Which One Is the Best Healthy Nonstick Pan for Daily Cooking?

Cooking pan is an essential item in the kitchen to make omelet, sauté veggie, and some others. Nevertheless, every kitchen might have different type of pan. There are some who use cast iron pan, while some others might prefer to use stainless steel. However, you should consider look for nonstick pan instead. Nonstick pan is a great option for those who want to cook with less or without oil so you can cook more healthy foods.

But, wait, are you sure the pan you have been purchased is the healthy one? If not, let’s find out how to choose the best healthy nonstick pan for your daily cooking!

How to Choose the Best Healthy Nonstick Pan?

There are several things to consider before you are going to purchase healthy nonstick pan, including:

  • Coating Surface

Since you are looking for nonstick pan, you should consider the coating surface at first. There are two types of non-stick pan coating, including:

  1. Fluoro-polymer Coatings

Fluoro-polymer is widely used as synthetic coating for non-stick cookware surface. The major compound of fluoropolymer is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Most of people are probably more familiar with the name of Teflon rather than PTFE. It is a plastic polymer that is non-toxic, solid, and nonstick. Not only nonstick, but fluoropolymer coatings tend to last longer and resistant to wear over time.

Although PTFE is safe to use in cookware, but it doesn’t recommended for daily cooking. The reason, PTFE can be harmful at really high temperatures. Likewise, you may be also heard about PFOA substances are being used too. But, some studies showed that cookware made of PFOA are linked to cancer and other health issues. So, if you consider the coating surface, you should rather choose frying pan that are PTFE and PFOA-free.

  1. Ceramic/Sol-Gel Coatings

Sol-Gel coatings are the popular one to use in cookware. These coatings use naturally non-stick materials like ceramics to avoid the use of fluoropolymers. So, this type of coating is more known as ceramic coating. It combines the strength of silica with low coefficient of friction. So, not only PFOA and PTFE free, but the best ceramic nonstick pan can resist high temperatures. The only drawback is ceramic coatings has lower durability than the fluoropolymer coatings. It is a good choice for daily cooking, but might doesn’t last longer as you might think.

  • Materials

The main material can affect the capability of the frying pan to heat up. Although the pan has nonstick coating, but if the material can’t heat up quickly, it can disturb your cooking time. Here, there are several materials that generally used in cookware, including:

  1. Copper

Copper pan has maximum heat control since the material can heat up and cool down quickly. Copper will react to temperature adjustment quickly. It makes copper is an ideal material to use in cookware. Take note that don’t ever use copper pan that has no lining. The reason is because copper is a reactive metal that react with the food. Not only modify the food taste, but also give adverse health issues when ingesting it regularly.

  1. Aluminum

Aluminum is an amazing heat conductor. It can heat up quickly, evenly, and adjust to the temperature changes. Moreover, the material is lightweight and reasonably priced. However, aluminum pan is prone to scratching. The material also can react to acidic foods and easily discolor some foods and make them taste bitter. These can be trigger health problems after a long term use for daily cooking. So, as a solution, aluminum gets hard anodized coatings as a countermeasure. Hard anodized nonstick pan help to those prevent side effects of aluminum.

  1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a favorite material because it is highly durable, easy to clean, corrosion resistant, and doesn’t react with foods. Although as not good as copper or aluminum, but stainless steel provide uniform heating, though, it may takes a quite long time to heat up. However, choosing stainless steel nonstick pan is a good pick in the end.

  1. Cast Iron

Cast iron is a good option for nonstick pans. Cast iron nonstick pan can hold the heat well to keep the food warm for a long time, though it takes more time to heat up at first. Moreover, cast iron is highly durable. However, cast iron pan isn’t a really good cookware for everyday cooking because the material is think and heavy. You might also find it tough to clean.

  1. Carbon Steel & Blue Steel

For professionals who always in high-performance cooking, they are probably prefer carbon steel and blue steel cookware. These materials are extremely durable and efficient. The pan can easily clean with paper towels because it is not a dishwasher safe.

Other Things to Consider

After consider the materials and its coating surface of healthy nonstick pan, you need other things to consider like in the following.

  • Weight

For daily cooking, you might need lighter weight pan that are convenient. So, you can handle and clean the pan more easily. Heavy weight pan might be more durable, but if you can’t deal with the heft, do reconsider before purchasing it.

  • Size

Think about how many people that you want to make the cooking. Do you cook for a person, two persons, or a big family? The number of people will determine the size of your pan. If you cook for a big family, large pan is a good choice because you can cook at once. Meanwhile, if you only live with your partner, you can choose small to medium sized pan so you won’t cramp your kitchen space.

  • Durability

Healthy nonstick pan is a good investment in the kitchen. You use it for daily cooking, so you want it to last longer. Choose pan that offer high durability such as cast iron.

  • Safety Features

Look at the handles. A good pan handle should be hot resistant, whether the handle made from metal that can resist the heat or feature other materials such as rubber or plastic. Also, ensure the handle is solidly attached. Moreover, choose pan with glass lid, so you can take a peek on your foods without having to open the lid.

Final Thoughts

Nonstick coating makes the pan becomes scratch resistant. You can easily clean, wash, and dry it like with paper towel. Moreover, there are lots of nonstick pan that manufactured with stylish and modern appearance. So, have you decided which healthy nonstick pan you are going to purchase?


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