Considering The Use Of Backup Batteries For Your Garage Door Openers

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A beautiful home should always have a presentable and appealing garage door. Garage doors are the faces of every house for passersby. This is why most homeowners are also investing in good garage doors and components.

One of the many garage door components is the garage door opener. Of course, you do not want to face any garage door opener repair issues in the future. One of the many major signs that your garage door opener has an issue and is not functioning right, is its inability to do its job – opening and closing of your garage door. And, to avoid such, you need to also consider the use of backup batteries for your garage door openers in cases of emergencies. These backup batteries will allow the homeowners to continuously use the opener even if the electricity that is fueling up the garage door opener is not available or inaccessible. Surely, you wanted to avoid doing the last possible resort – using a flashlight to go on top of your car and check how you can manually operate the garage door. If you need to immediately go out with your car but your opener won’t function, that would be so bothersome!

No Power Supply Is Available

The usual cause of a garage door opener not functioning is power outage. Surely, since you are in the modern world now, the garage door system you are using performs through the help of the electricity. This means that your garage door opener is plugged in an outlet supplying the power needed. And, if your breaker suddenly tripped off, your garage door opener won’t open unless you have a backup battery with you.

Unavoidable Bad Weather

Of course, there will always be a time when bad weather will come your way. And, such is definitely unavoidable and unpredictable. Storms and lightning can cause power interruptions and worst, fires. And every time the bad weather comes, we do not want our garage door opener to not function leaving us trapped inside the house. Well, we have the option to go out but it would be dangerous without your car with you.

Do you have an idea if the cause of the problem with your garage door is lightning? After the calamity, of course, you need to check the things you have inside and outside of your house including your garage door. Here are three signs for you to identify if the damage was actually from lightning.

  • If your garage door is functioning haphazardly, then the damage could be due to lightning. The garage door opener will open even without someone hitting the button but will stop halfway. Power surges due to storms and lightning may cause damages to the electrical circuits of the garage door opener.
  • The remote controls or keypads being used won’t suddenly function. The circuit that is controlling the detection of signals from the remote might be damaged. If you noticed this, try changing the batteries of the remote. If this won’t still work, then there is damage caused by lightning.
  • If you are seeing that the lights won’t just turn on, there could be an issue. If you have been observing your garage door opener, then you should know that there are lights at the back of your garage door opener that flash every time there is an object being detected. Now, if you had noticed that this is flashing even if there is no reason, then probably, there is damage.

If you just purchased a garage door recently, then maybe, you have backup batteries included in the package. It might be simple to keep a backup power supply with you but you won’t know when emergencies will happen. So, being prepared enough when that time comes is valuable. It is better to be proactive than to think about the solutions when problems already occurred. Just imagine yourself doing the manual opening of your garage door opener. That would be so irritating and burdensome! Make sure to have backup batteries installed in your opener to avoid nuisances in the future. You might not know, but those might save you in some cases.

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