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Finding a perfect place to buy property requires thoughtful considerations. You would not want, for instance, to own a home in an area that you will feel uneasy residing. In Australia, there are various regions where you can get properties. But have you ever thought of Melbourne city?

Well if not, then you must have been missing one of the best places. For more than six years now, Melbourne is a city bearing suitable living conditions. You should thus not hesitate to find a place among the existing suburbs in Melbourne and get yourself a valuable possession without any doubts.

This detailed guide provides information on the best suburbs in Melbourne for investors and prospective homeowners to buy properties.

What help can you get before purchasing a property?

buying a property in melbourne

Buying a property is a process that incorporates various essential phases. Property valuation is one of the essentials ones, and it requires proper selection of valuers. Such professionals are responsible for many tasks, including valuation of land, residential, taxation, compensation, family law, and mediation, among others.

While you need to consider necessary selection criteria, certified property valuers in Melbourne present assurance, besides, they should have practiced service delivery for a considerable period. By seeking help from such competent professionals, you will get appropriate advice for your intentions.

Below here, we have compiled a highlight of suitable suburbs in Melbourne that you might want to consider.

Suburbs around the CBD

If you have interest in getting a property close to the CBD, then you might have to consider suburbs located within five kilometers. Such closeness provides several advantages such as ease of access to public facilities and utilities. Such include public transport, schools, shopping center, and hospitals, among others.

Southbank and Carlton regions are around a kilometer away from the city center. They are suitable regions for property ownership, having connectivity of various amenities. Collingwood and Richmond are also suitable, located only 3 kilometers from the CBD. Good roads, railway stations, several schools, and hospitals serve these regions, rendering them ideal for residential. The other suburb region around the city center is North Melbourne area. The place has recently caught the attention of several investors due to its rapid growth rate.

Western Melbourne Suburbs

The west of Melbourne is one of the fastest developing regions in the nation. With only a few people already residing there, the area presents increased opportunities. There are higher chances of acquiring cheap land, houses, while opportunities to employments are high. Even though this region has not developed already, it is proving to be a favorite residential region in the nearest future for many dwellers.

Regions, including Newport, Sunshine West, Kensington, and Footscray, are in western Melbourne. These regions have access to reliable public transport means, excellent meal joints, schools, and hospitals, among other essential amenities. Rental houses are also available. Besides, they offer ease of accessibility to Melbourne’s center, and hence you do not have to worry about accessing any services there.

Eastern Melbourne Suburbs

Not more than 30 kilometers on the eastern Melbourne City, there lie the most pleasant suburbs. Next to the Dandenong Ranges, eastern suburbs at some point used to serve the nation as a vacation destination. But with people building homes and other properties, the region has turned into a perfect residential region. The region’s set up has rendered it suitable for family dwellers, with the environment ideal for children upbringing. Schools, hospitals, accessibility to shopping centers are some of the benefits you will get to enjoy while residing in the region.

Clayton region lies 19 km, and Box Hill is 14 km away from Melbourne city. These regions are a perfect choice for you if you are either interested in purchasing a house or investing in the real estate industry. Other suitable areas in the east include Templestowe Lower, Ashwood, and Mount Waverley.

Southern Melbourne Suburbs

The southern part of Melbourne city features one of the friendliest neighborhood. Regions located here are suitable for residential purposes, while rental rates are favorable. Besides, these regions have access to several roads, railways stations, schools, and other essential amenities. National parks and closeness to the beaches also render the regions domiciliary favorable. The southern region is developing, presenting a possibility of suburbanization in the nearest future. For that reason, you might have to secure a spot in one of these regions for a better financial or lifestyle future.

Some of the existing regions in the south include Noble Park, Carnegie, Bentleigh, Hampton Park, Narre Warren, and Berwick. They are within 40 km from the city. Property ownership is cheap in these regions with a promised increased rate in the future as they develop.

Northern Melbourne Suburbs

How about acquiring property in the northern part of Melbourne city? You would not disregard one of the calmest places in Melbourne. While the price of properties here may not be as low as several other suburbs, the living environment is favorable. They have amenities including an airport, public transport, among other essentials. Residential houses are in a way that maintains calmness in the regions. So, if you do not fancy busy and noisy atmosphere such as that of regions close to the city, then you should consider Northern Melbourne.

Regions including Preston, Brunswick, Essendon, Northcote, and Thornbury are some of the favorite places in the north. You will get to enjoy the best living environment for you and your family. Besides, if you intend to invest, then you are likely to make massive profits here.

There you have it! If you are considering owning a property in the suburbs, then Melbourne is a perfect place of choice. Visit the region today and experience the fantastic atmosphere in the surrounding suburbs.

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