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Therefore, you have found the perfect bed, the perfect pillows in your perfect bedroom. And, even so, something is missing from your good night sleep. Maybe it’s the air, maybe it’s the bed. But, what if the missing part is the best comforter sets? What if your bed only really needs just the best linens, the best options so that it can offer you the best night sleep?

First thing to do is to determine the size of your comforter as you may find models for various bed sizes. You don’t want to get a twin comforter if your bed is a California King bed.

The market gives you so many options when it comes to styles so you can go from elegant, stylish comforter set to traditional ones- it’s all a matter of style, your own personal style to be more precise. You may get comforter sets with luxurious pattern designs or models that are subtle, yet look nice. Either way, it’s important to know the feel you want to have in your bedroom when deciding on the style of your comforter set.

As for the material of the comforter set, there are plenty of options also. The most popular comforter sets out there are made of cotton that varies from very soft Egyptian type, to a youthful denim. It’s also a matter of taste. Don’t hesitate to go for sateen or silk, if you like better the luxurious feel in your bedroom. In addition, if you worry a lot about the cold winter time, get a wool/flannel comforter set that isn’t just pretty looking, but also keeps you warm in Xmas time.


Soft and well padded, the Printed Comforter Set (Grey, Queen) with 2 Pillow Shams manages to be both nice looking and functional, completing your bedding.

The comforter comes with a down alternative filling so it has no impurities: no dirt, dust or oil. It’s a healthy and safe option for anyone fighting some allergies also. It has a zipper closure so it’s easy to use. The set includes two matching shams with 2 inches flange.

The brushed microfiber fabric is 100% polyester so it has a nice soft touch feel and doesn’t irritate skin. It’s dust mite resistant, giving you a nice surface free of allergens. The fabric is highly breathable and soft, increasing comfort during your sleep. You wake up cool and fresh even in the warmer nights.

We really like the stitching and the weaving of the items and the set leaves a durability feel. The printed pattern is even and doesn’t fade out after washing or after long use. The tight weave of microfiber doesn’t let any liquids to soak. The fabric is stain resistant. It also doesn’t wrinkle so it’s quite easy to take care of.

You should machine wash it cold with similar colors and use only non-chlorine bleach when in need. Expand its lifespan by only tumble dry it on low.

Let’s list the most important pros:

  • The set includes one comforter and two matching shams
  • The printed pattern is nice and even
  • The fabric is breathable and plushy
  • The padding is good

We’d like to see some minor changes:

  • The comforter is a tad slippery
  • Some think the sizing is a tad off

Despite the minor cons, we still like the set for the nice pattern and comfortable feel it gives.

Reversible and highly versatile, the Millihome Back to school Lightweight Printed Luxurious Soft Brushed Microfiber down Alternative Reversible Comforter Set is a great option to try when you want to create a nice, welcoming feel in your bedroom.

The set includes one comforter and one sham and makes a nice appearance in any bedroom. The print is elegant and you may choose from 3 color options. The colors are bright, warm, and don’t fade out after washing.

As for the sham, the hidden zipper makes it very easy to use and to remove when washing.

The fabric on the set is 100% polyester microfiber that feels soft against the skin. The brushed fabric is soft and comfy.

The comforter is rather lightweight as the fabric is more on the thin side. You may use the comforter all year long as it doesn’t keep you too warm in the summer, but manages to be warm enough in the winter.

The sides are long and the comforter gives a good cover of your bed. The comforter has 100% polyester filling so it’s a safe choice for the allergenic customer also.

The set is easy to maintain and it’s better to machine wash cold and only tumble dry low. You may warm iron it if you feel like it.

Here are the things we like the most on the set:

  • The set includes a comforter and one sham
  • The fabric is thin and has a nice print
  • The comforter is reversible
  • It’s an all year long set

The cons are minor:

  • It only comes with one sham
  • The sham is huge

Despite the cons, we still like the set for the nice pattern and the ability to use it all year long.

If you’re looking for a comforter set that comes with more items, but you don’t want to pay that much, a good choice is the Traditions by Waverly 6-Piece Paddock Shawl Comforter Set.

The set includes a comforter, two pillow shams and a bed skirt with a 15” drop. Each of the items is machine washable so it’s not difficult to take care of them. You should only spot clean the decorative throw pillows.

The items are made with 100% polyester that has a silky feel, soft and comfortable. The set presents nice floral inspirations and spiraling designs that bring a warm vibe to any bedroom. The interesting color combinations let you choose from warm shades of blue, navy and white.

The reverse side also looks very nice on each item so you may easily flip it from time to time to spice up the things a bit. However, we really like the color combinations on all items.

