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What is the first thing you notice when you walk into a shower? Is it the cabinet that catches your eye or the lovely sink with antique vibes? Maybe you’re the curious type and want to take a peek behind the shower curtain. If so, you will most likely notice the shower curtain rod. Simultaneously, the shower curtain rod may very well be the first thing you see in the bathroom, as it’s impressive and aesthetically pleasing.

Subtle, simple, sophisticated, or elegant, the shower curtain rods don’t seem to be such a big deal for the looks of a bathroom until you have to buy some for your home. We’ve searched high and low for best options and came up with the best shower curtain rod to use. Keep reading to find out our selection.

What is the best shower curtain rod right now? Top 5 Shower Curtain Rod Reviews

The best part about shower curtain rods today is that you may find an excellent shower rod without emptying your wallet. Is the case of Zenna Home NeverRust Aluminum Tension Shower Rod, 30 to 43-inch, Chrome that manage to be both reliable and affordable.

The rod is made with aluminum, so they’re both lightweight and robust. The shower rod is rust-proof, so you will safely use it in the shower for a fair amount of time.

The adjustability is essential for the best shower rod, and this shower rod allows you to fit it in stall-sized shower spaces, from 30 to 43 inches, without making any cuts. It’s easy to install the tension rod, without any tools, drilling, or damage to the walls. The tight twist mechanism makes the tension shower curtain effective, so the mount is effortless.

The shower curtain rod design is versatile, so you may also install it as a room divider or closet storage. The rotating rubber end pads reduce the risk of crawling throughout the installation.

The shower rod will never rust, and the nickel finish will fit in most bathrooms.


  • The rod is made with aluminum, and it’s lightweight and robust.
  • It comes with matching rotating rubber end pads.
  • It’s a multi-purpose rod for various applications.
  • It has a chrome finish and may never rust.


  • Some find it tricky to do the fine adjustments.
  • It may not hold cumbersome curtains.

Beggars cannot be choosers, and, for the buck you’re paying, you get nice looking, versatile, and easy to install tension shower curtain rod.


For those of you shopping on a fixed budget but still determined not to sacrifice the quality, the InterDesign Forma – Constant Tension Curtain Rod for Bathroom stands out as a great option.

The tension shower curtain rod features one of the best tension shower mechanisms (with spring), working great in a shower stall, bathroom, changing area, bathtub, window opening, closet, and so on. The best shower curtain rod should be strong enough to hold your clothing, window curtains, and this curtain rod is it.

The build is durable as the rod is made with brushed stainless steel, with low risk for rust. The design is well thought out, and the rod comes with rubber feet, protecting the walls from any scratches. Plus, it will also maintain the rod in place.

It’s easy to install the rod with an easy twist, extend, and placing into position. You will continue with tightening for hanging the rod in the shower space. The rod is adjustable, fitting spaces ranging from 26-42”.

Here are the most important pros:

  • The rod comes with a spring tension mechanism.
  • Stainless steel is the material of the curtain rod
  • It features rubber feet for protecting the walls and more stability.
  • Installation is effortless

We do have some cons as well:

  • Some notice corrosion after a while
  • The rod seems to get scratched rather quickly.

Despite the minor flaws, the rod becomes a great choice, mainly if you’re focusing on the excellent price, reliability, and versatility.


Those looking for rods with bronze finish can take the plunge with the AmazerBath Spring Tension Curtain Rod.

The curtain rod has the adjustable length for versatility, fitting shower space from 26” to 42”. One thing we like about it is that you may detach the end, matching the hooks and curtains of your choice. The tension mechanism eases the installation, and you don’t have to use drilling, cutting, or any tools. Thanks to the build and the design, the shower curtain rod will match all surfaces, both rough and smooth. The design is versatile, and the rod will blend in any bathroom or hardware space.

The rod comes with a smaller end that measures just 2 inches, looking elegant and compact. It will fit amazingly in narrow spaces and simply styled homes.

The spring is durable and provides continuous tension, and the rod will stay in place for a reasonable amount of time.

The rod was made with the polishing process, which explains the smooth design, so that shower rings will slide easily, without hitching or snagging.


  • It has a strong spring, so it stays secure in place.
  • The ends are detachable and smaller than regular.
  • It has a polished finish for more versatility.
  • It’s easy to install


  • Some worry that the coating will wear off
  • It may not hold cumbersome curtains, according to some

Rest assured that the shower rod will look lovely in your shower space, standing out with the functionality and subtle design.


