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Are you on the hunt for a brand new cookware set? Perhaps you have already got a couple of tabs saved with your favorite models, ready to be decided on at a later date. But what if the thing that is stopping you from making a decision now is having to choose between cast iron and stainless steel cookware? How can you be sure which cookware material will be the best option for you?

This article has been designed to help you to see the pros and cons when using both cast iron and stainless steel cookware in the kitchen so that you can pick the cookware that will best suit you and your family’s needs. Make sure you stay tuned!

When Should You Use Cast Iron Cookware?

To help you decide whether your next cookware set should be made from cast iron or stainless steel, you should consider how you plan on using your cookware.

Cast iron cookware is great at distributing heat across the base of the pans and adding flavor to your food as the pans often require seasoning before using and do not need to be washed vigorously so that they retain their great taste.

When Should You Use Stainless Steel Cookware?

So how can you be sure whether stainless steel cookware is the best option for you?

Stainless steel cookware is noticeably thinner than cast iron, meaning that it allows heat to pass through the cookware faster, helping your food to heat quicker. So if you need to get your food heated in a jiffy and are planning on cooking something in a flash at the end of an evening – then stainless steel cookware may just be the best option for you.

If you are basing your search on price, then it is good to know that stainless steel cookware is often cheaper than cast iron cookware, making it a more economical option for families.

Cast Iron Cookware Pros

Cast Iron

  • Are you looking for a robust set of pots and pans that will stand the test of time? Then I am sure you will fall head over heels for a set of cast iron cookware. Cast iron cookware is super tough and rigid with reinforced bonding that keeps the cookware as a whole nutted together for good.
  • Heat retention. Is dinner ready but you are still waiting for your guests to arrive? Cast iron cookware is ideal for keeping your food piping hot under its lid while you get everyone gathered around the table. That’s right, you can kiss goodbye to reheating food!

Cast Iron Cookware Cons

  • Cast iron, unfortunately, tends to rust and corrode easier than the multiclad materials that make up stainless steel. To keep your cast iron cookware set in good nick, be sure to dry the set thoroughly before storing it and do not leave the cookware soaking in water for extended periods of time.

Stainless Steel Cookware Pros

  • Stainless steel cookware is lightweight and easy on the wrists, making it the ideal option for cooking large quantities of soups and other heavy meals. If you spend a long time in the kitchen, you may want to consider investing in a set of lightweight stainless steel cookware that will help to reduce wrist fatigue.
  • Cleans easy. Stainless steel cookware is also loved by many as it is easy to clean and does not stain easily. When washed and dried properly, this cookware will remain resistant against rust and corrosion, remaining in like new condition for longer than you may have felt possible. Some stainless steel cookware has been designed with a buffed aluminum coating that is also simple to wipe back to its original shine.

Stainless Steel Cookware Cons

  • Stainless steel cookware is not naturally non stick so you have to take care greasing the pans to ensure that food doesn’t stick and burn when cooking fried food.


Stainless steel cookware versus cast iron cookware – the debate that pretty much all kitchen lovers would dream of having the answer to.

The content featured in this article has no doubt helped you to come closer to making a final decision on your next cookware set, be it stainless steel or cast iron.

As I am sure you have noticed from the information displayed in this article, the main difference between the two cookware materials is the strength and density of both stainless steel and cast iron. So, if you are looking for some super tough, robust cookware that you will be able to pass down through the ages, then your best bet will be to purchase cast iron cookware. However, if you are looking for something light and favorable on the wrist that heats quickly, then make sure you add a stainless steel cookware set to your shopping basket asap.

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