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Best Pillow for Stiff Neck in 2017

Best Pillow for Stiff Neck
Best Pillow for Stiff Neck

Are you typically waking up with a headache? Do your arms hurt? How about you shoulders; do they hurt a lot also? Do you get neck pains every morning?

If you found that you have some or all of the above symptoms, first of all, we feel for you. Secondly, we are more than happy to help you on that.

It’s possible that all of your pains are, in fact, caused by one major source: your neck pain. When your neck is not properly aligned to your spine, when your neck is in distress, it’s not only the neck that suffers, but also your head, shoulders and even your arms.

Could a simple pillow help?

No, any pillow won’t do that. But a specialized good pillow for stiff neck could make a great difference. Having the proper pillow for your stiff neck will not eliminate, on its own, your sourness. There are other things that could help: seeing a doctor, trying some medicine, acupuncture, various home remedies, changing the sleep position, and even changing the mattress. But regardless, choosing a good pillow that properly supports and comforts your neck could improve its condition and help stop it from being stiff every morning.

Any pointers?

Of course we have pointers, this is why we do it in the 1st place: to make our readers’ life easier.

We have found pillows that are firm, pillows that mold to your head and neck, other pillows that can be firmer or softer, depending on your needs. Some are cheaper, some come at a steeper price. Their quality and features make the difference.

No matter which one you choose, there has to be one out there for your needs. And makes your stiff neck days melt into the past…

1. J Pillow, Travel Pillow

J Pillow, Travel PillowFor those of you who still haven’t heard of the J pillow just yet, this is your chance to get in touch!

Winner of the British Invention of the Year for 2012/2013, this unique pillow has a clever chin support that will not only keep your head from falling, but will also keep your neck in a straight position.

You will no longer wake up during sleep when you travel or just nap at home, simply because the J pillow will feel like you’re sleeping in your bed.

This pillow was used by customers with medical conditions and they were very excited with the results.

Very light, soft and yet firm, the J pillow is easy to move around when travelling, since it has a strap to attach the pillow to a bag or to a handle.

 2.The Ergonomic Therapeutic Memory Foam Neck Pillow

The Ergonomic Therapeutic Memory Foam Design of Our Pillow Molds to Neck & HeadLet’s suppose you travel a lot and you always end up with a stiff neck after your naps. Or you take a nap on your couch at home and you still end up with a stiff neck. It would be great to have a pillow that not only helps you with the stiff neck at home, but also when you’re travelling, right?

This pillow is specially made for those of you with accute neck pains, since it’s main ability is to properly align your head and neck. It will mold to the natural shape of your body and it will help your head not to fall forward.

Made from high quality memory foam, this pillow will give you both support and a soft feel at the same time.

The zippered, Jaquard Velour cover is not only soft, comfortable, but also removable and easy to wash, and keeps the pillow free from bad odors and germs.

Most of the customers used this pillow when travelling by car, by airplane, or at home while working on their computers, watching TV and they all forgot how it was to have a stiff neck!

Very well made, feather light, this product comes gift wrapped also.

For the picky ones, there are good news if, for any reasons, you want your money back on the pillow; the product is 100% refundable. But, it’s most likely not gonna be the case, for sure…

3. Perfect Cloud Diamond Rest Gel Pillow

Perfect Cloud Diamond Rest Gel Pillow - Ventilated Air Comfort Memory FoamIf you are not the patient type and want instant solutions for your stiff neck, then this is the right pillow for you.

This memory foam pillow will cradle your head and neck, molding to your body shape, even when you move.

The Air Comfort Gel in this pillow will make a huge difference, reducing the pressure on the neck and spine, thus relieving the stiffness of your neck.

This luxurious pillow will also take good care of your allergies, since it’s 100% anti-allergic.

If you think you’ll get too warm from this memory foam pillow, you’d better think again: it’s dual sided, so it’s up to you to be cool or warm. Provided with ventilation holes and a gusset siding, this pillow will keep your neck in comfort and your head cool and fresh.

Soft, breathable, nice to the touch and large, this pillow will be a big difference to your neck; you have a good chance of forgetting what a stiff neck ever meant J

4. Bamboo Combination Shredded Style Memory Foam Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic King Size Bamboo Combination Shredded Style Memory Foam PillowStop looking now and get this pillow if you want to forget about waking up with headaches and a stiff neck in the morning.

Made in the USA, this pillow has a shredded style combination memory foam that will not go flat and will always conform to your body, supporting it regardless of your sleep position.

Its 43% Visose of Bamboo, 56,4% Polyester, 0.6% Lycra cover will not only keep you cool all night long, but it’s also breathable and easy to wash at home.

Your allergies will love this pillow also, since the product is hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant.

In case you are still sitting on the side about this pillow, it’s good to know there is a 90-Day Refund Guarantee, no questions asked! Still not taking action? J

5. Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck PillowIf you are determined, after years of struggling with a stiff neck, headaches and numbness in your arms, to start a new life and a pain free night sleep, this is the pillow that will help you do that.

Naturally aligning your spine, comforting your neck, and relieving pressure, this pillow will give you the perfect chance at a deep sound sleep.

Giving you unrestricted air passage for breathing, this pillow will also help your partner, since your snoring will be reduced J.

Some customers needed a few days to adjust to the specific shape of this pillow, but they had no regrets.

Versatile, shipping gift wrapped as well, this pillow will improve all the conditions related to your neck and not only that!


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