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TOP 5 Ironing Board Reviews

Just because you may not be willing to pay much for your ironing board, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a pretty good one. It’s the case of the Leifheit AirBoard Compact Lightweight Thermo-Reflect Ironing Board that is lightweight, reliable and easy to use.

This board comes with a cover that is soft as it’s made 100% of cotton. It is well padded and doesn’t leave any marks on your clothing. The pad is made of 100% polyurethane that is soft and ensures a smooth surface. The cover includes ThermoReflect titanium coating that reflects heat and steam. This means you get faster ironing and the board is a good choice for steam irons.

The special shoulder fit makes the ironing of the shirts and blouses comfortable and wrinkle-free.

The iron rest is affixed to the board so you use it safely each time, with minimal risk for burning. The safety leg-lock doesn’t let the legs fall open by accident.

The board is lightweight and very easy to move around. It gives you a medium sized working surface.

The compact frame and the working space make it a good option for the small jobs and spaces.

The height is easy to adjust, for comfortable use. The board is easy to fold/unfold. The tapered end makes the ironing of the shirt shoulder easy every time. The “T” joints on the bottom give great stability.

When we say this ironing board is made in Germany, we also say it’s got great craftsmanship and durability.

Let’s sum it all up and list the pros:

  • The Leifheit AirBoard is lightweight and easy to move around
  • It is sturdy and has a good build
  • The safety lock keeps the accidents at distance
  • It is a great option for the small spaces and jobs

We have some cons we need to pinpoint:

  • As it’s lightweight, the Leifheit board can tip over
  • The stability may be improved

As it’s reliable, lightweight and great for the small spaces, the Leifheit makes for a long lasting option for the smaller jobs.


Just because it’s made in the UK, it doesn’t mean it’s not good. The Minky Ergo Plus Ironing Board might change your opinion about the Brits-if not, at least about this particular board anyway.

The Minky Ergo has a great design that minimizes distress and strain. You iron faster, easier and you don’t have to bend since the ironing board is height adjustable.

There are many nice and functional details on this board. You get to use the stable low level steam generator rest, but also the ironing rest that is placed so that increases your comfort. The Ergo Rest has been designed to fit the natural shape of your arm when ironing so that you get no unnecessary arm and shoulder strain. You may easily use it if you are left or right handed.

The cover of this board is made with 100% cotton. The Prozone Cover comes with heat reflective metallic coating that ensures faster crease removal and give your ironing some speed. The surface is soft and smooth and the clothing get no wrinkles or marks after being ironed.

The Flex guide doesn’t let the iron cord tangle or snag and you can easily clip it into your favorite position on the board.

The Minky Ergo is very stable and has a sturdy build. It’s also easy to fold/unfold.

Our most important pros would be:

  • The Minky board has a great design that minimizes arm strain and stress
  • The Prozone Cover increases steam flow and makes the ironing easier
  • It is very stable and has a sturdy build
  • It’s easy to fold/unfold it

We need to pinpoint our cons just as well:

  • It’s a bit difficult to hang it on the wall
  • The iron rest is not removable

As it’s not only sturdy and reliable, but also great for maximum comfort when you iron, the Minky board might change your idea about imported things.


In case you really need a big board, don’t hesitate to give it a try with the CasaHomez 8 Easy Solutions Professional Grade Ironing Board with Extra Cover.

This board not only gives you great working space, but also retractable wings to make things easier for the large items when ironing your dress shirts. The ShoulderWing System is of great detail, functional.

The ironing comes with a cover that is made 100% of cotton. The multi-layered surface is smooth and soft so that there are no wrinkles on the clothing you are ironing. You also get another cover, just to play it safe.

The CasaHomez 8 has a great design and a very good build. It’s stable and sturdy and takes the heavy use.

When you check the extra-features, you see a storage basket and a shirt hanging rail. The special cord holder keeps the cord out of your way when ironing.

As for the safety, no worries on that either as it features a child and transport lock.

The height is adjustable, ranging from 24 to 36 inches high. It’s easy to do the adjustment and it’s also easy to fold/unfold.

