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Best Infuser Water Bottle

Best infuser water bottle
Best infuser water bottle

Do you typically drink like a fish? Do you like exercising a lot and keep yourself hydrated at the same time? Are you always in a hurry, busy to take care of all the problems around the house and you need water to keep on going?

You do like fruits a lot also, you do have to run around and you do have to be hydrated in order to do all of the above… Any help on that matter? Of course there is!

The best infuser water bottles will give you plenty of water when needed, won’t spill and have a large infuser so you can add as many fruits as you want.

The best fruit infuser water bottle will take care of your pocket also, will be easy to use and also easy to fill.

Keep in mind that the best water infuser bottle will give you finger lickin’ good water and have a great lid also, that will keep all the great aroma inside.

Our gut feeling? You’ll find your best infuser from our top 5!

We looked around and we found the best fruit infuser water bottle. It’s up to you to read and decide on your pick!

1. Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

Savvy Infusion Water BottleSo, you don’t drink water. Because it’s tasteless. Because you would rather not drink at all than drink something with no taste.

Well, for those of you who feel this way, this infusion water bottle should be perfect for you! You can infuse your favorite fresh fruit flavor and you can refill it as much as you want! You will love it that much, that you will try on and on new recipes (they come with this bottle as well!) and you will most likely discover that you can not stop from drinking fruit flavored water!

100% BPA free, this bottle is leak proof, easy to clean and dishwasher safe (top-rack, though!).

You will be able to take this water bottle everywhere you want: to gym, yoga, traveling, the office, camping, across the seas and oceans!

Super cute and easy to grab on, perfect sized and long lasting, this infuser water bottle can also be a great gift for your loved ones!

2. Infuser Water Bottle – Create Your Own Delicious Fruit Infused Water

Infuser Water BottleWe get it: you only like to drink fresh fruit flavor water! In order for you to do that, you kind of need a bottle that is easy to carry on, to clean, to infuse the fruits… Well, this is it!!

In case you don’t have inspiration for new recipes, hold your horses: this infuser water bottle also comes with a recipe book!

You will be able to clean this infuser water bottle in your dishwasher and its smart design will help the bottle fit in your fridge, backpack or car cup holder.

The perfect ratio of fruit and water will take care of your body also.

Stylish and easy to carry around, this infuser water bottle will not leak and will let you drink directly from it.

In case you’re not convinced after using it, you will get a refund…but it won’t be the case!

3. Premium Fruit Infuser Water Bottle By Acquablend

Premium Fruit Infuser Water Bottle By AcquablendIf you want to stay hydrated and drink the water that you love, simply try this fruit infuser bottle.

Even though it’s made from plastic, this product is very tough, easy to clean, leak proof sealed and very simple to use.

The manufacturer is coming to your rescue also and will send you by email an ebook containing all kinds of recipes and interesting combinations when it comes to fresh fruit infused water.

You will absolutely love this fruit infuser water bottle because its lid can be used as a cup when you want to share your favorite flavor water with your friends.

In case you have second thoughts, you can always return it – no questions asked!

4. Infuser Water BottleLeak Proof Sport Flip-top 

Infuser Water Bottle (5 Colors) Leak Proof Sport FlipNobody likes to…chew their water, right? So, if you want to drink fresh fruit infused water and avoid the calories, this bottle will do the job and more.

This fruit infuser water bottle comes in 5 colors, is long lasting, made from BPA free co-polyester and tested by the FDA, thus safe for use with foods and beverages.

You will not have to worry about spilling since it’s leak proof and its fruit-infusing top can be unlocked with one finger. Its medium size makes it easy to use both by children and adults.

The manufacturer will give a no-hassle 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty, including for accidental damage (yes, you read that correctly!).

5. Infuser Water Bottle – By Bevgo

Infuser Water Bottle - Best Fruit Infusion Sports BottleLeast, but not last at all, this fresh fruit infuser bottle comes as a great quality option and it was declared the best flavor infuser in 2015.

Made from the finest Eastman Tritan, this product comes in multiple colors and is 100% BPA free.

The large infuser basket will give the maximum flavor infusion and its large drinking spout will help you hydrate really fast.

This infuser water bottle comes with an extra latch that will give a 100% sealing and no leaks assurance.

The side grips make this bottle easy to carry and it fits in most car holders.

The 30 Day Refund or Free Replacement Guarantee is for those who are extra picky when it comes to their fresh fruit flavored water.

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