Cheap ideas to decorate and not struggle in the attempt

Do you want to liven up your new home by looking after your pocket? With a little imagination and creativity, you can bring a touch of personality to your home or apartment. Renovating old objects and furniture can be the perfect option to get unique and original spaces without having to spend more. In this article by Essay writing service, you will get some cheap ideas to decorate cheap so you can renovate your home with great ingenuity. Let’s go there!

Choose to put vinyl

A simple and original way to give a unique touch to the different spaces of your home is to decorate with vinyl. They have many advantages: they can be put on any smooth surface, they are easy to place, and they are reusable and durable. In the trade, you can find a variety of designs that adapt to any place and you can also customize them to your liking. Both in the living room, in the kitchen or in the pieces are great. Join the fashion of vintage phrases, which animate the day today.

Recycle and reuse wooden boxes

Use recycled wood boxes to create original furniture. Give a second life to objects that we do not use is a trend that has become fashionable in recent times. An object as simple as a wooden box can be an ally to give a creative and vintage look to your home.

Create collages and decorate the walls with your favorite photos

Highlighting a corner with beautiful memories is an option that is very fashionable and is a low-cost resource that, if you do it in the right way, creates a special atmosphere. Choose a theme to form a collage: family photos, places you have visited, artistic or historical photos. Choose a wall where the photos stand out and become the center of attention. Before hanging them, make a test with sheets of paper of the same shapes and sizes of the frames so you will be sure to be happy with the final result. It is advisable to hang equal frames distributed on a regular basis.

Give your stair a new use

If your old staircase is neglected, reuse it to display all kinds of decorative objects such as bottles, plants, sculptures … everything you can imagine. If you want to give it a vintage look, paint them in soft colors and lightly weave them to give them an aged look.

Aging furniture, how?

Remove the handles and other accessories and separate the drawers. If you want to change the color of the furniture, apply a stripper to remove all the paint and leave the wood to the natural (neither varnished nor painted). Then, pass fine sandpaper.

If you want to dye wood of another color, apply a wood protector with the tone that you like the most. Unlike the varnish, the wood protector penetrates deeply and does not form a layer, leaving an open pore finish. Let it dry and apply a hand of shellac that will serve to give shine.

If you want to apply a different color to the wood, yes it is necessary to give a primer or filler to seal. Let it dry and apply a coat of plastic paint to the water. In both cases, paint with a brush in the direction of the veins.

Once you have prepared the base, you give it a second coat according to the finish you want. If you like transparency, with one hand it will be enough.

Once dry, spread it to reveal the base layer or the wood of the furniture. Lighten it up in some parts like moldings and edges to give it realism. The more you sand it, the more aged you look.

If you want to give it a rustic look, apply Judea bitumen with a brush or a cloth; remove the excess with a cotton ball. If you want to clarify the tone of the bitumen, dilute it with turpentine.

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