Here are the most important pros:

  • The board gives great working space
  • The ShoulderWing System is retractable and useful when ironing your dress shirts
  • It features a storage basket, a shirt hanging rail
  • It’s easy to adjust the height and to fold/unfold the board

On the other hand, we also need to mention our cons:

  • The board is truly big, so check the room first
  • Storing it might be an issue for a small room

Reliable, very big and very stable, the CasaHomez 8 board is a solution when you iron many shirts and large items.


When you don’t want a classical board that has to be fold down after each use, you can have one that’s installed in your laundry room. The Rev-A-Shelf VIB-20CR Vanity Fold-Out Ironing Boards is fairly easy to install and takes away the constant effort of folding/unfolding whenever it’s used.

The frame is expandable and mounts easily in a vanity drawer between cabinet sides. The fixed brackets help you mount easily the board of all drawer fronts.

The ironing has a chrome finish and one-of-a-kind ball-bearing slide system that ensures enough travel for intense use.

It’s not complicated to use this board- you simply open until the gravity lock is engaged and then unfold the board.

The VIB-20CR is pretty sturdy and handles the heavy use.

The hide-away board is a great option when you don’t want to always fold/unfold the board.

It has a simple look and quite subtle. It’s made with long lasting materials and handles the intense use.

Let’s list the most important pros:

  • The Rev-A-Shelf VIB-20CR is a great solution when you don’t want to fold/unfold your ironing board constantly
  • It is made with durable materials and takes the heavy use
  • It’s not difficult to get it installed
  • It is durable and reliable

We also need to mention our cons:

  • It’s a bit difficult to iron around the pockets due to the design of the board
  • The instruction could be clearer than it is at the moment

Despite the minor issues, we still think the Rev-A-Shelf VIB-20CR board is a good option when you want a permanent solution.


If you are willing to pay the extra buck to get a reliable and long lasting board like the Rowenta IB9100 Pro Compact Professional Space Saving Folding Ironing Board.

The Rowenta IB9100 Pro gives you great working space (54×18 inches to be more accurate) and has great stability.

Despite its very large working space, when you fold it for storage, it doesn’t take much space due to its compact shape. It’s easy to carry around just as well.

The cover is thick and well padded. It’s made of thick branded cotton that doesn’t leave any prints on the fabric you are ironing. The board comes with several useful features: hanger racks, large steam station and steam iron rest. The wheels work smoothly and don’t scratch the floors.

The aluminum legs and feet provide stability and are long lasting.

The metal mesh platforms are corrosion treated so you don’t need to worry about the life span of the board. The board is made with durable materials and the craftsmanship is high quality.

It is height adjustable, giving you a maximum height of 37”.

It’s easy to fold/unfold the board. The mechanism runs smoothly, no matter how often you use it. Lightweight and durable, this ironing board is made in France- which doesn’t make it any less good.

The most important pros are:

  • The Rowenta IB9100 Pro is robust and very stable
  • It gives you very large working space
  • It packs small and it’s easy to store
  • It has a solid build and has several useful features

As for the cons, we only have some:

  • It could use more padding
  • It’s a bit pricey

The cons aren’t deal breakers and when you take a look at the big picture, you see a sturdy, long lasting ironing board that offers a large working space.


Best ironing board for steam generator

When you want an ironing board for the steam generator, strength and stability are the most important qualities it should present.

The Reliable 300LB Longboard 2-in-1 Home Ironing Table with Extension fits this description and there are many great things we like about it.

The board has a 2-in-1 design as it presents a heavy-duty tube framed build and a double wishbone leg. It has great stability and the risk for accidents is minimal.

It gives great working space and if that’s not enough, when working the larger items, you get even more space thanks to the extension piece. It is highly versatile and you may also use it for quilting, for instance.

The Longboard comes with an ironing tray that you may use it for your iron or the ironing station. The laundry rack is also functional and may become a catch tray when in need.

The cover is made with cotton and polyester, which creates a smooth surface so that the clothing doesn’t get any marks when it’s ironed.

The board is well padded and it comes with a standard cover and a longboard cover also. At the end of the oversized cover, you find heat and fire resistant insert for direct rest of the iron. The treated galvanized work space gets a mesh screen cover that gives maximum passage of steam.

