12 Ways to Decorate a Kids Playroom

Kids Playroom

Kids need a safe space indoors to play, explore, and learn. Why not create it for them? Whether your little ones love to dress up, create crafts, or burn off some energy, there is a playroom idea for every budget. Read on for 12 different ways to decorate a playroom.

   1.Create a Cute Chalkboard Wall

You won’t ever have to worry about your children coloring on your walls if you give them an actual place to do it. Kids will love this fun and easy decorating idea for their playroom. A chalkboard wall allows them to express themselves creatively whenever they want without creating a huge mess.

   2.Multiple Craft Tables

You can turn any spare room into a craft room for your kids with small tables scattered throughout. Kids will be able to use the tables for art projects, putting together puzzles, creating Lego masterpieces, and more. Plus, you can designate a place for your child to have their afternoon snack at.

   3.Create a “Nap Space”

Most kids still have to take time from their day to take a nap, but it can be a hassle trying to get them to leave the playroom. Instead, bring naptime to their own space by creating a designated napping area in the playroom. Bring in a small daybed and create a cozy space in the corner with lots of pillows, stuffed animals, and comfortable blankets.

   4.Create a Photo Room

Your kids will love a playroom that is full of pictures of loved ones and friends. Hang up a bunch of pictures of friends and family around the room. Choose their favorite photos and make a photo blanket collage to keep in the room. They will love using their personalized blanket for sleeping or playing. Kids of all ages will love cuddling with a blanket made from their favorite photos.

   5.Treehouse Playroom

If you have trouble getting your child back inside when it is nice out, create a treehouse playroom they will enjoy when the weather isn’t cooperating. Build a pretend treehouse in the corner of the room to add an outdoor vibe. It will be a great place for your kid to pretend they are in the outdoors when they can’t be.

   6.Attic Playroom

If your finished attic is mostly unused space, why not make it into an amazing playroom for your kids? Bring in blankets, rugs, floor cushions, and accent pillows to make the space as cozy as possible. Install inexpensive carpeting to create a soft area to play on. Mount a swing from the ceiling to get hearts racing. Kids will love having the entire top floor of the home to themselves.

   7.Balcony Playroom

If you live in an apartment and have a small balcony, consider making it into an outdoor playroom. A balcony teepee will have your child headed outdoors as soon as they wake up! Add a cushy bathmat in the teepee for extra comfort. Set up a large blackboard that covers the railing to give your child a place to draw. Plus, it adds some privacy to the area.

   8.Disney-Inspired Playroom

Stimulate your child’s imagination with a popular theme- Disney. Find posters that reflect favorite Disney characters and have them framed. As the child gets older, the posters can be changed to reflect their newest favorites. Disney toys and stuffed animals will complete the look, and consider including a small television for your child to watch his or her favorite Disney movie on when it is nap time.

   9.Under-the-Sea Theme

If your child loves the water, consider a playroom that captures the tranquility of the ocean. A wall covered in sea-themed wallpaper will make the whole area peaceful and calm. Add in some ocean-themed accents to create a playroom that your child will love for years to come.

   10.Nature-Inspired Room

Hire a local artist (or do-it-yourself if you can) to turn the walls of your playroom into an outdoors theme. Create a beautiful mural that depicts the countryside, complete with trees and wildlife. Consider having your own home depicted in the mural to really make your child feel comfortable in their space.

   11.Bunk Bed Playroom

Instead of the traditional bunk bed, consider taking out the bottom bed and turning this space into a cool area for playing. With the bed elevated and out of the way, your child will have more space to play and learn. When they get tired, they can head to their elevated bed to take a nap or quietly read.

   12.Under-the-Stairs Playhouse 

Do you have space under the stairs you aren’t using? Clean it out and turn a vacant space into a cozy area for your kids to enjoy! Throw in some blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and books to create a fun, creative space for your child to enjoy.


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