3 Clever Interior Design and Decor Ideas for a Studio Apartment

Clever Interior Design and Decor Ideas for a Studio Apartment

Decorating and planning the layout of furniture in a studio apartment can be a challenge because you must fit a living room, bedroom, and kitchen into one room.  Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent your studio apartment from becoming cluttered and making you feel claustrophobic without sacrificing style and elegance. Here are some clever design and décor ideas for your apartment.

Designated Areas

Many people choose location over apartment size. Suppose you would like a home in the heart of a city but don’t have a huge budget. In that case, you may want to consider purchasing or renting a studio such as the new luxury apartments in Capitol Hill, DC, which have spectacular views across the city and a fabulous restaurant in the building complex.

designated areas

As studio apartment doesn’t have separate rooms for living, dining, and sleeping, it can help to install room dividers to split up the floor space. Use a folding screen or open shelving to separate areas and give privacy to sleeping quarters. Curtains are another way to segregate your apartment and inject some color and softness.

Smart Furniture

Room for storage will probably be limited in your apartment, so it makes sense to make every inch count. If you have a bay window, make a window seat with foam and soft cushions. If it is big enough, you could use this instead of a sofa. Multifunctional Furniture is a must for a studio apartment.

Look for coffee tables with drawers underneath, footstools with hidden storage, and sofas that double as a bed.  Sofa beds are great for studio apartments as they free up floor space, or you could be clever and build a bed on stilts – a loft bed, if you have a high enough ceiling. Doing so will mean that you can have a bed with a wardrobe, sofa, or desk area underneath. The traditional choice of bed for a studio apartment is a Murphy bed which is a bed stored inside a wall cabinet and folds down onto the floor when in use.

To utilize every inch of your apartment, build shelves or cupboards from floor to ceiling. Install trundle drawers under the bed, sofa, or kitchen units. In the kitchen, you need not forego luxury items such as a dishwasher or wine cooler – instead, buy extra narrow versions of these appliances.

Clever Colour

To make your studio apartment look bright and spacious, you can be clever with the colors you use to paint the walls. Painting all of the walls and the ceiling in one color can deceive the eye and blur the lines between areas, making it difficult to work out where wall edges and corners start and finish.  You don’t necessarily have to paint your home in neutral, pale colors, which have long been believed to be the only option. Bright, vivid colors can bring space to life and detract from the small footprint. However, still stick to the rule of using just one bright color and not several, as this will make the room feel messy and overwhelming.

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