For a comfortable use, the board is height adjustable. It has a very good build and is long lasting.

The ergonomic support for the iron is well thought out and made.

The board packs rather small for easier storage. It’s easy to fold/unfold. The magnet lock system keeps the board locked for safer use.

The high coat white finish makes it not only strong, durable, but also nice looking.

Let’s make a short list of pros:

  • The Reliable 300LB has a strong build and is long lasting
  • The cover is smooth and well padded
  • The board is very stable and easy to use
  • The working space is extendable and so is the height

When it comes to the cons, we only need to complain about the price, as the board doesn’t sit on the low priced area.

Other than this, the Reliable 300LB Longboard is a durable, strong and reliable option for the steam generator.

Best ironing board brand

There are plenty of ironing board brands out there that manufacture good quality, reliable and sturdy boards, for a fair price.

This time we go with Brabantia, as it doesn’t just design and makes high quality boards, but it also gives you the chance to choose from a good range of prices and models. Not to mention the colors or the options they bring.

In order to sustain the brand, we throw an eye on the Brabantia Steam Generator Ironing Board, Size C, Wide that not only comes at a fair price, but it’s also durable and versatile. You may use it for ironing, but also when sewing or quilting.

The Brabantia gives you great working space and is height adjustable, with 7 positions to choose from.

It has a very stable work top and the four leg frames ensures stability.

The steam unit holder fits most popular steam units and standard irons.

You don’t need to worry about the safety, as the board features both child lock and transport lock. The risk for the accidental fall is minimal and the it remains folded when moving/storing it.

The cover is made of 100% cotton, with a nice Ice Water design. The padding is good and the surface is soft for smooth ironing. The cord binder and the stretch system keep the surface taut and tight for ironing.

The protective non-slip caps on the four feet don’t let the board travel away when in use and don’t bring any damage to your floors either.

As you can see, there are so many great things to say about this board.

The downsides, in this case, are the weight- the board is on the heavy side.

All in all, the Brabantia model is a good example of versatility, stability, and durability and which comes with only few flaws.


For dress shirts

If you iron often, especially your dress shirts, you can use a functional ironing board like the Parker Extra Wide Ironing Pro Board with Shoulder Wing Folding.

The Parker Extra Wide Pro gives a great working space, which makes it also useful for quilting, if that’s your thing.

It comes with a heat resistant tray for your iron/steamer. The cover is multi-layered and creates a smooth surface that doesn’t leave marks on your shirts.

The Retractable Shoulder wings are of great use when ironing your dress shirts or other larger items.

The power coated metal structure gives great stability. The board is very well made and has a strong, sturdy build.

When it comes to safety, it’s important we mention it features a child safety lock system so that the risk for accidents is minimal.

The cord holder is a great feature for easier transportation of the board. The lock-in place garment hanger is functional and of use in many situations. The side pocket may be handy at times.

The Extra Wide Pro has a good balance and is easy to move around. The height adjustment is also easy to do.

It’s well made and is long lasting. It doesn’t take much space for storage and it’s rather easy to fold/unfold it.

The very short list of pros:

  • The Parker Extra Wide Pro comes with Retractable shoulder wings giving you more working space
  • It is height adjustable and long lasting
  • The cover is smooth and well-padded
  • The board is easy to move around and to store

As for the cons, the list is very short:

  • Some feel the ironing board is a bit on the heavy weight side
  • The iron rest is made of plastic

All in all, the Parker Extra Wide Pro board is a great option when you iron your dress shirts often.



Even though you might feel like paying the extra buck on the Bartnelli 51×19-Inch Multi layered T-Leg Extra Wide Ironing Board, it’s totally worth it as it comes with many good things and only few minor issues.

The Bartnelli board features a transport lock so that it remains folded when stored or moved around. Once it’s folded, it is only a few inches thick.

It is long lasting as it has a multi-layered cover. The cover is made of 100% cotton, sustained by felt and foam layers. So when we say this board is well padded, we really mean that.

