The Best Ultrasonic Cleaners for Home

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What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning uses ultrasounds (typically in the range from 20 to 400kHz) and a proper cleaning solvent to clean items. Sometimes ordinary tap water is enough, but a proper solvent for a specific item enhances the effect.

This kind of cleaning takes three to six minutes on average, but sometimes it may take over 20 minutes, depending on the item you’re cleaning and its condition.

What items can you use ultrasonic cleaning on?

An ultrasonic cleaner is efficient on many kinds of objects, going from jewelry and lenses, to dental and surgical instruments. You may also use them to clean tools, coins, fountain pens, fishing reels, window blinds, car fuel injectors and carburetors.

Various industrial parts, electronic equipment, firearms may benefit from ultrasonic cleaning just as well. This is why you find ultrasonic cleaners in many electronic repair shops, jewelry shops, watchmaker’s shops.

Ultrasonic cleaners aren’t to be found in shops only – these days you can get cleaners for home use as well.

For instance, a cleaner like the GOWE 1400ML White Plastic Mini Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner for Home-use features an isolated-circuit design and a large digital timer display for accurate cleaning time control, which makes it really easy to use.

This cleaner has a wide diameter transducer for best cleaning results and keep in mind to keep water away from it for extra safety. It may be used to clean jewelry, watches, coins, watch straps and bands, and eye care accessories. This is efficient for contact lens accessories, sunglasses, and eyeglasses. Your combs, toothbrushes, tableware and dentures may get the perfect cleaning with this ultrasonic cleaner.

Ultrasonic cleaning is suitable for the hardest, non-absorbent materials as they are not attacked by the cleaning fluids. This is why small electronic parts, cables, wires, detailed items, along with glass, plastic, ceramic or metallic items and jewelry get cleaned well with ultrasonic cleaners.

The good and the bad of ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning doesn’t sterilize objects, as viruses and spores remain on them after the cleaning. For medical tools, ultrasonic cleaning is followed by sterilization, a totally separate phase.

Of course, we can talk about industrial ultrasonic cleaners that are used in sporting, printing, marine, electroplating, disk drive components industries. This type of ultrasonic cleaners is often found in the pharmaceutical, engineering, or automotive industries.

As ultrasonic cleaning removes flux residue from soldered circuit boards, some electronic components may get damaged or even destroyed by the high intensity vibrations during the cleaning. It’s the case of microphones, gyroscopes, accelerometers that should not be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners.

Top 5 Ultrasonic Cleaners for Jewelry Reviews

1. A reliable, highly effective ultrasonic cleaner for your jewelry is the iSonic® Professional Grade Ultrasonic Cleaner P4820-WPB.

Here are the pros that got us:

  • There are several running time frames to choose from: 90, 180, 280, 380 and 480 seconds
  • The tank is very large
  • The tank’s capacity is 2.6 Qtr./2.5 L
  • This cleaner is quite powerful with the 110 V 160 W including the heater
  • This comes with a full size plastic basket
  • This uses 42,000 Hz frequency
  • This comes at a good price for the quality it gives
  • The cleaner is very quiet
  • There’s an automatic shutoff
  • The handles are above the maximum liquid level and are easy to remove
  • There’s a silicone seal
  • The setup is easy to do
  • This cleans well
  • The basket is full depth
  • This is professional grade ultrasonic cleaner with heater and digital controls
  • You may use it for jewelry, brass cases, automotive parts etc.

When it comes to the downsides, we can only think at the price which is not very low, but given its performance, we consider this cleaner  to be worth every penny. Some complained about it  damaging some jewelry, but this usually happens when you misuse it.


2. When you care deeply for your diamond rings and you want to take good care of them, the Jakan 1.3L Ultrasonic Ring Cleaner with Cleaning Basket for Diamond is an efficient ultrasonic cleaner.

Here are the pros that recommend this cleaner:

  • There are multiple time setting options
  • You can choose from 0 to 30 minutes’ set
  • There is also a temperature setting, going from 20 to 80 temperature
  • This cleans up thoroughly and deeply to the surface
  • You may only use tap water for general cleaning
  • You may add 5-10 Ml of detergent into water to increase cleaning results
  • There is a stainless steel cleaning basket for cleaning the small items which means less friction between the items and the tank
  • This uses 40Khz frequency
  • There is a 1year warranty
  • The cleaner has an isolated-circuit design
  • You need to keep water away for a safer use
  • There is a wide-diameter transducer
  • There is high quality steel used on body, cover and base
  • There is digital LCD display and live temperature display
  • This is easy to operate
  • The basket and the tray are anti-noisy
  • This is pretty quiet
  • Your diamonds are safe with this
  • This serves also medical and dental clinics, tattoo shops, scientific labs, golf clubs, opticians, watchmakers, jewelers, antique dealers etc.

