How To Choose The Best Bean Bag Filler To Enjoy Maximum Comfort?

These bags are iconic and offer maximum comfort because of the simple reason that they take on the natural shape of the person sitting in the bag. The firm support that this back offers in addition to the amazing flexibility makes this a natural sitting accessory.  Like most other objects that will wear out or compress with weight, gravity, pressure and use, it is necessary that you choose the right bean bag filler to refill the bags and continue enjoying the comfort of the bags. Here are useful tips and information about how you can go about choosing the right kind of filler to refill in the bags.


Different Types Of Filters

There are typically four types of fillers that are popular and used extensively. While other fillers are also used, effects, comfort, availability and cost factors need to be considered while choosing the right kind of filler to use. Here are the four popular types of fillers.


These are very small fillers with the size of 1mm in diameter and are extremely smooth. We are made from plastic and hence are not biodegradable, which is the reason why it is banned in a few states. It is ideal for smaller bags which will be suitable for small size occupants. It smooth and rounded nature makes it comfortable. However, hit is not suitable for large size bags because it would be unable to support large volume mass and weight with this collection of small smooth beads.

EPS Beads

Acronym for expanded polystyrene, EPS is one among the more popular forms of refilling material for bags. This is because of its lightweight, and its capability to support heavyweight individuals.  It is highly durable and will last long making it a very cost effective option. Comprising 98% air, it is light in weight and hence is convenient as a feeling option because owners can move the background easily without much effort. The downside to this product is that it is non biodegradable, which means that it cannot be reused, similar to the sky reforms that we use in disposable cups.

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EPP Beads

Acronym for expanded polypropylene, EPP beads are popular for the simple fact that the form based beads are highly elastic in nature. This means that after compression when the form is released it will bounce back to its normal size and shape. This makes it the most perfect material for refilling in bags. Light in weight an easy to use and fill this is a popular choice among individuals who are on the lookout for refilling material. The downside to this material is its flammable properties.

Compressed Foam

Also known as memory foam, compressed foam traces its history to a special product that was manufactured for the NASA. It is now one of the most widely used materials for refilling bean bags. It is slightly larger in size than most of the materials that are used for refilling. Heat received its distinct size support and shape from a different density in the material that is intrinsic to this special foam.  Despite being one of the most popular refilling materials, it has its own share of cons. The large size is sometimes not very suitable for individuals who are looking for greater flexibility in the bags. Also, Bean bags are also useful for gaming.

How To Choose The Most Suitable Refilling Material?

The refilling material that is used for the bags need to be chosen on the basis of your specific requirements. If the bag that you intend to refill is smaller in size and is meant for occupants of less weight, it would be a good idea to go in for micro beads. However, if the bag is intended for large size individuals, then any of the other three options can be chosen. If you are very particular about the comfort levels and the amount of flexibility that is required when you are sitting in one of the bag then you need to look at beads and not shredded foam.

Buy the refilling material from a reputed seller, and get the correct volume. Ideally for a large size bag and occupant you may need two refill bags of beads. Ensure that the product is from the reputed supplier, which will keep the level of toxins down and also give you greater durability with maximum comfort. You can also read health benefits of bean bag chairs.

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