Top 15 Best Soundproof Curtains in 2022

Best Noise Reducing Curtains
Best Noise Reducing Curtains

Sometimes, you only see a problem when it’s too obvious. You may get up refreshed in the morning, but a small part of you wished to have slept a little longer and not be woken by the birds singing at 5 am close to your home… Bird singing is supposed to be pretty, and you may like your neighbor’s dog too, but not when in the early hours…

Any solutions for the noise reducing part?

No, it’s not your memory foam pillow; it’s not your  mattress cover either. It’s… your curtains! Yes, the best soundproof curtains are able to keep away outside noise from your home, thus providing you a nice, quiet night and day. Quite something, right?

Our top 10 is done. Take your pick!

We don’t know if you are interested only in the best noise cancelling curtains, but we discovered that most of them will also block sunlight and UV rays. We think, “Well, no noise, no light… is there anything else you could ask for?” As a plus, most of the best noise reducing curtains are thermally insulated: they will keep you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter! Quite a deal, if you ask me.


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Top 15 Noise Canceling Curtain Reviews

1.Best Home Fashion’ Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

Going shopping for the best curtains with thermal insulation on a budget doesn’t mean you should settle for less, as it’s not impossible nowadays to find a cost-effective curtain that is able to keep unwanted noises away from your home. It’s the case of the Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains that earned a reputation for creating a darker soundproof space that’s able to give you privacy.

The innovative triple weave fabric build of the curtain is responsible for keeping sunlight and bad UV rays away from your room. The best curtains are able also to insulate against heat and cold, and the ‘Best Home Fashion’ don’t make an exception. This means your space remains fresh and cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. This will reflect in your HVAC budget also.

The curtains are able to block unwanted noise so your sleep is improved. As the room gets not only darker, but also quieter, there’s no more reason for you not to get a good nap during the day.

As for the versatility of these soundproof curtains, it’s nice to know that you have around 16 colors to choose from. They feature back and rod pocket hanging styles, which gives you more options when it comes to styling them against a window.

They are made of good quality 100% Polyester and are easy to take care of. It’s a machine washable curtain and it’s better to use non-chlorine bleach on it. You may tumble dry this curtain on low heat, and warm iron it if that pleases you.

They may be easily draped. They have a nice, soft texture and look pretty good against any kind of window. They wear no smell and come in two panels.

In order to get a nice appearance and efficiency, keep in mind that panels should always measure 2-3times the width of your window.

Here are the things we like the most about these thermally insulated curtains:

  • They create a darker, noise insulated room
  • They are also insulating
  • They come in a nice variety of colors and feature two options for styling
  • You get two panels

As for the parts we really don’t like, they aren’t many:

  • The stitches of the curtain could be stronger
  • They come with no tie backs

If you take a look at the big picture though, you can see some good looking and efficient soundproof curtains that will allow you to create a darker, noise and heat insulated space at home.

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2. Absolute Zero Velvet Blackout Home Theater Curtain Panel, 95-Inch

When you value your privacy more than anything, but also enjoy a darker room to get some rest or watch a favorite TV-show, make sure to check the Absolute Zero Velvet Blackout Home Theater Curtain Panel, 95-Inch.

These panels bring many good features to the table so you need to take a better look at them when shopping. The 100 blackout ability means that the curtain will block almost 100% of intrusive light and is also able to minimize unwanted noise. These two combined give also thermal advantages and you get to do some energy saving also.

The explanation behind the curtain’s abilities comes from the foam-back construction, which means it’s made with multiple passes of soft, white foam that raises the insulation abilities, damps the noise and creates an efficient barrier to sunlight. The professional method of foam application lets the foam bind entirely to the face fabric, giving a single, more efficient panel for superior sound and thermal insulation.

The smooth velvet fabric of the curtain creates the feeling of real theater curtains, giving you privacy and a nice feel when watching the movies.

They make the best choice for a home theater or bedroom, when you don’t want any light inside the room.

Another quality of the curtain is the 95 inch length, which is so difficult to find, despite being so appreciated.

The panels are made of 100% polyester, which means they are easy to take care of. You may machine wash the curtains, tumble them dry on low. They iron easily.

The material has a nice texture and the curtains are true to color.

