Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch Review

What is the Brother 2340CV?

The Brother 2340CV is a user friendly cover stitch machine that allows home-sewers to add professional touches to their handmade garments. This is not your average sewing machine. In fact, it was created to only perform chain stitching and cover hem stitching.

Because of this, the machine can crank out an incredible 1,000 stitches per minute. Most sewing machines, though they are extremely versatile in use, can only perform a maximum of 300-800 stitches per minute.

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Using an easy to follow color guide for threading, the 2340CV makes it quite easy for users to get comfortable with the settings and features. Along with the machine comes a handy and easy to follow user manual that outlines in perfect detail how to accomplish mastery of the different machine capabilities.

Though the Brother 2340CV only has two different types of stitching capabilities, it eliminates the need for the once necessary high-end serger to achieve the quality of hems and cover stitching easily provided by this machine; and provides a touch of professional quality to each project it is used to complete.

Here’s What It’ll Do For You

For anyone interested in adding seamstress or tailor quality touches to their home sewn garments and other sewing projects, the Brother 2340CV is the perfect machine for the job. No matter the type of fabric you wish to use, the 2340CV can seam it with the simple turn of the differential feed dial.

If you have dealt with the frustration of finding your fabric to be stretched or bunched together after you carefully executed the perfect seam, you will be so happy with the perfect results achieved with this Brother cover stitch machine.

Whether the results the home-sewer is looking for fall in the constructive or decorative category, the Brother 2340CV is up to the test. It has three needles and one looper thread, with easy to follow color-coding to avoid confusion regarding which thread color is coming from which needle.

If you have tried to sew clothes at home only to find that the finished product is lacking something, it is most likely the professionally sewn look a serger or cover stitcher can provide. Each project will end up with that polished finish home garment sewers have attempted for years with more difficult machinery, with the advantage of a lightweight, easy to use machine!

Size and space have often been an issue for consumers looking to add a cover stitch machine to their home sewing equipment. The Brother 2340CV is a lightweight and easy to store piece of machinery, weighing a mere 15 pounds with dimensions of 11.8”x11x”13.4;” an easy, space saving addition to any sewing space.

The 2340CV has quite a few accessories that come with it upon purchase. It has a built in space for accessory storage, and comes equipped with a special presser foot that easily snaps into place when it is needed. Included in the packaging is: an accessory bag with a set of needles, four thread nets, tweezers, four spool caps and mats, a cleaning brush, hexagonal wrench, a soft cover to keep it clean and protected, and an easy to understand and follow operation manual.

As for stitching capabilities, the machine can sew a maximum of 1,100 stitches per minute in the following varieties: cover, utility, flatlock, decorative, and tri-cover. The 2340CV does not perform buttonhole stitching; however, it can provide an impressive double chain stitch.

For those who love their 2340CV and want to get more out of their machine, there are additional foot accessories that can be purchased such as professional quality hemming sets, binding feet, top stitching sets, and many more.


The Brother 2340CV has impressed users with all of its features in a one of a kind, small, lightweight machine- even users who have never used a product of this professional quality. Some of the most common “pros” regarding this machine are:

  • Easy and quick loop threading system
  • Stitch length can be adjusted at the turn of a dial
  • Allows for perfect seaming on nearly any type of textile
  • Simple, snap-on presser foot
  • Thread guide is easy to follow with color coding
  • Easy slide lever feed adjustment
  • Capabilities for professional style hems, chain stitching, double chain stitching, and decorative stitches.
  • Stitch length of 2mm to 4mm
  • Never bunches, stretches, or waves fabrics, no matter the weight or texture

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Customer Reviews

” I bought this to add the coverstitch and chainstitch functions to my sewing room. My older serger does not have those features. This machine works for me, I practiced removing the fabric according to the tips online, and have no issues. Hemmed slippery jersey for my first project, and it was beautiful. I plan to add the accessories. I found it easy to thread.” from

” Its wonderful! Wow it has made my work to look great!” from


Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

If you have been sewing your own clothes at home, or if that is an art form you would love to try your hand at; the Brother 2340CV is the machine that will make it all come together. Though your every day sewing machine will get the job done, the 2340CV will make it look professional and have people asking where you bought your beautifully sewn garments.

For home stitchers that find themselves altering and hemming clothes frequently, the 2340CV will make those jobs quicker and easier as well. Don’t struggle trying to hem your favorite pants with a sewing machine when the job can be done in exponentially less time with a cover stitch machine of high quality like the Brother 2340CV.

Whether you are sewing clothes or adding decorative touches to any other of your various sewing projects, enjoy the easy to follow color coding as well as all of the other wonderful features and settings the 2340CV has to offer. This lightweight and space saving cover stitch machine will fit in any sewing space easily, no matter how small, without taking up precious work space.

The Brother 2340CV is truly a one of a kind machine that would greatly benefit anyone who loves to sew, no matter their experience level. Purchase yours today and watch your projects transform from amateur to professional quality in minutes.

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