Can DIY Plumbing Affect Your Home Insurance?

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Many people prefer to take on home repairs by themselves rather than hiring a contractor to do it for them, particularly for plumbing projects because repair costs can be pretty costly. If you are confident enough to do DIY plumbing, you need to know how it will  impact your home insurance.

Your Home Insurance Coverage

Before you begin fixing your plumbing, you must first check with your insurance company. You should know that your plumbing system is covered under your insurance, so in case anything goes wrong, you know that your insurance company will shoulder the cost of repairs. If not, you’ll shoulder all the costs, and you could have saved more if you had asked a professional plumber to repair the leak instead.

That said, you have to keep in mind that alterations or repairs that you make to your home will go through your home insurance provider. You should let them know because it can affect what you can claim if something goes wrong.

In general, standard home insurance will only cover the cost of repairing the broken part. Any resulting damage due to negligence in your DIY repair is not covered.

An additional concern for doing DIY plumbing is the fact that you might lose your home warranty if the work is not done by a professional. It is best to ask your insurance company about this.

The Perils of DIY Plumbing

Insurance companies always think that DIY projects could fail. In terms of DIY plumbing, they are most concerned about plumbing joints. If these joints fail, they could cause a leak that may take a while before it is identified. Insurance companies often advise their client to limit DIY plumbing work to checking and applying sealant. Fixing leaking pipes are best left to the professionals.

DIY Plumbing, Is It For You?

If you are confident with your plumbing knowledge, then go ahead. But you have to make sure first that you are not going to make your policy null and void. Anything that is beyond your expertise and knowledge should be left to the experts. For instance, if you are an amateur plumber, you probably should not take on your shower’s hot water system because there is a high chance that your project will fail. If you want to keep your basement safe from any water damage, you should first consult an expert before starting any major plumbing work.

You also have to make sure that you have the necessary tools to take on a plumbing repair. If not, you may end up with a puddle of water and have to deal with additional water damage issues. If you believe that your DIY plumbing project could result in further damage, it is highly suggested to secure accidental damage coverage. With this, you have the assurance that any resulting damage to your property is covered by your insurance, even if the problem is due to your DIY.

Summing it Up!

DIY plumbing can definitely affect your home insurance. That’s why you need to communicate with your insurance company any DIY project you would want to undertake, be it plumbing or not. You always have to think ahead and prepare for the worst because you won’t want to fork up the costs on your own. It is still best to ask the experts – be it the insurance agent or plumbing professional. You have to make sure that any DIY project you have will not cause any further damage to your home.


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