Let’s highlight the most important pros:

  • The curtains are graded 100 blackout, blocking almost 100% of intrusive light
  • The curtains will soundproof a space reducing unwanted noise, and are also energy saving efficient
  • They come true to color and are easy to take care
  • They have a great length and a nice texture

As for the parts we like less, here they are:

  • You only get one per order
  • You need to iron the curtain

As they are highly efficient in keeping light and unwanted noise away and in creating a theater-like, darker interior in any home, the Absolute Zero panels will make a fitting, efficient option every time.

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3. Deconovo Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Window Curtain Panel for Bedroom

Just because you go shopping on a fixed budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a good option for the best soundproof curtains. Take a leap of faith and give it a go with the Deconovo Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Window Curtain Panel for Bedroom that bring to the table good quality materials and nice performances for a very good price.

True, you get only one curtain panel per package, but this gives you the chance to be more precise when decorating your bedroom.

These soundproof curtains do a good job reducing sunlight, no matter the time of day. They also create a peaceful bedroom as they lower the outside noise level. You can definitely get a break in the middle of the day, no light nor loud noise to bother you. Additionally, the panels work as a thermal barrier so they keep warmth inside when it’s cold outside and the other way around for the hot summertime.

They are easy to install and the 6 solid grommets are quite large, for more versatility.

The fabric is 100% polyester and doesn’t need special care. It doesn’t wrinkle easily and is medium-weight. You may easily clean and take care of these panels. The fabric has a soft feel to it and the curtain will look nice at any window.

The fabric is also able to keep at distance dust or mites. You may safely use the curtain in your baby’s bedroom as it will keep allergens away from your baby.

They are well made and the attention to details is impressive. The stitching is strong and these soundproof curtains with thermal insulation are long lasting.

Let’s make a short list of pros:

  • The Deconovo panels are made of 100% medium-weight Polyester
  • They lower outside noise, darken the room and insulate it altogether
  • They keep at distance dust or mites
  • The fabric has a soft feel and it doesn’t wrinkle

As for the parts we like less, they aren’t many:

  • You only get one panel
  • The blackout abilities aren’t the best out there

Despite the minor issues, we still think the Deconovo panels make a good buy as they pair good quality materials with reliable performance.

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4. Nicetown 2 Panel Set Blackout Curtains for Bedroom /Living Room

One thing is sure about the Nicetown 2 Panel Set Blackout Curtains for Bedroom /Living Room: you really can’t complain about not finding the right color as they come in a great number of vibrant, rich colors!

The curtains are imported and made of polyester and hand rather well. They are able to stop almost 95% of light and bad UV ray and bring down the outside noise with 20% thanks to the triple weave technology used.

The microfiber thermal coating on this curtain is efficient in keeping a constant temperature in your room as it is insulated against heat or cold.

These blackout curtains are thus able to create a good sleep setting during the day and the night, as they darken the room and lower outside noise levels. Furthermore, they also add privacy to your room so that you can watch some movies.

They are ready to use right out of the box and don’t need ironing. They are thread trimmed and wrinkle free, which means less work for you. The curtains come with tough grommet rings, which makes the setup easy and fast.

They are thick and have a nice feel to the touch.

Let’s sum it all up and list the main pros:

  • The Nicetown panels come ironed and are ready to install right out of the box
  • The setup is easy and the curtains hang well
  • They keep at distance light, outside noise and give you privacy
  • They also have insulating and sound deadening abilities

Let’s not forget about the parts that need improvement:

  • Some would like even more noise reducing abilities
  • The colors may differ from the ones presented, but this relates to your computer screen also

Overall, for a fair price, you get some nicely looking panels that not only darken your room, but also bring down the outside noise and need less maintenance. These are some of the best soundproof curtains that money can buy.

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5. Deconovo Solid Color Grommet Top Blackout Curtains

When you get light blocking curtains that also look nice, it’s quite a bonus, and this is the case with the Deconovo Solid Color Grommet Top Blackout Curtains.

The two panels keep most of sunlight away from any room, all throughout the day and work as some of the best soundproofing curtains. This way your room becomes darker and quieter. The heat is kept inside during the wintertime and the room doesn’t get hot during the summer thanks to the insulated abilities of the curtains.

The material used on the curtains not only looks nice (the colors are rich and bright), but it’s also thick and heavy, hanging quite well. Despite the thickness, the panels have a nice soft feel and create a nice vibe in any room. They are manufactured with 100% polyester and have a silky, elegant appearance, with no loose threads. They don’t attract dust/ mites so are one of the best options for fighting allergies. The material is long lasting, not flimsy and has a nice flow to it.