We can only think of one thing that we like the least, which is the price. But, when you own a diamond ring and want to keep it in good shape, this is not an issue for sure… 🙂


3. In case you use an airbrush regularly, be it for makeup or cake decorating or any other use, you need to give it a deep cleaning once in a while. The BestFire® VGT – 2000 35W 600mL Professional Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner obtains a thorough cleaning, and here are the features that we’ve counted as pros:

  • This gives a fast, efficient and consistent cleaning with the push of a button
  • This cleaner addresses to the items complicated in shape, as air brushes
  • You may also use this for dental and medical, watch parts, technical pens, small metal parts, coins, false teeth
  • There is a 600ml Stainless steel tank
  • The cleaner features a plastic lift out tray
  • There is a digital display 3 digit LED
  • The on/off touch switch is efficient
  • There is a micro programmed 3 minutes’ default time
  • The programmable timer lets you set it up from 1 to 60 minutes
  • There is a hinged see through dust cover lid and button catch
  • The machine has a specific, low noise
  • This uses 42KHz frequency
  • Don’t use this with solvents because of fumes
  • This works typically with tap water
  • It’s easy to use this cleaner
  • Do not put mobile phone or watch into the tank as they are not waterproof
  • Do not put anything like spectacle frames or art ware which is made of seashells into the tank
  • This is great also for razors

Here are the parts that we like less and count as cons:

  • When your items have some smudges, this cleaner is not very efficient
  • There is a specific noise, which is not loud though
  • The body is made of stainless steel, but the exterior is made of plastic which makes it cheap looking

Other than these cons, we have no more complaints. The price is good and the quality is more than you’d expect for this kind of money.


4. Even though the following may be not the best ultrasonic cleaner ever, it’s probably one of the most popular one. We’re talking about the Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Polishing Jewelry Cleaner. It’s definitely popular because of its price, and we can only recommend it for a limited amount of usage.

Here are the pros that make it a good choice:

  • This is a very large ultrasonic cleaner
  • It cleans dirty jewelry, watches, utensils in minutes
  • You only have to use tap water with this cleaner
  • It has the perfect size for your sunglasses
  • It generates 42,000HZ ultrasonic sound waves
  • The cleaner is quiet and efficient
  • This goes gentle on your precious items
  • There is a digital display with 5 preset cleaning cycles: 90, 180, 280, 380, 480 seconds
  • There is an auto shut off
  • There is 20 oz. (60mL) capacity on this
  • The cleaner is easy to use
  • It’s easy to remove your items from the basket
  • The cleaner is compact and it’s easy to find it a place to store
  • The cleaner works well and is easy to operate

And now come the parts that we don’t like that much. The cons:

  • Water condenses naturally on the inside of the window door. When you open the door, the condensation gets over the back of the machine. This may be solved with a better design
  • Some complained about the cleaner giving up after several uses
  • The reservoir is not removable
  • The timer is not the best quality out there
  • The clean power is not very strong

So, in the end, we’ve come to the conclusion that this is a large, pretty efficient ultrasonic cleaner that does a good job on the not so dirty items. Just don’t use it daily as it might break long before you anticipated.


5. When you want an ultrasonic cleaner with a removable tank, the Ivation IVUC96S Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner is reliable and efficient. This cleans many types of items and here the pros that got us:

  • You may use it to clean fine jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, contacts, lenses, dentures etc.
  • There are 3 different energy levels to choose from when operating the cleaner
  • There are 5 different cleaning time periods (from 90 seconds to 8 minutes) so that you may adjust it accordingly to your items
  • The water tank is removable
  • There is a detachable cover for the tank
  • The tank features a carry handle
  • It’s easy to fill and empty the tank
  • The cleaning tank is made of stainless steel
  • The tank is 17 oz.
  • The tank has a compact size and fits anywhere
  • This comes with a jewelry basket, watch&earring holder, CD/DVD stand
  • You may use only cold or hot tap water for the cleaning
  • The cleaner has a heavy duty double safety structure and finish for a longer life
  • The cleaner is pretty quiet
  • There is an auto shut-off
  • The price is great
  • The cleaner is pretty efficient

On the other hand, there are some things that bothered us so here are the cons:

  • There is too much plastic all over the cleaner and this means less durability
  • The cleaner gets overheated
  • This is a rather small ultrasonic cleaner
  • The chains get stuck in the basket as there are no dividers/compartments inside the basket

All in all, for the money you pay, you get a decent ultrasonic cleaner, with a life span that can vary depending on how heavily you use it.

Best ultrasonic cleaner for Dentures

Specially created for dentures, the DB-Tech Sonic Sanitize Professional Ultrasonic Digital Denture Cleaning Machine is both efficient and low priced.

The cleaner comes with an auto shut-off function, runs quietly and is powerful. Prepare a solution with the Polident improved MicroClean 3-minute formula and then let the cleaner do its job on your dentures. You can use it daily. Some don’t like its big “Denture” label which is not very subtle, and also the fact that the cleaner is rather big and takes a good deal of storage space.

For Coins

Your coins are about to get sparkling clean thanks to the Magnasonic Generic Sonic Wave CD-2800 Ultrasonic Cleaner.

This is a powerful, yet quiet and gentle, ultrasonic cleaner that is able to remove dirt, dust, and grime from your coins. It has a 20 oz. /600ml stainless steel tank that fits coins but also bigger items that you may submerge for a good cleaning. You can use only tap water, but don’t hesitate to add detergent for better results. This is not a highly professional cleaner and its use should be limited to home use.