The board has a sturdy build and doesn’t wobble. It gives great stability when you iron and it’s very well made. The materials used in it (metal, mesh) are not only high quality, but also let the steam pass through and evaporate. All the metal used for this board is anti-corrosion.

You don’t need to worry about having to bend over the board as its height is adjustable. There are plenty of small notches to do it safely.

And now that we mention safety, we also have to remind the Steam Iron rest that lowers the risk for the iron to fall off the board. A safety lock also doesn’t allow the board to collapse by accident.

No worries about scratching your floor either as Bartnelli has Plus Protective feet.

The ironing gives you great ironing surface for regular ironing, quilting or any other hobbies you may have.

For an easier storage, the board folds down flat and comes with a hanging rail that you may use.

And, let’s be fair we also like the nice floral pattern on the cover that gives a little sparkle to the room.

The most important pros would be:

  • The Bartnelli board is pretty wide and gives you great working surface
  • It is very well made, with metal and good materials
  • It is well padded
  • It has great stability and it’s easy to store

On the other hand, we need to mention our cons:

  • The iron holder is not removable
  • Some feel the iron boarding is on the heavy weight side

All in all, for a good price, you get a durable, well made and stable ironing board.


For sewing

If you don’t only iron on your ironing board, but also do some sewing on a regular basis, give a go to the Brabantia Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest, Size B, Standard.

This Brabantia board gives you plenty of working space and a great stability, even on the carpeted floors. It’s very wide and has an ergonomic design. The height is easily adjustable, ranging from 27 to 38 inches.

The four leg metallic gray frame gives it great stability, on hard and carpeted floors just as well. Additionally, the non-slip caps on each foot of the board are not only protective, but also minimize movement of the board when ironing. The risks for damaging your floors is minimal.

The board is safe to use around children and the child safety lock doesn’t allow the board fall by accident while in use. The transport lock keeps it folded when you are moving it around for storage.

The Brabantia has a 100% cotton cover that doesn’t create any wrinkles on your ironing items. It is well-padded and the ironing is fast and smooth. The cord binder and the stretch system help the surface remain taunt while working.

The board has a strong build and takes the heavy use. It’s rather easy to store and the folding/unfolding runs smooth, no matter how often you do it.

The feather pattern on the cover looks nice and gives the board a light feeling.

Let’s list our main pros:

  • The Brabantia board gives a great working space
  • It is very stable and doesn’t bring any damage to the floors
  • The child lock and transportation lock make it safe to use/move around children
  • It has a soft surface so that you work/sew/iron fast and smoothly

When it comes to the cons, we don’t have many complaints:

  • The iron rest is not removable
  • The cover could be of better quality

As the cons are minor, we take a look at the big picture and see a stable, durable, wide ironing board that makes the ironing/working/sewing fast, easy and safe.


Best holder/hanger

When you like ironing but also love the space in your dressing room, hanging the ironing board when not in use is the perfect solution for storage.

The Brabantia Wall-Mounted Iron Rest and Hanging Board Holder is a solution and it gives you the chance to storage both your iron and the board altogether.

The holder is made of heat-resistant materials so you can store the still warm iron. You don’t need to wait for your iron to cool in order to safely store it in the holder.

The steel hooks for the ironing board are easy to adjust and the holder is easy to set up. Once you wall mount it, the holder is sturdy and can take the weight of your board and iron. There are only 2 points for the setup and we can all agree it’s very easy to do it. There are only 2 pieces to put together so you don’t need to be a contractor in order to get it done.

The holder comes also with a holder for your iron’s flex cord and this is a nice detail.

Most of the boards and irons fit the holder and you should have no problems with an Y-leg board either.

The holder is built to last and saves you a great space. The heat-resistant materials are high quality and the holder is a great addition when in need.

Our most important pros would be:

  • The holder is made with heat resistant materials
  • The holder gives you a nice solution to store the ironing board and the iron also
  • It’s easy to wall mount, with only two mounting points
  • The holder takes the weight of the iron and the board

We do need to mention the downsides:

All in all, as it’s so easy to mount it and saves you from the storage problem, the holder is a good choice when in need.