The comforter keeps you warm in the winter, without feeling too heavy.

The items are well made and present great fit and amazing finish for the price.

In order to expand the lifespan of the set, it’s better to wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle and only tumble dry on low.

Here are the things that count as pros:

  • The set includes plenty of matching items
  • The comforter keeps you warm in the winter
  • The color combinations are nice and you may flip the items for the reverse size
  • The items are easy to clean

We don’t have many cons:

  • The sizing is a bit off
  • The manufacturing may be better

For the money you pay though, you get a versatile, pretty looking comforter set that may  warm up your bedroom for a good amount of time.

When you don’t have the inspiration nor the patience to combine various items for your bedding in order to create a nice flow in your bedroom, don’t complicate your life and get a set like the Geneva Home Fashion 7-Piece Ella Pinch Pleat Comforter Set.

The set includes 1 comforter, 1 bed skirt, 3 decorative pillows and 2 shams. They all match nicely together and look quite pretty.

All items in the set are made with 100% polyester, which means they all are hypoallergenic and safe for anyone struggling with allergies.

We really like the versatility of the set as you may display and use the items in so many different ways.

The set comes in a nice variety of colors and it’s not difficult to find a set that fits the best your bedroom. Let’s not forget the items present reversible pattern so you may flip them just the way you feel.

The fabric isn’t too thick and the comforter has a good weight. It’s comfortable and keeps you warm in a cold winter night.

As for cleaning, you should relax also as the items are machine washable. You should use cold water and only use the gentle cycle. As for drying, you may air it in the sun or low tumble dry.

The filling is soft and the comforter has a fluffy feel. The fabric feels soft against the skin and the color doesn’t wear out fast.

Let’s list the most important pros:

  • The set includes 7 items
  • The comforter is reversible
  • All items are made with 100% polyester and are hypoallergenic
  • The comforter is comfortable and the set is so versatile

We don’t have many complaints to make:

  • The craftsmanship could be better
  • The pillows get flat sooner than expected

All things considered, we still like the set for its versatility and nice appearance, especially after checking the price tag.

When you want to give a fun vibe to your bedroom, give it a go with the Intelligent Design Tanya 5 Piece Comforter Set.

The set includes not only a cozy comforter, but also two standard shams and two decorative pillows. They all match nicely and you may use them in various ways.

We like a lot the color combination of the set that includes a modern grey with a fun yellow that lights up any bedroom. When you get bored with one side, you may flip as it’s reversible. The white damask print adds elegance to the overall appearance.

The comforter feels lightweight and very soft. It’s made with 100% polyester so it has a soft touch fill. The poly fill makes the set a safe choice for the allergic customer as well.

The items take washing very well and the colors don’t fade out afterwards. They are well sized and look well on any bed.

Let’s list the most important pros:

  • The set includes 1 comforter, 2 standard shams and 2 decorative pillows
  • The comforter is lightweight and soft
  • The items look classy and fun
  • They are well sized and handle machine washing

We sure have some cons to mention:

  • The set doesn’t include a bed skirt
  • The comforter isn’t fluffy enough

No matter the minor flaws, for the fun elegance it brings in your bedroom, the set is a great buy to make anytime.

Soft and comfortable, the Double-Needle Durable Stitching Comfy Bedding 3-piece Pinch Pleat Comforter Set has a nice luxurious feel, but it doesn’t come with a high price.

The set includes one comforter and 2 pillowcases so you don’t have to spend any more time trying to find the best option for pillowcases.

The pinch-pleated shell not only looks elegant, but it’s also long lasting as it’s built with microfiber. It presents a box stitch design so the filling doesn’t shift around. Despite the durable stitching, the comforter doesn’t feel heavy weight. It keeps you warm in the winter, but feels rather light in the summertime.

The set is treated with anti-microbial finish so it keeps at distance dust mites, becoming a safe option for anyone with allergies.

The comforter holds the pleats very well and falls pretty nicely.

The piped edging and the double-needle stitching give elegance and durability to the comforter.

Don’t worry about the cleaning. You may safely machine wash it when in need. As a matter of fact, the comforter gets softer with every wash.

Let’s list the most important qualities:

  • The set includes a nice comforter and two pillow cases
  • The comforter has a great design and looks elegant and durable
  • It’s soft and warm
  • It’s safe for the allergic customer

The downsides aren’t many either:

  • Some say it’s too hot for the summer
  • The colors don’t run true

The downsides aren’t deal breakers and we definitely don’t think one ends up with a lemon when getting it. Quite the opposite, we may say.

