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industrial ultrasonic cleaner reviewsCleaning technology is in constant change and cleaning requirements are continually increasing. Cleanliness is an important aspect in many industries where it never was in the past.

Each advance in technology needs more attention to cleanliness in order to be successful. Therefore, the cleaning industry needs to deliver cleanliness like it never did before. And, if we’re talking about cleanliness in industry today, we definitely need to talk about ultrasonic cleaning.

What is ultrasonic cleaning?

The cleaning industry is always striving to replace solvent degreasing with alternative “environmentally friendly” solutions. The market gives now semi-aqueous and petroleum based chemistries which are in fact less effective as cleaners than the solvents. These types of substitutes might even not give the best performances in some applications unless a mechanical energy boost is used. The ultrasonic energy is nowadays used to both speed and increase the cleaning effect of the alternative chemistries.

Ultrasonic cleaning is based on the science of sound waves above the limits of human audibility. The frequencies used for the ultrasonic cleaning range from 20,000kHx to more than 100,000kHz. The mechanical effect of ultrasonic energy is used in speeding dissolution and displacing particles. Ultrasonic are useful also for the rinsing process. Any residual cleaning chemicals are removed fast and completely by ultrasonic rinsing.

So, ultrasonic energy has a good impact on the speed and efficiency of the cleaning and rinsing processes. It’s impressive as it rises the power of the aqueous cleaning chemistries and is actually required in many applications to get the desired level of cleanliness.

Thanks to the ultrasonic cleaning, aqueous chemistries give better results than those achieved in the past by the solvents.

What makes a good industrial ultrasonic cleaner

A typical industrial ultrasonic cleaner is designed to give any company the quality of cleaning they need on daily bases. A good industrial ultrasonic cleaner is long lasting and able to take the most challenging tasks.

There are many models of industrial ultrasonic cleaners and they differ by capacities and voltage.

Good industrial ultrasonic cleaners meet the highest standards in the industry and they give high quality performance, while taking good consideration on environmental requirements.

It’s not that difficult to get an industrial ultrasonic cleaner, but it’s a bit tricky when you want only the very best. The high quality industrial ultrasonic cleaner is, among other things, very low maintenance and is easy to operate also. It’s energy efficient and comes with the most ideal power output settings.

Some industries, like healthcare, optical, jewelry have the highest demands when it comes to an industrial ultrasonic cleaner as they need complete disinfection on their items. These kinds of businesses need products and services entirely safe and sterile. So the industrial ultrasonic cleaner you get needs to disinfect and clean every crevice of every single piece of the equipment, tools etc.

An efficient industrial ultrasonic cleaner has to have minimized to none need for disassembly as the cleaner needs to be long lasting and ready to take heavy duty jobs for a very long time, for so many wears.

It’s also important that the industrial ultrasonic cleaner gives consistent results and not to be operator dependent. It has to provide non-contact cleaning, meaning only oil is removed and not the substrate.

Last, but not least, the perfect industrial ultrasonic cleaner has the highest efficiency as you are able to clean multiple parts at one time.

The Top 3 Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner Reviews

When it comes to industrial ultrasonic cleaning, it seems that Morantz has the key to manufacture the most reliable cleaners. The Morantz Ultrasonics SM-200 Silver Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner is representative and here are the pros on our part:

  • The tank is made of durable stainless steel
  • The cleaner is efficient and versatile
  • You may clean contents restoration and large parts with this ultrasonic cleaner
  • Medical cleaning and infection control may benefit from using the Morantz SM-200
  • This system comes with 2 Prowave Ultrasonic Generators and 4 Immersible Transducer Packs
  • The pneumatic lift and easy lift handle is efficient and useful
  • The cleaner comes with a thermostatically controlled heater
  • It comes with 6 stainless steel baskets
  • The Morantz Ultrasonic SM-200 comes also with 2 stainless steel lids that open intro worktables
  • There are 2 stainless steel generators shelves and splash covers
  • The digital temperature display is easy to read and use
  • The two on/off foot pedals are easy to step on
  • The two welded stainless steel handles ease up the operating of the cleaner
  • The tank comes with 4 wheels with two brakes that make it safer to move the tank
  • The water fill hose attachment is a great addition
  • The Morantz is easy to drain thanks to the Spigot
  • This system comes with 2 gallons of Activator/water softener and 2 gallons of Synergize/Degreaser concentrated cleaning solution
  • The instructional DVD video and CD manual are useful
  • The Morantz doesn’t need special plumbing, but only water source

As for the parts that count as cons, we need to mention this:

  • The cleaner doesn’t come with the air compressor that you need in order to operate the pneumatic lift, so you need to purchase that separately if you don’t have one already.


A large capacity ultrasonic cleaning system with 6000 Watts of peak ultrasound power is the 85 Gallon Omegasonics Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner. Here are the pros that got us interested:

  • The tank comes with a solid design
  • The cleaner may be used for cleaning larger parts, transmission cases, larger castings and molds, large food processing applications and heat exchangers
  • It may be used in aerospace, machining and marine transportation
  • The Omegasonic is portable so you can safely move it around according to your needs
  • The cleaner comes with basket, filtration system, weir and spray bar
  • The cleaner has a stainless steel tank, fully insulated
  • There is a Hammer tone powder coat finish
  • The cleaner has a hinged stainless steel cover
  • There is efficient dual cartridge filtration
  • The Omegasonic has a built-in thermostatically adjustable heat
  • The cleaner also features a digital timer controlled ultrasound
  • It uses 40kHZ frequency
  • The sweep mode makes it safe for continuous use of the cleaner

For the performance it gives, this is a well-priced industrial ultrasonic cleaner and we only wish it would be easier the find the larger capacity.


A good and efficient industrial ultrasonic cleaner is the Elmasonic X-Tra Basic 2500 Ultrasonic Cleaner.

Here are the pros:

  • The Elma Elmasonic comes with a tank made of long lasting, cavitation-proof stainless steel
  • The casing is also made of stainless steel
  • The durable transducer tank is built for continuous operation
  • The stainless steel tank comes with a 3 years’ manufacturer guarantee (if proper use and care is taken)
  • The ultrasonic cleaner uses dual-frequency: 25kHZ and 45kHz also
  • The unit comes with a useful and efficient tank and operations manual
  • The unit is easy to operate and highly efficient
  • The cleaner is mounted on rollers and you may easily have shifted to workplaces
  • The operating panes is ergonomically placed on top of the unit
  • The panel gives easy and fast setting of all important parameters
  • You may set the heating temperature, frequency and pulse
  • The pulse mode gives a short-term power increase for difficult contaminations
  • The sweep mode is efficient for even sound field distribution
  • There is continuous operation for the sweep mode
  • The unit is versatile and is universally usable
  • The cleaner may be opened at the front
  • The operating panel and generator are one piece so it can be easily removed for exchange
  • The generator adjusts itself with the installed transducer elements
  • The downtime is maintained to a minimum for optimum industrial efficiency
  • The unit looks also quite good
  • The unit is easy to clean

When it comes to the cons, we can only think of one: the costs for transport as this tank is totally heavy weight!

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