Cleaning Granite Worktops Glasgow – Things to keep in mind

Homeowners want to arrange their kitchen with the best decor. A counter-top makes work in the kitchen comfortable and seamless. Granite is one of the most commonly used kitchen worktop materials. It is elegant and classy to look and is also durable. However, to ensure that the granite worktop lasts long, you need to say yes to apt upkeep and maintenance. Sometimes, cleaning a granite worktop becomes challenging.

Cleaning Granite Worktops Glasgow

Make sure that you install granite worktop by a professional service provider. To know more, you can get in touch with When you spill any acidic substance on the granite worktop, it can get damaged. The acidic substances include lemon juice, milk, tomato juice, and wine. Just a simple splash can cause harm or a scar that takes time to fade. Sometimes, few scars never fade away. Prevention is the best solution. It is essential to clean your granite worktops in a way that it remains scar-free.

Avoid using the regular cleaning liquids

The DIY kitchen worktop cleaning videos suggest the use of vinegar! But if you have a granite worktop, make sure that you don’t make use of bleach or vinegar. Both these are acidic and can affect the worktop’s surface negatively. It can make the granite worktop dull. Also, refrain from making use of abrasive pads, and cleaning solutions as that can scratch the marble. Granite worktop doesn’t require the expensive cleaners for cleaning. Warm water and soap are the best solution. You can use it to wipe on the surface with a sponge or soft cotton cloth. It is useful in eliminating the direct and not lead to any unwanted stains as well.

Use a spray sealant

Use a spray sealant granite

Do you want to secure a granite worktop from stains? If yes, you can opt-in for spray sealant monthly. You can wipe the spills instantly to avert all kind of damages. However, the sealant will provide you more time for moping and stop any stains from occurring.

Managing a granite worktop stain

What should you do if someone spills something on the granite worktop and there’s a stain? Use hydrogen peroxide to clean the same. Mix it with a couple of ammonia drops and rub on the worktop surface. Make sure to use only a few drops; else it can affect the counter-top negatively. You need to take only that amount required to erase the stain.

What should you do if there’s a paint stain on the worktop? Get hold of a dull razor and gently scrap it. When you are unable to remove a stain, by yourself, you might want to eliminate the surface sealant as well as the stain. It will provide the granite worktop a honed look. That is matter as compared to the shiny and glossy surface texture that other worktop materials have.

Last but not least, make use of a marble polishing powder for eliminating etching! You can damp the worktop surface, spray the powder and gently rub it using a damp, soft cloth. You can also make use of a low-speed drill or buffer pad. Keep buffing until the etch fades and you get back the surface sheen. When you deploy all these cleaning tactics, you can keep your granite worktop cleaner than other counter-top materials.


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