Common Electrical Problems in Old Homes

Electrical Problems

Don’t we take electricity for granted? Electricity just like water, land, and air is now equally important and human dependency on electricity has drastically changed in daily life. When we talk about agriculture, electricity has done wonders over the past few years with new technological methods coming in with advanced machinery which has helped a lot not only in increasing productivity but also reducing time and effort, same is the case with medicines. Human life has become so dependent on electricity be it watching television to washing clothes, electricity has helped us in so many ways and has reduced our burden to half and we can not even imagine living without electricity for even hours.

Having said that, it is of equal importance to give electricity its due respect and to be extremely cautious and careful when it comes to electricity and electrical appliances. To deal and tackle with electrical problems like tripping of breakers, bad and old wiring, outbreaks etc. you need tools and expertise otherwise electricity can hurt you, and for that cases many websites like emergency electricians Sydney are available which are providing a platform from where you can find out the best electricians according to your need.

People experience different kinds of electrical problems and there are different ways and methods to tackle and solve them. Following are discussed common electrical problems in old homes.

Short Circuits:

One of the most common problems that are faced by people is a short circuit. Keep in mind appliances like microwave ovens and light bulbs trip frequently. All you have to do is get your breaker checked by an electrician who is professional. If the problem keeps on continuing then know it’s your appliance that needs to be changed not the breaker.

 Indefinable and Shaky Power:

The reason behind shaky and weak power is quite simple. Older homes do not require the power that we need today and this is the reason why we experience lights getting dim or low as soon as we turn on any appliance it is because of the reason that our needs have evolved over time and when our home was built it was not equipped with the capacity of electrical power that we need today for different appliances. You should call the electrician as soon as you see lights getting low when you turn on any appliance as it can be very harmful.

Outdated Wiring:

Probably one of the most dangerous problems is having poor and old wiring as it can cause a lot of problems with you not even knowing it. Your life is at risk other than that it can also affect your appliances. You have to take extra precautionary measures if you have an old home just for the safety of your loved ones. Get your wiring checked by an expert and professional electrician after every four months to avoid any disasters later on.

Old Fashioned Outlets:

Another problem that is commonly faced by people residing in old homes is an electrical fire due to old fashioned outlets and because of the fact that they stop the way of power surges that increases the risk of an electrical fire. Easy way to solve this issue is to call an electrician and get your outbreaks updated as soon as possible. The chances of electrical fire increases during the rainy season or storms so it is recommended to get your old-fashioned power outlets updated immediately.

High Wattage: Bulb Burnouts:

One of the most commonly faced problems is sudden increase and decrease in wattage resulting in bulb burnouts. It can be very dangerous and has nothing to do with an old or new home. There are many reasons that can be held responsible for this problem such as poor and old wiring and outdated circuits. Reach out to an expert and licensed electrician to solve this issue.

Too Much Pressure on Electrical Circuits:

You have definitely put too put pressure onto your electrical circuit if you have done too much wiring in a single electrical panel. First of all, it is a violation of the law and secondly, it becomes a larger issue when selling your home, so to avoid problems later on it highly recommended to get your electrical circuits checked and updated by a professional electrician before it gets too late.

Electrical Shocks:

It usually happens when turning a device on or off. It is always an unpleasant experience but most importantly it tells us how dangerous electricity is. The issue could be with your appliance or wiring so it is better to speak to an electrician and get your wiring checked thoroughly to avoid any unfortunate event.

Say no to Aluminium Wires:

In the past, aluminium wires were widely used, but it resulted in many house fires because of the fact that aluminium is more vulnerable to electricity. Copper wires were introduced as a replacement of aluminium wires because they are less likely to collapse or result in a fire when conducting electricity.

High Electrical Bills:

Another common problem faced by people living in old homes is paying an excessive amount for the electricity bill. It results due to many reasons such as poor, faulty, and old-fashioned wiring. As your home gets old your wiring starts getting aged and that is where the problem begins and it results in high electrical bills. Another reason is power surges that are created by appliances or devices. Nobody likes to pay for something that he/she hasn’t consumed or used so to avoid it, get your wiring modified and changed quickly.

Dropping Voltage:

Another very commonly faced problem and that damages equipment and results in failures and decreased quality. It results from a hairdryer as well and can also result from television or air conditioner being turned ON. It causes lights to dim and has an adverse effect on equipment and their performance. It requires in-depth knowledge to tackle this problem so instead of experimenting yourself it is better to reach out to an expert and get it done as quickly as possible.


All in all, electricity is something we cannot live without and rightly so. Electricity has made human life so easy and it seems impossible to spend a few hours without it but at the same time, it’s something that should be given respect because if not taken care then electricity can harm you. All you have to do is to take extra precautionary measures because it is about your life. If you are living in an old home then it is of great importance to get your wiring and power circuits checked and updated after every four months. It is always better to call an expert to get your work done instead of pushing yourself into something you don’t know much about because it requires skill and in-depth knowledge to tackle and deal with these electrical problems.

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