The curtains are easy to install at any type of window, and the grommets that come with it are solid and quite large, for more versatility.

The panels aren’t difficult to take care of, as they are machine washable, but only tumble dry them on low.

Last but not least, the curtains come with matching tiebacks, which makes the setup so much easier.

Our most important pros would be:

  • They are made of thick, durable and elegantly looking polyester material
  • They keep the light and noises away with their blackout and sound absorbing properties
  • They keep dust/mites at a distance
  • They hang well and look very nice

As for the parts that could be better, here is our list:

  • The grommets could be of better quality
  • The white color isn’t pure white

Despite the minor issues, we still think the Deconovo panels are not only great for blocking sunlight, unwanted noise or allergens, but also give an elegant feel to any window.

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6. Sound Asleep Room-Darkening Noise-Reducing Backtab Window Panel

Sometimes you don’t have to pay the extra buck in order to get some good quality soundproof curtains. You can still get efficient ones without paying too much, like is the case with the Sound Asleep Room-Darkening Noise-Reducing Backtab Window Panel.

Actually, you get to buy the official curtain of the National Sleep Foundation. The curtains feature Thermaback coating that keeps intrusive light and noise at distance.

They have a good build and are heavy weight so they hang well. They are easy to clean and are manufactured from a nice, versatile and textured woven chenille material.

The back tab valance may be hung as rod pocket or back tab, depending on your needs and likings. The ascot valance fits a rod pocket sized from 2 ½” to 3”.

These thermal insulation curtains come in a good variety of colors (10) and various lengths to fit any window. They have no specific smell.

As for efficiency, they are able to keep light away and do well as soundproofing curtains. They are also efficient when it comes to preserving room temperature.

The curtains are low maintenance and you may not only machine wash them, but also tumble dry low and low iron if you want. It’s better not to bleach them, though.

Here are the most important qualities of the Sound Asleep panels:

  • They keep at distance unwanted light and noise
  • They keep the temperature in your room
  • They come in a nice variety of length and colors
  • They’re easy to take care of

As for the parts we like less, here they are:

  • The curtains could run longer
  • The aspect may be improved

Despite the minor issues, we still think the Sound Asleep panels are worth to try as they have good light blocking and soundproofing properties, at a very good price.

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7. WONTEX 100% Insulating Noise Reducing and Sun Blocking, 52 x 84 inch, Set of 2

When functionality is what you want the most in a curtain, the WONTEX 100% Thermal Blackout Curtains will be one safe choice to try.

These light-proof curtains come as a pair, and you can choose between various lengths. Three-layer lined blackout polyester weight fabric was used for the noise reduction part, so the curtains are bulky but efficient. They feature thick rod pocket, blocking 100% of UV rays and sunlight during the sunny days.

Since they’re heavy and weighted, the curtains ensure maximum privacy and soundproof against any noise coming from outside. Should you live in a busy neighborhood, the curtains will finally give you the peace you were looking for. They’re so efficient that you can also use them as room dividers to keep things more private.

The list of benefits continues with the thermal abilities of the curtains. They’re capable of keeping heat inside during the winter and block the heat from coming in during the summer. Therefore, you will use less heat and air conditioning, which positively impacts your utility bills. The curtains present insulating abilities thanks to the lining attached to the back. It’s made with heavy material, keeping the sun at bay in the summer, and heat inside in the winter.

Thsee soundproof curtains are manufactured from long-lasting polyester and feature a rod pocket build, creating a loose and elegant appearance.

Another thing you’ll appreciate in a soundproof curtain is easy maintenance, as it’s the case with the Wontex. These blackout and soundproof curtains are machine washable, and you can use both cold or warm water with some mild detergent and no bleaching. You should only tumble dry on low, and hanging for drying works too. For the best results, you can also warm iron the curtains.

Here’s our take on the positive aspects:

  • They’re thick and heavy
  • They reduce noise and have insulating abilities
  • They keep light from coming in
  • They’re machine washable and easy to take care of

We don’t see the inherent flaws as deal breakers:

  • Some expected the curtains to be even thicker
  • The colors could be nicer

All in all, the curtains will keep the noise and sunlight away from a room, impressing with their insulating performance. Why not give them a try?

