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Christmas Tree Stand Reviews

A big part of the Christmas preparation is related to all the details that you have to pay attention to. You may have decided by now if you’re going with a natural or an artificial one and already bought/completed the ornaments.

What about the tree stand? Are you sure you’re getting the right one this year?

What are the options

Some tree stand are simple, green and help your tree stand out. If you’re going for this type, you only need to pay attention to the material and the build. You want a tree stand that has a solid build and gives stability to your tree. You also want it to take the weight once as your Christmas tree is decorated.

The more you’re willing to pay for your tree stand, the more you may expect when it comes to the features. You may get tree stands made of tough plastic, or pay the extra buck for those made of long lasting and sturdy metal.

The wider the base of the tree stand, the better the stability of your Christmas tree so you need to check that also.

A good tree stand allows you a sturdy, snug fit to your tree so the more adjustments you can make on the tree stand, the higher the chances for your tree not to fall down this year.

Don’t forget you may also find tree stands that have a built-in electrical cord so you may easily plug it in.

Last but not least, you also your tree stand to be easy to use so that the installation of your tree doesn’t take you the whole day.

The Top 25 Christmas Tree Stand Reviews

Lightweight and safe to use both indoor and outdoor, the Emsco 1513 Quick Stand Christmas Tree Stand is a great choice especially when shopping on a low budget.

Despite its low price, the tree stand take the multi-year use and has a durability feel to it. It has a waterproof design, which makes it safe for the outdoor use.

The speed nut design is easy to use and the tree stand presents a tough poly resin construction. It even has a holiday scene with drip line molded-in.

It’s a good choice for a 7.5’ tree with a 4in trunk, with a 3/8 gallon water capacity. The tough steel tree anchor is good and the diameter is 16-in base.

Giving a sturdy hold to an 8’ tree with a 6” trunk, the Handythings Christmas Tree Stand, for Trees Up to 8-Feet, 1.3-Gallon Water Capacity is a good option, especially considering its price.

The medium tree stand presents a 5-eyebolt design and you need about 1.3 gallons of water to give stability to your tree.

The steel spike base plate is tough and tree stand is made of plastic. The eyebolts thread nuts are made of steel and the tree stand is easy to operate. The hardware is corrosion resistant and the tree stand is durable.

Small, yet sturdy enough to give a good hold to your Christmas tree, the Good Tidings CNCC163 Cinco Tabletop Christmas Tree Stand is one budget-friendly option for many.

The tree stand holds trees with trunk diameters not larger than 3 inches and its reservoir takes up to 0.75 gallons of water.

The body is made with polypropylene and the tree stand features also a rust proof spike and quick turn plastic bolts.

It’s a great option for the tabletop trees and it’s made to last for a good amount of time.

One of the best features of the National Tree 16-Inch Folding Tree Stand for 4-Feet to 6-Feet Trees, Fits 1.25-Inch Pole (FTS-16-1) is the fact you may easily fold its legs flat for storage.

The tree stand works best for artificial trees that are 4 to 6ft. tall, presenting a 1.25” diameter center pole.

We also like the sturdy steel build of the tree stand and you don’t need to worry about the installation. The tree stand comes with thumbscrews that are going to secure the stand to your tree pole.

If you’re looking for a durable, easy to use tree stand for your small apartment, go ahead and try the CINCO PLASTICS C-152E SM X-mas Tree Stand.

The small tree stand presents a push/pull locking system, ensuring a secure of your tree every time. It holds tree up to 8’ tall and with a diameter that isn’t bigger than 6’.

The tree stand is made with high impact polypropylene, which makes it pretty durable. Its design lets the low branches stand tightly, your tree looking nice and compact in the end.

Let’s not forget the spill guard that keeps the area around nice and dry even when taking down the tree.

One thing we definitely like on the Jack Post/Christmas 5164 Tree Stand is its appearance.

The tree stand comes with 4 legs that are powder coated red and green. Not only they are durable, but they also look nice.

The steel construction of the tree stand ensures stability for your tree that may be up to 7’ tall and with a 4” trunk. The reservoir has 1-gallon water capacity and the tree stand is easy to use.