Made in the USA

Proudly made in our USA, the Homz Durabilt DX1500 Premium Ironing Board is a sturdy, very well made board that comes with many qualities and only few flaws attached to it.

The front legs expand to 25” and this gives the DX1500 a wide foot print. It gains stability and doesn’t tip over.

It is made with high quality materials. It has a padded mesh that is quite large so the working space is pretty big. The ironing is more efficient and the steam flow works better.

The iron rest features silicone pads to dissipate heat and it’s removable. The ironing presents many useful details, like the hanger slots for you to hold some clothing, after you already ironed it.

It’s not difficult to open/close the board thanks to the quick release paddle. And, for easily carrying around, it features a carry handle.

The cover is made of 100% cotton and the ironing is well padded. It features double layers of foam and fiber so that you get a smooth, well-padded ironing surface.

For comfortable use, the board is height adjustable up to 39.5”. the legs are sturdy and made of metal. They come in a platinum color.

The DX1500 folds up nicely and doesn’t take much space for storage. It’s lightweight and has a good build.

It looks rather simple and has a subtle look.

Let’s highlight our main pros:

  • The DX1500 offers good working space
  • It has a good build and is very stable
  • It’s height adjustable
  • It’s well-padded and features a carry handle and hanger slots

We do need to mention our cons, though:

  • The board makes a squeaky sound when you fold it
  • Its appearance may be improved

Despite the minor issues, as it’s sturdy, very well made and giving a large working space, the DX1500 is a good option when you carry more for the efficiency, and not the looks of your tool.


Best over door ironing board

When you’re not only in need of space, but also not very fond of ironing and you are ready to settle for the easy solutions, try the Homz Over the Door Ironing Board.

The over the door board comes already put together so you don’t need to worry about setting it up. You don’t need any tools to have it install, you only need a door. The board is made with good quality materials and might do you good for quite some time.

The cover is made of 100% cotton, which creates a nice, soft surface. You iron fats and easy and your items get not marks from the board. The working space is pretty good (42×14”). The mesh top is efficient and increases the steam flow. The foam is thick so the ironing is easy and efficient every time.

The Homz board comes with bumpers so it doesn’t damage your door.

It’s easy to fold/unfold.

The patented design locks the board when not in use, which means more safety.

And, the most important thing: it’s made in our USA.

Our most important pros would be:

  • The Homz board is easy to install and you dont need any tools
  • It comes with bumpers to protect the door
  • The surface is smooth and the padding is thick
  • The board gives good working space and it’s easy to fold/unfold

We need to list the cons also:

  • It is not very stable when in use
  • If you need to iron larger items, you might want to look elsewhere

Despite the minor issues, the over the door Homz board is a practical solution when in need for space.


Best ironing board pad

If you are on a hunt for a new pad, do it all the way with the Whitmor 6880-833-CONTURQ Deluxe Scorch Resistant Ironing Board Cover and Pad.

The cover is made of 100% cotton and features really thick, sewn-in fiber pad. The cover is smooth and doesn’t leave marks on your clothing. The padding is thick and ensures smooth ironing every time

The scorch and stain coat application protects the cover from stains and scorch just as well.

The cover has a tailored nose pocket. It’s very easy to slip it on and once you do it, it doesn’t move anymore. The heavy0duty stretch cord binding maintains the cover tightly secured in place. The cover and pad remain in place for a very long time.

The cover and pad fit a standard board, 13-15” in width and 52-54” long.

The cover is washable, but try to use a gentle cycle.

The most important pros would be:

  • The ironing board cover and pad are made of 100% cotton and the padding is really thick
  • The cover and pad remain tightly in place
  • They fit standard sized boards
  • The cover and pad are washable

As for the cons, we don’t have many:

  • The surface could be smoother
  • Some think the sizing could be improved as the cover is too long and not enough wide

All in all, when you look to change the cover and pad of your ironing board, this is a good choice.


Best for tall pants

Sturdy and useful for any family, the Minky Hot Spot Pro Ironing Board is a great choice if you are looking for a board that is long enough for an easy ironing of the tall pants.

