How To Decide On A Color Siding With Your Contractor

How To Decide On A Color Siding

Usually, when a homeowner remodels a part of their house or does any sort of dramatic renovations, it is with the notion of resale value. This is especially true when it comes to the exterior of the home. Curbside appeal plays a vital role in the property’s first impression. A central component in providing the aesthetic to the exterior of a home is the siding covering the house. The massive expansion of the siding is seen from a distance meaning your color choice is critical.

When choosing a siding article like vinyl as with the selection of the color, a contractor is an ideal expert to help find options that fit with the neighborhood and add to resale value. There are specific choices that work better not only for the outside of the home but also inside. If you choose correctly, it will make an immediate impact at first sight.

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How To Decide On A Color Siding For Resale Value

When deciding to replace the siding on your home, it’s crucial to ensure that you work with your contractor in making a selection. There is a multitude of types to choose from and shade choices. The right color should bring a sense of welcoming, relaxing, calming, and a warm feeling for those who stop in or drive by.

Idea #1: Simplicity is always a good call in using a classic white option. It’s clean, inviting, and beautiful when there is a beach as a backdrop or a freshly landscaped, green farm property. The claim is that white is among the most familiar favorites that realtors recommend when selling homes. It notes as stirring childhood memories.

With this neutral, there are so many options for accessories like shutters, all-important front door, and trim to emphasize the purity that it denotes. The only accent that you may want to avoid is black. The combination is prevalent. The idea is to stand out, make an impact, yet be tasteful.

Idea #2:  A soothing unusual neutral tone not often seen is gray. It is rapidly becoming a popular option among homeowners. It strays from the commonality of whites, eggshells, and beiges but brings its own true kind of elegance. The claim on the real estate front is homes in this color family typically see multiple offers.

Any style of home would carry this shade well from the stately Victorian to the bungalow by the ocean. Depending on the tone, the embellishments that you add would be better contrasting in white. Any other choice would be off-putting.

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Idea #3:  In this family, it is essential to keep the tone soft. Yellow offers the attention-grabbing impact that homeowners hope for with resale. It creates a feeling that appeals to the youthful generation and is an uplifting color choice. A brighter tone will do the opposite in being a touch offensive resulting in potentially turning people away. It just depends on how it is handled and the way it’s accentuated.

Idea #4: A warm medium, stately blue emits energy, soothes and calms, and notes to be a calming favorite. It is the ideal shade to have near a body of water. The choice is not often seen, but the homes that use it see higher sale prices because of the unique, magnificent appeal. It is commonly used in business marketing themes as it denotes trust. If a buyer gets that sense from their first impression, a sale may follow.

Idea #5: Among the most popular choices that most homeowners choose is the all-natural taupe. It is a safe choice to bring a comforting, warm appeal to the exterior, but it still draws the eye based on the way that you emphasize the color. You can choose to keep it soft with white accents for shutters or go with bolder options to help deepen the tone.

No matter what shade of siding you choose, the front door should stand out on its own as a focal point for which nearly any tone on the wheel will add to the overall curbside aesthetic.

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Final Word

A home is the most valuable asset that most of us have. Maintenance and upkeep are critical to ensure a return on your investment when it comes time to sell. With major remodels or renovations, it’s crucial not only to consider your personal taste and style but also what a potential buyer may want. See the various types of siding at

The type, style, and color choice of your siding will have a massive effect on your home’s overall value. It is critical to work with a reputable contractor to ensure that you choose an option that will fit in with the neighborhood yet stand out as unique and inviting for resale value.

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