Checklist for maintaining you house: A Complete Guide

There are certain things and belongings in our life which we want to stay for the longer run. Relationships, favorite clothes, books and most importantly the place where we live. No one wants to leave there house. Specially when that house has become your home.

It takes a lot of effort and time for maintaining anything. From your shoe to your estate it is quite of a struggle. There are various reasons why should we maintain our houses and places.

  • For a relaxing and soothing environment. No one wants o stay in a place with leaking water, fluctuating bulbs ,Dusty furniture and awfully stinky washrooms. It really effects our mental health.

Working in a clean and tidy kitchen makes you stress free. You start to love your work even if it is cooking.

  • For minimizing the risk of any future issues. House issues such as leakages and electricity fluctuations can be very risky. You never know what is the main problem. Just guessing and delaying would do you no good.

It can cause serious damage to your building. Consequently making things worse financially and emotionally as well.

For a life long safety. Buying and selling a house is not as easy as it sounds. There are various legal intricacies along with it. Not only these people are emotionally attached to their place.

Changing their place can be a stress for sensitive people who are not so used of travelling. For staying in the same place for decades maintaining it is a prerequisite. You can not ignore and skip it. Otherwise skipping the house maintaining sessions can cost you very much.

  • Maintaining a house is maintaining it’s price. Old houses are not attractive when are not looked after. As a result, their prices are lowered and owners are compelled to sell it for a very low price.

In hard times when you feel it is the time to sell your best asset, you would probably think of your house, car or jewelry. If taken care with proper maintenance you can get a profit on selling your decades’ old house.

Different times, different house maintenance tips:

Weathers effect you house. In summers the hot sun can damage your paints and wallpapers. In winters if you are living in a northern region your water pipes might burst.

What to do in summers?

  1. Insect wipe out. Summers bring a number of insects with it. They can make your house filthy. Creepy cockroaches and lizards can be very awful. Especially if they are in your kitchen and bathrooms. Do not forget to have insects repellent sprays in summers.
  2. Clean exhausts. In summers people tend to barbecue and turn on their fans and other appliances such as refrigerators. Making the exhaust work more than usual. So it is a good owner obligation to clean your exhausts in summers in order to have a flow of fresh air in your living areas.
  3. Clean your garages. Summers calls for cleaning the patios and garages quite often. Give a through cleaning twice a year.

What to do in winters?

  1. De-icing. Winters in northern areas come up with snow and even if you have your heaters on, cables can get icicles. Regularly check your cables and pipes. Do not let them grow. Ignoring the icicles in your water pipes can seriously damage the foundations of your water supply.
  2. Maintain the locks. Usually in winter gusty winds can damage the windows and doors. Try to check window locks regularly. Otherwise be ready for a off from your office or for having a spoiled Christmas.
  3. High time for cleaning basement. Basements can be very hot in summers that is why people do not look after them then. In winters there is a possibility of winter holidays and it gets quite cozy in the basement. That is why you can easily clean your basement. Make sure that you get something long lost from your basement!

What to do in autumn?

  1. Check your heating systems. Winters can be quite difficult when your heaters are nit working properly. So why wait for some serious trouble? Before the arrival of the frosty season, check your heaters and clean your chimneys. Decorate your fireplaces, inspect your furnaces for avoiding some grave troubles when winters would be just around the corner.
  2. Buy snow cleaning accessories. If you are going for buying monthly groceries in October do not forget to buy shovels, de-icing salts, silicon stockings, rain coats, umbrella and long boots. These are the prerequisites for entering into winters.
  3. Cover the centralized A.C systems. The outdoor units must be covered with some plastic sheets right before winters. Do not wait for the first snowfall.


What to do in spring?

  1. Do some plantation. Grow some if your favorite flowers. They can enhance the beauty of your house. You can get your hands on a small vegetable farm if you like to grow and eat organic vegetables. It will give a soothing spr8ng look to your house
  2. Clean your drainage systems. Snow in winters and debris of leaves in autumn accumulates in gutters and can cause drainage problems in the summers. Check for some wrecked pavements in your house’s periphery. If you find some put some cement in them or if there are big holes you can call the repairing companies for fixing them. This way you can avoid puddles.
  3. Setting your Air conditioning systems. Summers can be very scorching. Air conditions are a must for enduring the heat waves. Get an Air condition service for around $900 to $1000. If you feel that there is some other issues with your AC you can simply read out the manuals or you can check out in internet, but calling for a service is the best way for making things work in summers.

This was a summarized check list for house maintenance in different weathers. The indoor maintenance such as your kitchens and bathrooms are also very crucial. The right furniture, appliances and utensils are necessary for making your life easy. For instance kitchen appliances like KingsBottle USA for having the perfect meals and a cooler for having chilled drinks is a necessity.

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