Cheapest Artificial Christmas Trees

Cheapest artificial Christmas treeBuying an artificial Christmas tree can be difficult, especially if it’s your first one. Some considerations taken from the natural Christmas trees do apply here also, but the artificial ones have a different construction, need special care to make them last more than one year and some safety concerns also appear when purchasing an artificial tree.

What’s great about an artificial tree is that it’s delivered right at your doorstep, needing no lugging. There are no worries about allergies on pine needles either and messy needle build-ups.

Your artificial tree doesn’t need any watering and it’s very easy and fast to set up and store after Christmas.

You can use a good artificial tree for several years and there are many and various options to choose from.

Even more, typically, artificial Christmas trees feature lights already professionally installed- so no fuss about decorating it for hours.

When it comes to safety with your artificial tree, try to find one that has an „UL listed tag”- this means your tree has already been tested for safety measures (fire risk and electric shock). Most of the artificial trees are sprayed with a fire retardant and are marked as such. If you are not sure, ask the company’s customer service.

Artificial trees may be single poled or frame trees. Most of the time, single-pole trees feature sections and have hinged branches; these section fit into each other.

The frame tree features a cone-shaped steel frame with branches attached to the frame. This gives better stability to the tree.

As for the stands of the artificial trees, you can find plastic stands and steel ones. The plastic bases should be avoided since they might bend or break. The steel base gives more support to the weight of your artificial tree and you may move around the tree (as much as you have to).

Curiosity killed the cat…and you should avoid to tug the tree- only single-pole trees support this kind of „check up”. An X-frame stand that holds a single-pole tree keeps the tree safe, though.

Try to find artificial trees that have hinge branches as they are very easy to open, fluff and store once  Christmas is gone.

Look for warranty on your artificial Christmas tree- most of them have at least some form of it. There could be bulbs missing right out of the box, a section might have been damaged during shipping- it’s good and safe to be covered.

Keep in mind that you can buy a pre lit artificial tree- there’s no other tree brighter than a pre-lit one 🙂

Take a look at the ratio of lights to height on your tree; it is recommended that 80-100 quality lights per foot should be enough. So, a 7.5 foot tree should feature 600-750 lights, for instance. When it comes to spacing the lights in the tree, the rule is that the larger the distance between the lights on a small light string, the more superior the quality of the light string.

Most of the needles on Christmas trees are made of PVC and some are a mix of PVC and PE. PVC needles must resist being crushed and don’t look bad when taken out of the box. The PE tips look more realistic while PVC needles should be placed in the back of the branch, like a filler. This creates a full look and hides the pole at the same time.

The market gives you all kinds of artificial trees, but we give you only the lower priced ones, making sure they meet a certain level of quality. If you’d rather spend your money on gifts instead of an expensive Christmas tree, now you can! After all, Christmas is all about spoiling the loved ones, not the room where you spend time in 🙂

1. Homegear Alpine 6ft Christmas Tree

This 6ft tall artificial Christmas tree surprises you not only by its low price, but mostly by its high quality.

It has 700 tips and the needles are made of PVC.

The nice green color goes perfectly no matter what color theme you choose for this year’s decorations: multi colored or only white ones, for instance.

Even though the stand is made of plastic, the tree remains sturdy for „medium weight” decorations.

The tree comes wrapped in style is quite easy to put together.

As all the artificial trees, this tree also needs its branches to be straighten out but that is not taking long.

So, if you’re short on the budget this year or simply don’t want to empty your pockets for a two weeks decorations, go for this cute artificial Christmas tree 🙂

2. Homegear 6FT Artificial White Christmas Tree

This white artificial tree has 700 tips and needles made of PVC.

Its color is white and gives you the white Christmas for a very low price.

Even though the tree has a plastic stand, it’s sturdy enough for some colored decorations.

You may install this tree outside or inside your house.

When it comes to safety, know that this tree is fire retardant.

Every tip of this tree was crafted so this tree has a realistic shape and makes a beautiful impression when displaced. And on your wallet also 🙂

3. Vickerman Cheyenne Tree 115 Tips and Cones

What’s better looking than an artificial tree? An artificial tree with real pine cones on it!

This artificial tree surprises (apart from the low price) with its 115 PVC tips and the real pines cones.

The plastic stand gives enough support to this tree- no worries after installing it.

The tree is full enough when you fluff it out and the pine cones are fairly secure (when you have small children or pets)

After decorating the tree, you get even more excited with it. Some assembly is required for this tree, but, price, quality and looks, make up for the effort 🙂

4. Xmas Finest 6′ Feet Super Premium Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

It seems unbelievable, but you can actually buy an artificial tree that has no less than 1000 tips. So, that’s a full look for an artificial tree, isn’t that so?

This Christmas tree has also a solid metal stand that gives you the chance to use even the heavy weight ornaments in the tree!

This tree may be placed indoor or outdoor.

When the Christmas is over you can easily store this tree in its box.

The one year warranty is also very helpful.

Some lack the set of instructions, but you can easily figure it out by yourself- it’s that easy!

Once it’s fluffed, this tree looks very nice and sturdy –even your cats will enjoy it 🙂

5. Vickerman Carmel Pine with Cones and 684 Tips Burlap Base

This artificial Christmas tree stands out for sure for its burlap base. You don’t have to worry about an ugly stand since this cute burlap base gives a romantic, rustic look to your Christmas tree.

This tree has around PVC tips and is recommended for indoor use only.

The real pine cones add a natural touch to the look of the tree, going very well with the burlap base. This base is non-removable.

The tree has nice spikey branches and the base it good weighted.

So, in case you want a small touch of Christmas in your office, at the entrance of your house, go with this tree!

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