When it comes to popular shower curtain rods, the AmazonBasics Rust Resistant Tension Shower Rod is one to name. Straightforward and with a low profile, these tension shower curtain rods tick most boxes for many customers, which explains the impressive popularity.

The curtain rods come with adjustable length, which provides terrific versatility and options for installation. You will not need any tools for installation, as you may quickly expand the rod with a twist. It’s a tension rod, and the twist will ensure continuous tensions for a durable, secure, and tight fit. You shouldn’t worry about the rods falling, slipping even after mounting the curtain. They’re strong enough to make curtains up to 15 lb.

Even if it’s made for the shower curtain, the rod is highly versatile and can be used for curtains in doorways or windows. It rocks a simple yet modern style and comes in various colors and sizes. You may want to use the rod for shower curtain, or curtain instead of a door, separating a space. Either way, the shower curtain rod will improve the shower space or any space of your choice.

The rod measures 54 to 90 inches and comes with a one-year limited warranty, which says a lot about their durability.


  • It has a sleek and modern style
  • It’s a tension rod requiring effortless mount
  • You can use the rod as a shower rod or for other spaces in your home
  • It comes in various colors and sizes


  • Some expected the assembly to be better
  • The risk for rust isn’t null, according to some

Regardless of the minor issues, the rod looks nice, is versatile, and stays in place for a long time. Why not take the leap of faith?


Thanks to the innovative TwistTight Technology, the Zenna Home Adjustable Tension Shower Curtain Rod will require no installation tools. You will not have to drill anything with the tension shower curtain, use glue, or worry about complicated installation. The curtain rod will ensure a secure mount, fitting spaces from 44 to 72 inches. Therefore, this tension shower curtain becomes the ideal option for a regular shower space or standard bath. Due to the tension mechanism, the tension rod will adjust for the tight and secure fit. It features non-marring end caps so that your walls aren’t damaged by the rod.

The construction is sturdy, and the rod is made with steel and has a brushed nickel finish for rust resistance. Therefore, the rod looks nice but takes a long time to use as well.

The design is simple and made for extensive use, as the shower rod may be utilized with any shower hooks or rings for effortless installation of liner or shower curtain up to 72 inches. The rod comes with instructions that are easy to follow.


  • It features TwistTight technology for secure installation.
  • It’s made with steel and has brushed nickel finish.
  • It comes with non-marring end caps for protection of the walls.
  • It fits shower spaces from 44 to 72 inches.


  • Some noticed that it bends.
  • If you’re looking for an elegant rod, you may want to look elsewhere.

All things considered, the rod turns out to be a reliable, easy to install, and flexible option for many.


Customers looking for more elegant rods for their curved shower curtains should take the plunge with the Zenna Home NeverRust Aluminum Double Curved Rustproof Shower Rod.

The curved shower curtain rod is durable, yet lightweight, looking impressive and elegant in a spacious bathroom. The curved shower rod rocks a rust-proof build, so it’s going to take extended time use without rusting.

The dual rod design recommends the curved shower curtain rod for heavy-duty use. You may use one rod for the shower curtain and the other one for the towels or clothes. If you want, you may use the curved shower rod with shower liner and shower curtain, so that no mildew will develop.

The innovative curved design gives some “elbow room,” but it’s aesthetically pleasing. Despite the curved design, you will not need to cut anything. The curved shower curtain rod comes with instruction and mounting hardware. All you need is some patience and skills, as the installation cannot be defined as natural.

The curved shower curtain rod looks high, and the rich bronze finish of the curved shower rod will complement any curved shower curtain and bath decors. The curved shower curtain rod also features decorative end cap covers, which will efficiently conceal the mounting screws.

The curved shower rod will look amazing with these rods, nine times out of ten.


  • They’re made for curved shower curtains.
  • They’re beautiful, reliable, and lightweight
  • They come with mounting hardware and instruction
  • They feature decorative end covers and have a rich bronze finish


  • Installation may not be that easy
  • The engineering could be better

The robust build, beautiful design, and reliability make these curved shower curtain rods a significant investment to prepare for your bathroom.


When the price is the last thing you check on your shower curtain rod, you should take the leap of faith with the Naiture Aluminum Corner Shower Curtain Rod with Ceiling Support.

The curtain rod has an L shape, giving an elegant feel to any shower space. The rod is made of aluminum, so it will never rust. The rods are installed at 45-degree angles and aren’t adjustable. However, you may cut the rod to the needed length. They also come with a 36” ceiling support that you may have to cut for best length. There are three pieces to put together, but the instruction is easy to comprehend and follow. All in all, the rods are rather easy to install. Rectangular Jumbo Rod Flanges, wall anchors, set screws, and mounting screws are included for installation.

