What Is The Best Equipment To Use When You Have Back Pain?

Best Equipment To Use When You Have Back Pain

When you have back pain it can put a major dent in your quality of life. Everything that you do involves pain and it’s really difficult to find any relief. Even just sitting down is painful and offers no relief.

Fortunately, there are a lot of products on the market these days that will help alleviate your back pain. From furniture to tools, there is a perfect solution for your problem. Chiropractors are expensive and don’t always solve your problem. It’s best to start out with a solution that you can do yourself. Of course, if these aids don’t work then seek out a professional to help.

In this article, I will go over some of the ways that you can get rid of your back pain on your own.

Get the right furniture

If you have frequent back issues then it pays off to upgrade your furniture. It may seem expensive to do so, but your back is essential to your health and quality of life. Your furniture can have a major impact on how easily you are able to heal so it will pay for itself over time.

For instance, power recliner chairs are very good for when you have back pain as it allows your spine to realign without putting pressure on your lumbar area. This is where most people have their back pain because there is a bundle of nerves there. When those muscles around the area are inflamed it presses on the nerves and causes your problem.

Taking the pressure off the lumbar and giving it support is essential. Your office chair could be causing back pain so replace it with one that has a cushion that presses against the lumbar to give it support.

Likewise, your bed could be a major factor in your back pain. If your mattress is older than five or six years old then it is time to replace it. Go with a mattress that offers a way for your joints and pressure points to sink into the mattress, but at the same time pushes back against your spine.


One thing that a chiropractor will do to relieve your pain is to apply heat and cold to the affected area. You can do the same yourself at home by buying pads that heat or chill the area.

If you have inflammation then having a cold compress will reduce the swelling and take the pressure off of the nerves. A hot compress will allow the muscles to relax and the warmth will soothe the ache.

Alternate hot and cold for twenty minutes at a time and see how the results go.

Body pillow

Use a body pillow at night even if you have the proper mattress as it can give you more alignment where you need it most. For instance, you can put the pillow between your knees to keep your spine in perfect alignment.

Or, you can wedge it against your back if you are a side sleeper to keep you from sleeping on your back or stomach.

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