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8. DWCN Blackout Curtains – Thermal Insulated, Energy Saving & Noise Reducing Curtains

Anyone looking for the best soundproof curtains that work and save you a buck, too, should check the DWCN Blackout Curtains – Thermal Insulated, Energy Saving & Noise Reducing Curtains, W 42x L 63 Inch, Set of 2.

The curtains are made with 100% polyester and have a nice soft feel to the touch. You get a pair of two panels. They also come with 3″ rod pocket top, which will fit many standard rods.

Looks weren’t overlooked, since the curtains have the same material and color on both sides. They’re heavy-duty blackout, blocking light and bright sunlight. When not used with a liner, they can prevent 90-99% of light, and dark colors give better results at blocking light.

As for noise reduction properties, the curtains will also block 70% of the outside noise, thanks to the material and build, giving you the peace you need for a nap during the day. They’re thermally insulating, reducing the energy losses in the winter and summer. They trap heat inside in the winter and cool air in the summer. You may use the heating system and the air conditioning less, which means a lower electricity bill too.

These soundproof blackout curtains are functional and versatile, and they come with two pockets. One is 1 in, and the other is 2 inches, and each of them fits most standard rods. The fabric is very soft to touch, and it’s triple weaved for a longer life span.

The workmanship is excellent, and the curtains have no loose threads. The stitching and sewing threads are high quality, and all hems and seams are nicely aligned on each curtain panel. The curtains hang very lovely and give an elegant feel to any room.

Maintenance is also effortless, as the curtains are machine washable, and you can even iron at low temperatures. Colors don’t fade away in time either, taking frequent washing and sunlight pretty well. They will hold their sound blocking abilities after multiple washes.

We’ve shortened the positives to the following:

  • They’re made with thick and soft to touch fabric
  • They block 70% of the outside noise
  • They have insulating abilities
  • They’re very well made and look nice

The shortcomings shouldn’t stress you at all:

  • The light colored models won’t be able to block light as efficient as dark colors
  • The yellow doesn’t look that great

Versatile, dependable, elegant, and affordable, these soundproof curtains are money well spent on any given day.

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9. H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Grommet Curtains for Living Room Noise Reducing Thermal

Aesthetics meet functionality with the  H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Grommet Curtains for Living Room Noise Reducing Thermal as they’re both beautiful and efficient.

Just because you’re looking for noise reducing soundproof curtains, it doesn’t mean you should give up on the bohemian feel you wanted in your bedroom. Since they’re made with blackout microfiber, the curtains impress with their patterns and colors. Every panel comes with 8 antique metal grommets which fit curtain rods up to 1 ½”.

The classic printings are the first thing to notice, and you can choose from several motifs. They are all bold and attractive, giving a vintage and elegant vibe to any room.

The lovely floral curtains are made without chemical coating, but manage to keep sunlight and UV rays away equally well. They’re vinyl free and environment friendly and safe to use in nursery and child bedrooms.

The material interior woven technology is the reason for which the curtains reduce outside noise while providing you the intimacy you’ve always wanted. The material is soft and smooth and has a silky touch. Even if the curtains are heavy, they’re not bulky in any way.

The stitching is very well made, with no wrinkle hems or loose threads. They have a 4” header height and a 2” bottom hem.

On top of everything else, the curtains are easy to clean as they’re machine washable. Don’t use chlorine-bleach and tumble dry low. If necessary, you can warm iron the curtains.

Let’s give the best parts a second look:

  • They have beautiful and vintage patterns
  • They’re thick and reduce noise
  • They are thick, but not bulky
  • The stitching is right, and there are no loose threads or wrinkle hems

The downsides aren’t deal breakers:

  • They’re not the best option for blocking sunlight
  • A matching tie-back would have been nice

Be that as it may, these curtains are some of the loveliest options to use for soundproofing and reducing outside noise, which is all we want at home.

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10. Estelar Textiler Thermal Insulated Curtains with Silver Star Pattern

All kids love stars, so noise reducing curtains with star pattern makes perfect sense. The Estelar Textiler Thermal Insulated Curtains with Silver Star Pattern are more than just a lovely appearance, as they also get to be functional and efficient.

These sound deadening curtains are made with 100% polyester, and every package includes two blackout panels and two tie backs. They come with eight silver anti-rust grommets that are placed evenly.

