Brother ES2000 Review

What is The Brother ES2000 ?

The Brother ES2000 is a computerized sewing machine made by the critically acclaimed Brother sewing machine company. It has seventy-seven different stitch functions, as well as a quick and easy drop-in bobbin, automatic needles threading, and a thread cutter that is built in to the machine.

This machine takes the complication out of using a modern, computerized machine with fabulous features; and the versatility of projects that can be easily completed while using it will wow you from the first time you turn it on.

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Equipped with a double LED light for great visibility, and an LED display that shows the digital stitch selection, which is also computerized, the Brother ES2000 is a great addition to any sewing room.

This machine has many different needle positions, as well as a drop feed option that makes quilting easier than the average machine; and it is capable of beautifully sewing the lightest to heaviest fabrics needed for any sewing project.

Here’s What It’ll Do For You

The Brother ES2000 has many great features, some general and many technical and unique. Included with the purchase of the machine is a foot pedal. There is an automatic thread cutter, automatic threading, 77 different stitch functions which make the possiblities of use practically endless.

One of the most notable features of this machine is the allowance for simplicity that comes with the use of a modern, computerized sewing machine in comparison to older models that require quite a bit of manual work to get the job done.

Some of the most notable technical features of the Brother ES2000 are the twin needle feature for two-color sewing, and the five different one step settings for buttonholes; some of which are simple and others are beautiful for decorative stitching.

The machine can handle most weights of textiles, as long as the proper weight needles are used. From lightweight cotton to heavy denim, the es2000 can stitch beautifully through anything. The drop arm feature makes sewing parts of garments that were once difficult, such as cuffs and hems, easier than ever.

For those who have looked at computerized machines in the past and passed them up because they seemed heavy and bulky, weight and space are no issue with the ES200. This machine does as much as the bigger, computerized sewing machines while only weighing 11 pounds, and measuring 11.4”x6.7”x16.1”!

The overall appearance of the Brother ES2000 is also aesthetically pleasing. It is a sleek white machine with green accents that will look wonderful in any sewing room. Though it is a small machine, it looks exactly like a machine you would find in a professional seamstress, tailoring, or logo embroidering shop.

The ES2000 comes with many different accessories that make once difficult tasks a breeze. Included with the machine are foot attachments that help with buttonholes, zippers, monogramming, overcastting, blind stitching, and buttonfitting. There are many additional accessories that fit this Brother machine that can be purchased separately including feet for everything from sequins to complex quilting, guides, and convenient top loading bobbins.

Whether you intend to use this machine for basic projects such sewing pillowcases or more complicated projects such as quilting, alterations, monogramming or creating unique clothing designs that are all your own; the ES2000 can get the job done! It is a wonderful machine that costs exponentially less than many computerized, professional quality sewing machines.

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There are any great reasons to buy the Brother ES2000 sewing machine. Whether you are an experienced sewer or just starting out. This machine has many great benefits to make each sewing job easier and much more fun.

  • It has a fast needle threader- no more struggling to see that the thread is going in the right place.
  • Easy visibility with a dual LED Lamp
  • Easy to find reverse button- great for reinforcement stitching.
  • Five easy one step buttonhole stitching styles
  • Computerized stitch selection to ensure you choose the right stitch for any project.
  • One step bobbin replacement.
  • Attached thread cutter- eliminates looking for scissors every time the thread must be snipped.
  • 77 stitch functions, with 27 of these being beautiful, decorative stitches.

Customer Reviews

People who have purchased the Brother ES2000 were not only surprised by the simplicity of the machine, they were thrilled with how many great features this small and lightweight machine had to offer.

” I love this machine, so easy to use. I have had a 10 stitch machine so I am learning to do all sorts of new things with this. I love that it is lightweight & I was sewing on it in 10 minutes. Book is really helpful as well.” From

” This machine is priced just right and came in excellent condition. It is very easy to use. I didn’t know how to sew before buying this machine and its very easy to learn on, but has many stitches for the experienced sewer.” From

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

If you are in the market for a new sewing machine, or if you are looking into buying your very first machine; the Brother ES2000 is a wonderful choice. No matter your experience level, this machine will work perfectly for all of your needs. One button stitch selection and easy to use attachments and features will make even first time sewing projects seem effortless.

A computerized sewing machine is the latest and greatest way to effortlessly sew complicated quilt patterns, clothing patterns, and embroider personalized touches onto projects; and so much more. With wonderful stitching options and capability for once difficult stitches like heirloom stitches, the possibilities are endless. You won’t want to stop sewing once you begin using all of the great features.

If you have always wanted a more modern sewing machine that can do twice as much as your old machine, but hesitated because they seemed complicated and would hog up more space than your machines of the past, give the Brother ES2000 a shot.

It will meet your sewing expectations, all while being easy and light to take with you on the go, and give you more arm room to work on your numerous sewing projects. Get ready to easily complete all of the sewing tasks you put off with your old, hard to use machine!

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