The family sized board comes with a movable Hot Spot iron rest. This means you can rest wherever you want, safely every time.

The board is height adjustable and the height ranges from 0 to 36 inches.

The cover is made of 60%polyester and 40% cotton, creating a soft surface for a smooth ironing experience. The Bespoke Prozone heat reflective cover gives you speed when ironing.

The Minky Hot Spot Pro folds up compact so it’s very easy to store. It’s also very easy to handle and lightweight, which makes the carrying around really easy.

The design is very well thought out and the loop leg gives strength and increases stability of the board. You can also hang the board for space saving storage solution.

It doesn’t scratch the floor. It has a strong build and is made very well. It’s long and designed for easier ironing the long items, such as tall pants.

Our most important pros would be:

  • The Minky Hot Spot Pro has a good build and is very well made
  • It is height adjustable and easy to fold/unfold
  • The movable silicone iron rest is useful
  • The board comes with a Bespoke Prozone heat reflective cover that increases steam flow for easier ironing

We do have some cons we need to list:

  • The stability could be improved
  • The padding could be thicker

Despite the cons, when you’re in need for a family size ironing board that is helpful when ironing the tall pants also, give this British board a try.


For quilting

For the rainy days, when ironing is not enough for you, quilting is a good idea to try. And, in order to have both without taking too much space, you can use a very wide ironing board that works for both situations.

The Brabantia Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest, Size C, Wide is a great option to install in your laundry room.

The Brabantia is extra wide and has an ergonomic design. The working space is very wide and efficient.

It features heat-resistant non-skid/protective strips on the durable steam iron rest. Your iron doesn’t get damaged and the hot iron is kept at distance from your working space.

The cover is made it resilient foam and viscose so that the working space is smooth and the clothing gets no marks after ironing. The tensioner on the cover keeps the surface taunted for even smoother ironing. It’s height adjustable (30-38inches) and it easily folds flat for easier storage.

The board is stable on all surfaces, included floor or carpet. The sturdy protective non-slip caps on the end of the feet keep the board steady in place.

When you carry it around, you don’t need to worry about accidents as the transport locks maintains the board folded. The child lock doesn’t allow the board to accidentally fall so the board is safe to use around children also.

It has a good weight and is well balanced for sturdy use.

Let’s pinpoint the main pros:

  • The Brabantia board is very wide and gives amazing working space
  • The child lock and the transportation lock make the board safe to use
  • The board is stable and gives a smooth surface
  • The ironing folds flat for easier storage

We think the cons are worth to mention:

  • The iron rest is not removable
  • The circles from the cover’s pattern show through and it’s a bit annoying

As the cons aren’t deal breakers, we still think the Brabantia board is a versatile solution that works great when quilting also.


Under $100

When you want a good quality board, but you are on a tight budget for it, don’t hesitate to try theHousehold Essentials Wide Top 4-Leg Mega Pressing Station Ironing Board.

It gives you plenty of working space (18×49 inches to be more precise) and the iron holder is functional and useful. It’s an angles iron rest, with heat resistant pads. The Hanger Bar is another useful feature of the board as it maintains your freshly ironed clothes wrinkle-free.

It features built-in sleeve boards that pull out and stow away instantly. This feature is great when ironing your shirts, for instance.

The cover of the board is made of 100% cotton and the board is very well padded. The workings space is smooth and soft so the clothing doesn’t get any marks from ironing.

The metal leg lock keeps the legs in place for an easier storage. The ironing board folds/unfolds nice and easy, every time.

The Mega board is easy to adjust in height, and the height range is pretty good: 31 to 38 inches.

You can choose from several color combinations for the cover and the legs also. The ironing doesn’t just have a functional design, but it also looks nice.

The board is very well made and is long lasting.

The most important pros are:

  • The Mega board gives you large working space
  • It features built-in sleeve boards easy to pull out/stow away
  • The cover is made of 100% cotton and the padding is good
  • It folds/unfolds easy

We don’t have to forget the cons:

  • The iron rest is not removable
  • The board sits on the heavy weight side

All in all, for a very good price, you get a sturdy, reliable and functional ironing board that sure is worth a shot.

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