There are many nice looking and cozy comforter sets out there, but we like this one for its special design and interesting appearance. The Comfy Bedding Frame Jacquard Microfiber Queen 5-piece Comforter Set includes not only a well-sized comforter, but also standard pillowcases and few decorative pillows (one is square and the other one is rectangle). Therefore, you get plenty of items that allow you to be pretty creative so you may mix the items from time to time, for a new vibe in your bedroom.

The jacquard fabric of the comforter is weaved so the colors and patterns look much better. The 100% microfiber cover is soft and feels so nice against your skin. The filling is also hypoallergenic and the comforter is well padded. The comforter feels soft and fluffy and the pillow shams have the right size.

Lightweight and warm, the comforter increases your comfort all year long.

The design has a strong, masculine vibe but the modern flair warms up any bedroom. The shiny fabric washes very well and dries nicely.

The comforter is very well made and it’s made to last for quite some time. The strong colors bring a bold feel and don’t fade out from washing.

As for washing, the comforter is easy to wash and dry.

Let’s review the main features:

  • The set includes one comforter, two pillow cases and two decorative pillows
  • The comforter looks elegant and bold
  • The set is well made and seems durable
  • The comforter is lightweight and comfortable

We should mention the minor problems also:

  • The comforter could be longer
  • It’s a tad slippery

Our takeaways are that, for a good price, you get a comfortable, bold and elegant comforter set that may serve you well for quite some time.

In order to understand the popularity of the Pinch Pleat Comforter Set, you need to go through the details.

The set includes a comforter, two pillow shams and one bed skirt that has a nice drop.

The elegant color and the modern pinch pleat design make a nice impression and fit in any bedroom. The set comes in many colors so it’s impossible not to find the one that fits the best your bedroom.

The items are made with microfiber shell and down alternative filling. This results into long lasting items that don’t worsen the allergies either. The hypoallergenic fill keeps the allergens at distance, which is why the set is safe for the allergic customer.

All items are very well made and have a durability feeling. The pinch-pleated shell features a box stitch design, which explains both the elegant appearance and the durability.

The comforter fits well and feels lightweight. The colors are bold and don’t wear out fast.

In order to expand their lifespan, it’s better to machine wash it in a large capacity washer, on gentle cycle. You may hang dry it or tumble dry low. Never use bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

Going over the good things shortly:

  • The set looks elegant and impressive
  • It’s very well made and seems durable
  • It includes a comforter, two shams and one bed skirt
  • It’s lightweight, hypoallergenic and soft

The cons aren’t many:

  • The fabric isn’t very thick
  • The comforter could be wider

No matter how we put it though, we still see a set that not only is durable and elegant, but also soft and comfortable, for quite some time.

Proudly made in our USA, the Chic Home 10 Piece Hannah Pinch Pleated is a great option for anyone who wants to give a complete make over to their bedroom, without having to pay an arm and a leg for the change.

The set includes various decorative pillows, a 4 pc sheet set, two shams, one breakfast pillow and one cozy comforter. Basically, you have everything you need for bedding.

The fabric used on the items is very soft plush luxurious microfiber that doesn’t wrinkle much and remains quiet when you sleep. It has a nice soft touch feel and increases your night comfort.

The set is also hypoallergenic as the filling is down alternative that is the perfect choice for any allergic customer. The fabric is breathable and helps you wake up fresh and dry each morning.

The comforter is able to get you through the whole year as it’s not too hot in the summer, but keeps you warm in the winter as well. It feels lightweight and doesn’t shift around on your bed.

The pinch pleated pin tuck ruffle design creates an elegant and sophisticated feel for the comforter set. The embellished design makes a nice impression on any one.

The items are well made and the stitches have a durability feel.

As for the cleaning, no worries. The items are machine washable (for the front load machine or top loaded without agitator), but you may play it safe and resume to only dry clean when in need. You should also use cold water on gentle cycle and only tumble dry low.

For speeding up the drying and to boost the fluffiness, don’t forget to insert two tennis balls to the dryer.

Pinpointing the most important pros:

  • The set includes so many useful items for a full bedding
  • The comforter is lightweight and goes all year long
  • The items are well made and machine washable
  • The items look elegant and nice

We woulnd’t mind to see some improvements:

  • The fabric could be thicker
  • The fabric does wrinkle at times

Elegantly looking, made in the USA, the set is a great opportunity for you to completely change the atmosphere in your bedroom.

Once you’re willing to pay the extra buck, chances are your new comforter set brings a lot more to the table. It’s the case of the Croscill Galleria King Comforter Set that impresses with its rich colors, elegant appearance and amazing attention to details.

The comforter set includes a nice comforter, a bed skirt and two matching pillow shams that complete the appearance of the set.