The round flanges are made of durable aluminum, presenting a beautiful appearance. The screws are heavy-duty, and you also get a reliable wrench for tightening the screws. Drilling will be necessary for mounting, but the rods will impress with the durability. They will not fall any time soon. Should you worry about your family’s safety in the shower, these are the rods to get.

The 36” fixed ceiling support is easy to adjust in length, as the end attached to the loop allows cutting to the planned period.

The shower curtain rod connector is made of stainless steel and eases the shower curtain rods’ insert. The simple piece allows the use of wide shower openings, increasing the shower curtain rod’s versatility.

The 1.2 aluminum used for the build will help the shower curtain rods take the use for a long time. The finish wasn’t skipped, as the rods rock a smooth and attractive finish.


  • It has a beautiful and elegant L shape.
  • It comes with hardware and instruction for installation.
  • It’s made with durable aluminum and has a beautiful finish.
  • The connector is made of stainless steel for durable stability.


  • Drilling will be required.
  • It’s not cheap

You may feel that you’re paying top dollar for this shower curtain rod, but it’s beautiful, elegant, and stable. Why not give it a chance?


What aspects to consider when picking the best shower curtain rod? A buying guide

We know that shower curtains can completely change the shower space, both in the wrong and proper way, and it’s the same with the shower curtain rods. Rods may seem like subtle details that nobody pays attention to. Truth be told, they could either ruin or highlight your curtains, and only when you install the wrong rods do you appreciate their value. Even the best shower curtain will look poorly if the rods don’t match.

As the variety of models is impressive, you should use a set of elements when shopping for shower curtain rods. Keep reading for the details:

Décor of your shower/bathroom

If you care for the style in your home, you will care for your bathroom style. Ideally, you want to install some shower curtain rods that highlight the bathroom’s décor. Wallcoverings, fixture styles, or finishes are only some aspects to consider when you look for shower curtain rods. The style, material, and pattern of your bathroom curtains will also matter when selecting the rods.

Last but not least, you will also want the rods to match the bathmat, towels, and rugs.


It’s rather easy to get shower curtain rods that are both functional and attractive. Today, most rods are made to be strong enough for holding both the shower curtain and at least a damp towel for drying. Therefore, all kinds of materials are used for shower curtain rods. Stainless steel, aluminum, and Brushed Nickel are the most common, but plastic and wood are also utilized.

If you don’t necessarily look for the sophisticated and luxurious vibe in your bathroom, some plastic rods will work. They come in a great variety of colors and make the most affordable option. However, they will not take a long time use, especially when compared to metal rods.

A chrome rod will be the perfect match for chrome light fixtures, towel bars, and faucets, giving a modern vibe to any space.

Should you care for an Old-World influenced room, a shower curtain rod with a brass finish will make a perfect choice. Would you like a basic feel or a country vibe in the bathroom? A shower curtain rod made of wood should be in your basket.

Wall type

You should also take a look at the walls where you’re about to use the best tension shower curtain rod. For instance, when you have tiles around the shower and the tube, a tension rod or spring rod will make the most appropriate choice. Twisting will cause expansion of the tension rod, connecting to the wall with friction; the mechanism will not imply any drills whatsoever.

Best tension shower curtain and tension shower curtain rod make the most popular models today, thanks to easy installation and versatility. The best tension rod will ensure a tight and secure fit for a long time, requiring no tools for mounting.

Ease of installation

It’s not mandatory, but most customers will highly appreciate rods that are easy to install, with no need for drilling, mounting hardware, or complicated instruction to follow. The best tension rod will be effortless to mount and handle the extra weight of some shower curtains. They will not fall nor scratch the walls.

However, tension rods may not be as durable as rods that require drilling and mounting hardware. Should you not care for durability, you may get away with some tension or spring rods. But if you don’t plan to change the shower curtains or the shower curtains rods anytime soon, you should get rods that require drilling and come with easy to follow instruction and necessary hardware.


For clients who want more room in the shower, curved rods make the ideal option. A curved shower placed right above a clawfoot tub will require you to install a circular rod, whereas a corner shower works best with an L-shaped shower curtain rod. Either way, make sure you take the right measures to get the perfect size for the rod.

Most shower curtain rods are easy to adjust, but it’s challenging to make a small rod larger. It’s only the other way around that comes effortlessly.

