Creating the Perfect Guestroom

The “feel at home” vibe is something that we all want to share with our guests. Giving the guestroom a quick remodel is quite common to ensure that guests are comfortable and happy. 

So, what makes a perfect guestroom?

First things firsts, it’s not the lavishness of the guestroom but the hospitality and kindness that you are showing. 

There are a few main factors that you should be aware of in the quest of creating a perfect bedroom.  Planning for the perfect bedroom comes easy if you put yourself in your guest’s shoes. Think of the essential things that you will need during your stay.

The budget could be an issue, but we can work around it by providing the basics.  

Here are ways to achieve a perfect guestroom:

Provide a Comfy Bed

Get your guest a comfy bed, Adriana from Maidforyou advises. A comfy bed means a good rest. Good quality and comfortable mattress prevents sleep discomfort, backaches, and other body pains, giving your guest a good night’s sleep. A queen size mattress is most ideal as you can easily fit it in the room without taking too much space.    

Put Extra Linens in the Cabinets

Accidents are inevitable! Wine and coffee spills are minor accidents that could happen. Do not make the guest feel uncomfortable by asking for extra linen. Do the initiative. Fill the cabinets with fresh linens, pillowcases, blanket, and towels.    

Provide a Comfy Sitting Area

Get the coffee table ready. Put some of your favorite reading collections. Get the hot tea and coffee prepared to make your guest feel at home while reading. The ideal corner for the sitting area is next to the window for natural lighting and a nice view.  There should be a lamp close by for nighttime reading. 

Set up a Small Table with Chairs

Provide a small table with a few chairs for your guests to sit on while having snacks, drinking coffee or enjoying cocktails. Make sure to provide extra utensils and table napkins. Setting up an extra table in the balcony (if you have one) is a good idea.  

Consider the Lighting

The guestroom needs general light that is not too bright or dark. There are different types of lighting systems that can help achieve such a standard. Lighting should also be considered for privacy purposes. In addition, curtains can help make better lighting and can also improve the ambience of the room.  

Make Room for the Luggage

Allow space for the guest’s luggage. The guest will appreciate a small bench, table or chair to lay their suitcases. No guest wants to leave their bags on the floor!

Make a space

Clear the closet, cabinets, drawers and countertops. The guest needs space for his/her stuff. Do not forget to leave the clothes hangers and hand-held clothes iron inside the closet. Make sure that the vanity tops are cleared and cleaned. You also need to leave space for your guest’s shoes and slippers.  

Provide the Basics

Hygiene stuff should be available inside the guestroom. These include soap, shampoo, conditioner, body scrubs, sanitary napkins and towels. You may also leave a small vanity set in the bathroom drawer such as lotion, deodorant and cream. 

Set up an Entertainment Corner

Set up the entertainment corner for the guest. They will appreciate having tele inside the guestroom. Do not forget to test the channels and remote control beforehand. Share the WiFi password with the guest for more entertainment. Wired connection is an advantage for guests who work in between travel or visits.  

Feed them

Show kindness by serving them good food. Provide snacks and drinks from time to time. A few glasses of wine can also make them feel relaxed and comfortable. It may sound awkward to ask, but you should be aware of your guest’s food allergies before serving meals.

Scent the Room with Essential Oils

There are different types of essential oils that can be used to freshen up the smell in your guestroom. It gives a relaxing environment to your guest, allowing them to have a good night rest and energetic mornings. It also cleanses the air in the room which makes ideal for guests with allergy issues. 

In conclusion 

Treat your guest well; they will do the same if you pay them a visit. Be kind and generous. Offer what you have and make sure that they are happy and comfortable during the stay. 

On the other hand, work with what you have. Do not spend too much on creating the perfect guestroom if the financial situation does not permit. There are different ways to entertain your guests.

Perhaps you can give them a tour in your town or take them for an adventure to make the visit memorable and meaningful?

Check out Maidforyou if you need assistance in creating the perfect guestroom. 

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