The material is thick, and the curtains blackout 85-95% of light and UV rays, and as a rule, the darker the color is, the higher the performance will be. Thanks to the triple weave technology, the curtains are also noise reducing and have insulating abilities. They are energy efficient, cutting down your energy bill while blocking outside sound.

The soft silver star print of the curtains feels gentle against the skin and doesn’t lose its color. It’s a 100% polyester that cools the room in the summer and traps the heat inside in the winter. Let’s not forget the twinkle star copyright design, which makes any room more welcoming.

As for care, you can machine or hand wash the curtains with temperature under 86F degrees. It’s better that you wash them separately, without bleaching. Use low temperature if you decide to iron them.

We should give the pros another look:

  • They’re made with 100% polyester fabric
  • The top material is made with triple weave technology for better soundproofing and insulation
  • They’re noise-reducing, thermally insulating, and blackout curtains
  • The pattern is beautiful, and the grommets are evenly placed

Don’t worry about the downsides, as they’re not major:

  • Some think they’re a bit reflective
  • The blackout abilities could be improved

Attractive, sound deadening, and dependable, these curtains will look lovely in any room.

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11. HLC.ME Camden Decorative 100% Full Blackout 2 Layer Energy Saving Curtains

Anyone wants to take a nap in the middle of the day, but light and outside noise make it impossible at times. You can block outside noise and sunlight from coming inside your bedroom with the HLC.ME Camden Decorative 100% Blackout Energy Efficient Curtain.

The curtains are made with 100% polyester and have thermal lining fabric, eliminating 100% of light. The material is thick and heavy, but the curtains maintain a classy feel and the high-quality printed design that doesn’t fade away from washing or sunlight.

The lined build makes the curtains energy efficient, as they manage to balance the temperature in any room. The curtains trap heat inside in the cold winter and don’t let refreshing air escape in the summer, saving you up to 30% on the energy bills.

The build and the thickness of the material make the curtains capable of blocking outside noise, for a relaxed and calming atmosphere. No outside sound will disturb your afternoon nap.

The curtains come with long-lasting metal grommets that are sturdy and have a sophisticated feel. The craftsmanship doesn’t disappoint, and these soundproof curtains look both beautiful and well made.

Let’s take a second look at the best aspects:

  • They’re made with thick and double-layer material
  • They are insulating and noise-canceling
  • The design is beautiful and doesn’t fade out in time
  • The grommets are durable, and the curtains are well made

We don’t necessarily see the flaws as a big deal:

  • Some wrinkling may exist out of the box
  • Due to their weight, you may need some help for installation

Beautiful and efficient to block sound and light, the curtains make a solid choice for anyone interested to feel more comfortable at home.

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12. Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains

When the only thing missing in your bedroom is some efficient soundproof curtains that look pretty, you should go with the AmazonBasics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains.

The curtains are made with 100% polyester, keeping sunlight and harsh UV rays away from the inside of any room. They also dampen outside noise, creating an intimate feel in your home.

The two panes are made with triple-weave fabric, which is why they generate an energy-saving insulating barrier against heat and cold. Rooms remain warm in the winter and cool in the summer so that you will use the heater/AC a lot less.

They’re not stiff-lined nor foam-backed but are made with 100 blackout material that blocks heat, light, and sound. At the same time, the curtains are soft and light, creating an elegant frame at any window. They have a rather sophisticated feel, but it’s in a food way.

The grommets are robust and match both decorative and standard rods. The curtains also come with two Velcro ties so that you can pull them back in the morning. Just make sure you do it slowly so that light doesn’t strike you.

Maintenance is straightforward, and the curtains are machine washable.

Here’s our opinion on the pros:

  • They create an insulating barrier against cold and heat
  • They are soundproof curtains
  • They have an elegant and sophisticated appearance
  • The grommets are reliable and fit decorative and standard rods
  • They come with Velcro ties

The downsides don’t take away their overall value:

  • They’re difficult to iron
  • The fabric collects pet hair

Regardless of the minor problems, the curtains manage to be fashionable and efficient at blocking outside sound and light, and make a wise investment in the long run.

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13. Yakamok 96 Inches Thermal Curtain Panels Gray Blackout Curtains

Stylish and elegant on both sides, the Yakamok 96 Inches Thermal Curtain Panels Gray Blackout Curtains will reduce the outside noise while blocking sunlight and UV rays.