For Cellphones

Some say cell phones are the dirtiest thing around the house and this is why we need to clean them as often as we can. The CE Certification MCU Intelligent Drive Ultrasonic Cleaner BK-9050 does a great job on your cellphones, but also on circuit panels of electrical maintenance, personal stereo and so on.

This ultrasonic cleaner removes dirt, dust, smudges from your cell phone and it’s easy to use. Once you added the corresponding cleaning agent (gasoline in some cases) into the tank, unload the shell and clean up your cell phone. Both the water tank and the shell are made from anti-corrosion material. The cleaner comes with an automatic close-down, a digital display and intellectualized time hypothesis.

For Electronics

When you want to clean your sophisticated circuit panels, try this Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner for PCB/Circuit Board Electronics.

This is an efficient ultrasonic cleaner for your electronics and it’s used for communications equipment, mp3’s, personal stereos as it uses pure alcohol. It removes dirt, dust and grease from your precision instruments and you only need to unload the shell into a corresponding cleansing agent. The water tank and the shell are made of anti-corrosion material. Some wish that this was a bit bigger in order to allow larger size boards to fit flat in the cleaner.

For Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

For a good, efficient cleaning of all your eyeglasses you can get the iSonic D2840 Ultrasonic Cleaner with Extra Wide and Deep Tank for Fashion Sunglasses.

This comes with a wider, deeper stainless steel tank in order to fit your big sunglasses, for instance. There is a digital timer, with blue LED light and you may choose from 5 time settings when cleaning. The cleaner comes with a plastic basket and a watch stand. It comes also with a sample iSonic jewelry/ eye wear cleaning solution for you to try. The cleaner comes at a good price and it’s got good looks with its polished stainless steel tank.

For Fountain Pens

Fountain pen fans can get their hands on the iSonic® Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Model D3800A that will give them a thorough cleaning for their pens whenever they need it.

The stainless steel tank with 600ml liquid capacity fits many items, from fountain pens to jewelry, eyeglasses and dental items. You can choose from 5 preset digital cleaning cycles, and it’s safe to use with the delicate items. There is an auto shut-off function, and an automatic 3-minute cleaning cycle for ease of use. The waterproof container design and the digital timer make this a good choice, even though some may complain about the non-removable tank and its small size.

For Making Liposomal C

A good ultrasonic cleaner for preparing liposomal Vitamin C is the iSonic P4810 Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner.

This has an industrial grade ultrasonic stack transducer, strong and long lasting and you can choose time frames from 1 to 30 minutes to clean your items. The stainless steel tank is efficient and versatile as you may mix all kinds of items when cleaning. The tank is easy to clean and the cleaner is compact for easier storage. The heater runs independently from cleaning and is preset to 140F/160F. There is a cooling fan that lets you use this cleaner for a longer time. The overheat protection feature won’t let you overuse it. This is a quiet cleaner when running, but it comes with no user manual and has a plastic basket that is not resistant to hot water.

For Nail Implements and Tools

No matter if you want this for your nail salon or for your home, you need a good ultrasonic cleaner for your nail implements and tools.

The Sparkle Bright VGT-2000 Digital Programmable Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine does a good job with your implements and tools and it may be used to clean other items as well: jewelry, waterproof watches, dentures, retainers, dental instruments, contact lenses and so on. You may easily remove dirt, smudges, dust from your items, but not tarnish. In order to get the best results, the manufacturer recommends the use of the Sparkle Bright Products Liquid Cleaner. As a last note, prepare yourself to get used to the buzzing noise of the cleaner…

For Vinyl Records

You’re not the only one who cares deeply about their vinyl records. We also do and this is why we searched for a good priced ultrasonic cleaner for our vinyl records and came up with the 14 Piece Bundle for Audio Desk System Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaning Machine.

We like this cleaner as it contains 1 set of A-rings, 6 fluid solutions, 4 microfiber barrels, 2 wipers and 1 replacement filter so you are covered on consumables for a good amount of time. This vinyl machine works entirely automatically and is very easy to use. You simply insert the discs vertically into the machine’s opening from above and press the red button. A gentle cleaning process begins and a yellow LED lights up; you may remove the record once the green LED lights up. There are two quiet motors operating the machine, and you may clean both your 7” and 10” disks with it.

For Watches

Featuring a 1.4 Liter stainless steel tank, the Pro LARGE 60 Watts 1.4-liter ULTRASONIC CLEANER is a good option to clean your watches and watch parts.

It has 6 working cycles to choose from and the cleaner works on a low 60 watts of power at a 42,000HZ frequency. It comes with a useful wristwatch adapter, a CD holder and a cleaning basket. The transducer is powerful and efficient and you decide which working cycle fits the items every time. The tank is not removable and there is no heater, but this is an efficient cleaner as is.


Head on to our commercial ultrasonic cleaner page for more powerful cleaners. Or even the industrial cleaners page, if you need something larger and more powerful.


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