What should you consider when selecting the material of the rods?

Metal and high-grade coated plastics make the most common materials for shower curtain rods. Modern fittings vary a lot in terms of coating and surface finishes, and it shouldn’t be difficult to find some rods for your particular shower space.

Plastic shower rods make the most affordable and most various options. They come in numerous styles, colors, sizes, and even designs. They will look pretty in most bathrooms but lack the elegance and luxurious feel that metal rods have.

Chrome, natural steel, copper, nickel, brass, copper, and oxidized iron finish are widely available and accessible. The surface is also various, and you can get your pick between matt, semi-matt, high-gloss, vintage rusty, and many more. You should match the shower rod with your bathroom décor and style, but you have the liberty to decide the perfect combo.

Steel, high gloss finishes, and straight lines make the best rods for bathrooms with minimalistic and contemporary style. On the other hand, rusty-looking materials like brass or copper will perfectly fit in bathroom spaces with rustic, vintage, and eclectic style.

Metal shower rods make the best option as they’re strong enough to hold the weight of wet shower curtains. They will not break if you’re slipping in the bathroom and tug the shower curtain while falling. However, you will also have to waterproof coat the metal shower rods to reduce the risk of corrosion and rust. The price will even matter, as the best metal shower curtain rods will be more expansive than plastic and wooden models.

Does wood make a safe choice for shower curtain rods?

Wooden shower rods may also be sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. However, they require additional treatment for waterproofing. You may have to paint, varnish, oil, and even pressure-treat the wooden shower rods. Therefore, you will have to spend more money and time. You will continuously need to keep an eye on your wooden rods as the bathroom is a humid space, where mildew and moisture quickly build up.

When you don’t take care of the wooden shower rods, they will warp, and even develop mold and fungus. Most wood doesn’t make use in moist spaces so that the lovely appearance will wear out fast. Also, the damage to the wood may not always be visible. One could quickly notice the loss when the wooden shower rods simply fall to the ground.

No matter the decision, always pick rust-proof rods as moisture and heat factors are so important in the shower room.


FAQs on shower curtain rod aspects

Q: What are fixed wall-mounted straight rods?

A: Fixed wall-mounted straight rods are single tubular rods that allow mount to the walls at the ends. You will need the fixed-length metal rod, screws, metal brackets, and instruction for installation. Even if they’re not as easy to mount as the tension rod, there are only two steps to take for installation.

Q: Is it tricky to mount fixed straight rods?

A: You begin with mounting the two brackets on the walls, at marked heights, using the metal screws for fixing. Continue placing the hooks/rings in the pipe, insert the two ends into the openings of the wall-mounted brackets. They should fit perfectly inside the brackets. Once you’re done, you will be able to use the shower curtain rod.

Even if there are different metal brackets such as box-type or disks, the installation and the function are the same.

Q: When to use fixed-wall straight rods?

A: These rods make the best choice for square, rectangular, U shaped, or other bath spaces with even measures. They are handy for the straight shower curtain rod.

Q: What are the fixed wall-mounted curved rods?

A: These rods are similar to the fixed wall-mounted straight rods, but the rods are curved. The curved rods will work very well in compact spaces, as the curved profile provides you more shower space. Simultaneously, the curved lines look better in a feminine, vintage, and eclectic bathroom.

Q: How are the adjustable straight rods different?

A: The adjustable shower curtain rods attract with the adjustable length. You will not wall-mount but pivot the adjustable curtain rods. Typically, they come with padded pivots/flanges at both ends, which encase the tension springs. The rod features slots at one end, so you will have to stretch the rod for increasing the length while allowing the button/length stopper slide into the slot. It’s how you obtain the length you want for the curtain rod.

Q: What’s the brief definition of a tension rod?

A: The adjustable rods are commonly named tension rods due to the tension springs from the locking mechanism.

The best part about tension rods is that they don’t require installation per se. You only have to match the rod height or slide the rod from one shower to another, reducing the tension springs and unblocking the rod.

Due to the height adjustability, shower curtain rods make the ideal choice for shower and tub bath.

Q: Can the tension rods be curved too?

A: Curved shower curtain rods resemble the straight rods, with the main difference being the curved rod. They give a roomier feel inside the shower space.

Keep in mind that adjustable shower curtain rods can be single or dual. Dual curtain rods are even more versatile than the single type, allowing more versatility and functionality. All in all, you get to decide which is the shower curtains rod for your home.

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