 

Indoor plants look extremely appealing in your living area, if you have not got much space for keeping big plant pots. Then you can hang them and create a new look for your room, money plants and snake plants are the best options. 

You may not get enough flowers, but a vase for keeping some fresh flowers will always give a fresh look to your room. If you are out of space, then for vases you can also have the same alternative for vases. 

10) keep a Game 

For keeping your family together in your living room. You will have to get some good activities available in the room. 

For example playstation  and xbox. You can also get some good board games, such as chest and ludo. 

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