The triple-weave blackout fabric of the curtains will keep 85-99% of the sunlight away and 100% UV rays, even if the darker colors are more efficient. In addition, thanks to the noise reduction abilities, you may rely on these soundproof curtains to create a pleasant environment when taking a nap in the middle of the day or sleeping late in the morning. The only sound you’ll hear will be your cat’s purr (of course, if you have one).

The material is soft and has a high-end appearance. The 100% polyester is high quality and has thermal insulation, trapping heat inside a room in winter and blocking heat from entering in the summer.

The silver metal grommets have a matte finish and a durable feel, improving the stylish appearance of these soundproof curtains.

Even if the fabric is soft, it hangs nicely and doesn’t wrinkle easily. It’s easy to machine wash with cold water. The craftsmanship is excellent, and the curtains don’t have any loose strays.

Let’s list the essential qualities:

  • They block sunlight and UV rays
  • They are truly sound absorbing curtains
  • They have a high-end appearance
  • The metal grommets are robust and elegant
  • They come with tie backs

The shortcomings shouldn’t stress you out:

  • The colors may differ in reality
  • They don’t have blackout backing, so the darker colors work better for blocking sunlight

Suffice it to say, the curtains dampen outside noise, keep sunlight away, and look elegant. Why not give them a try?

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14. PONY DANCE White Draperies & Curtains

Don’t let the low price of the PONY DANCE White Draperies & Curtains – Top Thermal Insulated Curtain Panels fool you, as these curtains will surprise you with their abilities and value.

Since they’re made with polyester, these soundproof curtains come ready-made and include 3″ rod pocket top fitting most traditional rods. They don’t come with a liner and have the same material on both sides, which only gives them a more elegant appearance. There are several colors and sizes to choose from, as well.

Even if the the material of this sound absorbing curtain is thick and heavy, it’s slightly soft and feels gentle against the skin. It’s a fabric made with triple weave technology, which gives the insulating abilities to the curtain.

The curtains are thick enough to block sunlight and unpleasant street light from passing through the windows, blocking 60-75% light. They will protect your furniture, carpets, and flooring from sunlight, preserving the colors. They also reduce the need for continuously using the heater or AC, which will lower your utility bills.

The craftsmanship is another surprise, as the curtains are well made with no missed seams or loose threads. You can machine wash them every now and then.

We’ve summarized the pros to the following:

  • They’re made with polyester and triple weave technology
  • They have insulating and noise-canceling abilities
  • They come in various colors and sizes
  • The blocked light and UV rays
  • They’re well made

For the buck you’re paying, some flaws should be expected:

  • They don’t have a liner
  • The blackout properties aren’t impressive

For the noise-canceling abilities, beautiful appearance, and overall value, the curtains make a great option in any room, especially when your money is tight.

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15. Deconovo 100 Percent Blackout Curtains with 3 Pass Noise Reduction

When sunlight and outside noise are bothering you for the afternoon nap, consider installing the Deconovo 100 Percent Blackout Curtains with 3 Pass Noise Reduction Curtain.

The curtains are made with 100% polyester and have an elegant appearance. The fabric is heavy-duty and ensures a rich and luxurious feel to your curtains, completing any décor.

The long-lasting three pass faux linen blackout curtains will stop 100% sunlight, and provide you the intimacy you were looking for. Additionally, the fabric is thermal insulated and energy-efficient, reducing the outside light, winter cold, and summer heat efficiently.

The six silverish grommets fit most rods in the market, easing out the installation. They have an elegant finish, completing the luxurious appearance for the curtains.

The sound absorbing curtains are very well made, and there are no uneven hems/edges nor loose threads. For washing, it’s better to use water below 30C degrees on a gentle cycle. Warm iron if need be.

Here’s what we like the most about the curtains:

  • They’re made with 100% faux linen fabric
  • They have amazing blacking out and noise-canceling abilities
  • They’re thermos insulated and energy-efficient
  • They have a rich and luxurious appearance
  • The grommets have a silver and elegant finish

The cons don’t manage to undermine the overall value of the curtains:

  • The fabric tends to wrinkle and stay that way
  • Some light may still penetrate

These blackout and soundproofing curtains are highly functional, whereas the luxurious look makes them fashionable, turning them into a wise investment nine times out of ten.

