Brother PQ1500SL Review

What is the Brother PQ1500SL?

This Brother product is a dual machine. The Brother PQ1500SL is a sewing machine that does projects like quilts, clothes, dolls, and other projects that are given away or sold to make a living. This Brother product is a high speed machine that dishes out 1500 stitches in one minute. The speed will help dish out quilts and different other projects with minimal amount of time.

This Brother product is popular among quilters that need a machine for piercing and quilting. This is a sewing machine that brings price and portability to the table. Because of the machine dishes out 1500 stitches a minute, it is well known to be the fastest machine on the market today. The machine comes with a list of accessories that will give the consumer pleasure in creating and crafting their famous works of art quicker than before.

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The Brother quilting and sewing machine are for those consumers that love to make their own quilts and projects for around the house. It helps them to feel useful when designing things that will match their household items. This type of project is awesome when you are the one creating something for not only you, but also your family and friends that like the same type of work that you do.

The Brother PQ1500S dual quilting and sewing machine is a machine that will give so many years of pleasure that can be passed down in the family and each member will create something more extraordinary than the last owner did.

Here is what will do for you

The Brother PQ1500SL High Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine is a machine that works wonders for the quilter in the family. With a kit with the needed necessities, you could not ask for another machine to do the same thing. This machine will give you years of pleasure creating and designing your families quilts or other creations. The Brother high speed quilting and sewing machine could give little girls self-esteem knowing that they can help build their doll from scratch with picking out material and clothing design.

Being able to create someone as extraordinary as a collectible that will last many years of enjoyment, it could be passed down from mother to daughter to the grandchildren. The self-esteem from owning a sewing machine alone that can be passed down to the family is what brings families together, especially when mother and daughter create things together and mommy teaching her daughter how to sew her own creations.

The Brother PQ1500SL also dishes out 1500 stitches per minute, which makes it fast and easy to gift out quilt after quilt, or doll after doll, whichever you prefer to create and design. With this design feature, the Brother high speed quilting and sewing machine is one of the fastest machines on the market today and creating will be such a breeze. Creation is of your own volition and the Brother high speed quilting and sewing machine will help make that process such a cinch.

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Pros for the Brother PQ1500SL

  • Quilting/sewing machine
  • 1500 stitches/minute
  • Pin/drop feed
  • Pressure adjuster
  • F.A.S.T. needle threader
  • Automatic needed lower
  • 18X12 extended table
  • 12 x 3000 yds Poly Thread Spools
  • 100 Organ HAx1 Needles
  • 100 Superior Metal Bobbins
  • Under bed thread trimmers
  • Retractable feed control
  • Fabric separator
  • Knee and hand lever
  • Seam foot
  • Seam guide
  • Free motion quilting foot
  • Hem foot
  • Adjustable zipper foot

Consumer Reviews

“Also, when you do the type of sewing I do on this machine, it must be oiled frequently. You do not have to take the machine apart to oil it, there are small oil “holes” on the machine where you put in drops of oil as needed. For someone who is used to taking a machine apart to oil it, this is a little bit of heaven!!” from a consumer at

“Ohhh I have one and I love it! No bells and whistles, just perfect for what I need. I paid $700 for mine on ebay and it came with a table top frame. It is a work horse. I have had no problems with tension or needles breaking” from a consumer on

What I would like you to do to own a Brother PQ1500SL

If you are looking for a machine that you can teach your daughter how to sew or quilt, you can sew a quilt in record time, or design anything to your hearts content, than this is the Brother PQ1500S high speed quilting and hewing machine is the machine for you.

This machine will give you years of pleasure that you can pass down from family member to family member. All it would take is a bit of research on the World Wide Web for a Brother retailer that will send it to you with little to no cost after purchase. This is the best machine that you can purchase for all of your quilting needs.

Pack up the kids and go to your favorite fabric store and see if they have this Brother machine in stock because the price is outstanding for what you can accomplish with just one machine alone. I suggest if you are making quilts to buy the quilt racks to go along with the machine to make sewing easier.

All it would take for you to own this prestigious machine is a gassed up vehicle or a computer that is hooked up to the internet to do your searching for a retailer that has this Brother machine in stock. You could have a machine within a day or two depending on how much you pay to have it shipped.

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