The face is made with 100% polyester, whereas the back is made with 35% cotton and 65%polyester. This gives you a comforter that is lightweight, breathable and warm enough for the cold winter. The fabric feels soft against the skin and is durable at the same time.

The fill is also 100% polyester, which explains the lightweight feeling and the softness.

The awesome patchwork of damask, paisley and lattice motif sure makes your bed stand out. The set is for a bold attitude, that’s not afraid of an opulent vibe either. The solid taupe reverse balances very well the opulence and matches so nicely.

The twist-cord trim on comforter and shams is a detail that counts. The diamond-pattern bed skirt falls down nicely and has a 15-inch drop. The diamond design is seen throughout the face of the comforter.

The comforter is overstuffed, which is why it doesn’t develop any sagging corners. The multi colored twist cord on the edge of the comforter give a great finish to the comforter. It doesn’t slide around and has a good weight.

We also have to mention the split corners that lets you use it with footboards.

The set looks even better in reality and has a great built. The attention to details gives its high value.

In order to expand the durability of items, it’s better to only dry-clean them when in need.

Summing it all up for a very short list of strong points:

  • The set looks amazing even in reality
  • The colors and patterns are opulent and bold
  • The set includes 1 comforter, bed skirt and two shams
  • The items are very well made and many details are essential

If we’d have to be picky, we’d mention the downsides:

  • Some feel the comforter gets a tad hot
  • The matching pillows aren’t cheap

As you can see for yourself, the downsides are minor and sure don’t count at all when we talk about the set. We’re not having second thoughts and would buy it in a sec all over again.

If you like the authentic 18th century style and want to bring it in your bedroom, a very nice option would be the Royal Heritage Home Williamsburg Garden Images King Size Comforter Set.

The set includes a comforter, bed skirt, two shams, two-euro shams and 3 decorative pillows. You have plenty of items to play with and variously decorate your bedroom.

All items are made with 100% cotton so they all feel soft and nice, not irritating the skin.

The floral jacquard motif of magnolia blossoms on a natural background creates a nice, welcoming feel in any bedroom. The pillow sham is flanged, whereas the decorative present decorative trims and nice details. Another great part is that you may easily find matching pillows. The fabric is very colorful which makes color matching a breeze.

The bed skirt has slits at the bottoms so it stays in place and doesn’t slide around.

As for the comforter, it’s plushy and has a good filling. You may use it for the whole year as it’s not too hot in the summer, but keeps you pretty warm in the winter as well.

The items are very well made and the craftsmanship is amazing.

Better safe than sorry, therefore you should only machine-wash it with cold water, on a gentle cycle. Never bleach it and only tumble dry low.

Fast-forwarding a short list of pros:

  • The set has an 18th century appearance
  • The floral fabric makes pillow matching easy]
  • The comforter has a plush feel and is comfortable
  • The items are made with 100% cotton

The few flaws would be:

  • The shams are a tad large
  • The colors aren’t as bright as shown

Never mind the cons though as the set sure still makes great impressions and works great for a long time.

If you’re ready to step up your game and change entirely the atmosphere in your bedroom, chip in and pay the extra buck with a comforter set like the Hampton Hill Bennett Place Polyester Jacquard 10-Piece Comforter Set.

The set includes so many useful items: one comforter, one bed skirt, two shams, three euro shams and also three decorative pillows. The printing of the items is various and so nicely colored so you may combine them all the time for a new look in your bedroom. The colors are warm and give a nice elegance to the items. The items come in muted teals, chocolate and linen colors, creating a relaxing, warm vibe to any bedroom.

The face of the comforter is made with 100% polyester jacquard, whereas the back is made with 100% polyester micro fiber. The 340gsm poly fill give a fluffy, cozy feel of the comforter.

The sham and bed skirt are made with 100% polyester micro suede. All items have a nice soft touch feel and don’t irritate skin.

The filled duvet and the standard shams present feature edge piping and flanges. On the other hand, the euro shams are quilted with chocolate micro-suede- just like the bed skirt is. The bed skirt is adjustable, so the fitting is better.

The details don’t stop here and the decorative pillows present nice, artistic embroidery.

All items look exactly like in the picture and they are all well made. The stitching is good and the design is great.

Let’s make a short list of pros:

  • The set includes so many items
  • The colors are warm and nice
  • The comforter is plushy and feels soft
  • The items are well made

We do have some minor flaws to mention:

  • The set doesn’t include matching sheets
  • The comforter is not the best choice for the summer

For the nice colors, the multiple items and the impressive craftsmanship, the set is an amazing investment for any bedroom.

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