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Frequently Asked Questions on noise-reducing or soundproofing curtains

Q: What’s the definition of noise reducing curtains?

A: In all fairness, no soundproof curtains will be able to block all noise. Sound can still get into your home, and you need something more than regular sound absorbing curtains if noise is such a problem. However, with good soundproof curtains the level of noise will be significantly reduced. Since they’re made with several layers of materials, the echos in your home will also be reduced when using sound reducing curtains.

Once you install curtains for soundproofing, the amount of noise in your home will lessen significantly, especially in the case of echoing noises such as barking dogs or construction work.

If you’re aiming for a fantastic performance, you can always increase the efficiency of the noise-reducing curtains with soundproof windows. It’s a significant investment to make, so make sure your wallet is generous enough.

Q: Why size is great for noise-reducing curtains?

A: The length and width of the noise-canceling curtains are fundamental for their efficiency. They need to match the size of the window that you’re hanging them on, but that’s not the case for noise reducing curtains.

They have to be three times wider than the window and 10 in length. It may sound too much, but the extra size of the curtains will increase the coverage and their ability to reduce noise. For maximum effects, you can also hang the curtains from ceiling to floor.

Q: Should noise-reducing curtains be heavyweight?

A: It’s not only the length and width that matter for your soundproof curtains, but also the weight. Many professionals recommend looking for heavier curtains when you’re interested in sound reducing curtains.

Even if a heavyweight curtain is going to be tricky to handle, especially when cleaning or washing it, it has its benefits. Typically, a heavyweight curtain will be able to cancel noise a lot better than a light fabric.

Therefore, the heavier the curtain, the better the performance in absorbing and reflecting sounds, especially when it comes to low-frequency noises.

If the outside noises are incredibly loud and soundproof windows are too expensive, you can triple or quadruple the layers of the sound-absorbing curtains. Don’t forget to buy rugged rods to, as they need to handle the extra weight.

Q: Which rods make the right choice for noise-reducing curtains?

A: It may not seem important, but the curtain rods count as they have to handle the weight of your curtains and also help with the noise canceling. Therefore, the wrap-around rods make the best choice as they attach into the walls at a curve. They are efficient because they can eliminate all gaps at the edge of your curtain, maximizing the area in which they can block any noise.

When that’s not working out, you can always use double rods. They let you double up on the layering of the noise, reducing curtains, which will improve the sound absorption and reduce the light getting inside the room. Double rods are ideal if you want to install several curtain soundproof panels for better noise cancellation.

Q: Have you considered ceiling-mount brackets for noise-reducing curtains?

A: Forget about curtain rods; you should look into the ceiling-mount brackets or rod pocket curtains. The brackets of this kind hang down from the ceiling, so you also gain coverage floor-to-ceiling. Obviously, you will also obtain better noise cancellation.

Q: Are some materials better than others for noise reducing curtains?

A: When you’re purchasing noise-canceling curtains, you should choose fabrics with extra fibers in them. Anything made with 100% polyester, suede, or a heavy velvet are great choices.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone if some of the best soundproof curtains are made of velvet or suede. You should also seek for curtains that are multiple weave, foam insulated, thermal insulated and such. They are all materials that include extra fibers with noise cancellation abilities.

Additionally, curtains with thermal-protective layers will keep cold/heat outside the house, according to the season.

Q: Does the color matter for noise reducing curtains

A: The color of the curtains matter for the décor of the room. It’s also essential for curtains with blackout abilities. Other than that, the color matters simply because you want the noise reducing curtains to look beautiful inside your house.

Q: Are noise reducing curtains easy to install?

A: Most of the time, you will buy curtains that are quite big and hefty, especially if they’re thick. You should always choose curtains that are easy to install, despite their size and weight.

Q: Do you wash/clean the noise cancellation curtains?

A: The noise reducing curtains should come with instructions regarding cleaning and maintenance. The majority of these curtains are machine washable, without bleach, and only some warm or cold water. Warm ironing may be possible too. If they’re too hefty, you can still clean them regularly by dusting and vacuuming the curtains.

Q: Are soundproof curtains cheap?

A: Just like with everything else in life, you can find reliable and effective curtains without emptying your wallet. Typically, you will need to sacrifice something when getting good soundproof curtains for a couple of bucks. The more you’re willing to spend, though, the higher the chance of getting something reliable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing.

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