Designed to hold securely trees up to 7ft. tall and with a 5.5in trunk diameter, the Good Tidings CNCC152 Cinco Small Christmas Tree Stand is a reliable tree stand that you could try.

The tree stand comes with a water reservoir that is large and able to accommodate low branches as well. You may add up to 1 ¾ gallons of water in the reservoir. A spill guard minimizes the risk for the over-filling mishaps also.

The 3 spikes in center are tempered and rust proof, making sure the tree doesn’t shift.

Tough and presenting good stability, the tree stand is a fairly priced option for many.

Even though the Black & Decker Christmas Tree Smart Stand with 3.5-Liter Reservoir, Large isn’t the most traditional tree stand, it’s still no-brainer to use it.

The tree stand is very easy to use and you don’t need any pedals to push nor screws to tighten.

Its water reservoir is easy to fill with no more than 3.5 liters. The razor-sharp steel blades keep your tree tight and safe. You may use the tree stand for trees up to 9’ tall and trunks with 4.2” in diameter.

Sturdy and easy to use, the tree stand is a great choice for many.

When you want to use a rotating tree stand but don’t really want to pay the extra buck, you may rely on the Vickerman Electric Rotating Tree Stand, 24-Inch, Green.

The tree stand rotates 360 degree and you may use it with ¾” or 1 1/4” pole.

You may confidently use it for 7.5’ tree with no more than 1500 lights. The tree stand withstands a weight of 80 lbs. and needs around 70 seconds for a full rotation. The cord don’t tangle and the tree stand comes with on/off switch at the base and a 6.5’ green power cord.

If your mind is set for a real tree, you may totally rely on the Cinco C-148E Express Tree Stand For Up To 10′ Trees, Medium.

The tree stand is a good option for trees up to 10ft. tall; with a trunk diameter, that doesn’t go more than 7”.

The water reservoir is big enough and holds up to 2 gallons of water.

The design and build of the tree stand are great and the push/pull ratchet mechanism eases the setup and the take down when Christmas is over.

The stability is impressive and three strong galvanizes pins in the center of the base lock and make sure the tree is well centered before the final adjustment.

The screw holes are reinforced, whereas the stand has a clean leather cloth finish and a deep spill guard as well.

The DYNO SEASONAL SOLUTIONS XTS3 20-Inch STR Swiv Tree Stand is a great tree stand to use this Christmas.

The 20” swivel straight tree stand is easy to use and lock your tree into an upright position for a better display.

It matches tree up to 10’ tall and with a 5” trunk diameter. Its foots pedal retracts for easy use.

Presenting an impact grade polymer build, the Emerald Innovations XTS3 Swivel Straight Tree Stand For 10′ Tree holds safe and tight your real tree, as long as it’s not taller than 10ft.

The tree stand doesn’t rust nor crack but its tough build doesn’t scratches your floor. It comes with large bolts with cozy handles so it’s not difficult to tighten the screws.

The separate trunk receptacle fits trunks as big as 5” in diameter and the water reservoir holds up to 3.5 quarts of water. Some drain slots minimize risk for messy spills so you don’t mess up the floor when putting away the tree stand.

Sturdy and well made, the Jack-Post Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand, For Trees Up to 12-Feet, 1.7-Gallon Water Capacity helps you this Christmas if your tree isn’t taller than 12’ and has a maximum 7”trunk.

The tree stand has a 1.7-gallon water capacity and tree stand is easy to use. The 4T-nut tipped eye bold welded tubular design gives stability and a good hold on your tree.

The 4 eye-bolts keep the tree trunk securely and the steel spike base raises stability. The tree stand has4 legs and they’re tubular, taking the weight of your decorated Christmas tree.

The hardware is corrosion-resistant and powder coated, for more durability.

Sturdy and with a good build, the tree stand is one heavy option this Christmas.

If you like to warm up a bit your artificial Christmas tree with some natural elements, take a leap of faith and try the By Vickerman Wooden Christmas Tree Stand For 7.5′ – 8.5′ Artificial Trees.

The tree stand is made for artificial Christmas trees that are 7.5’ to 8.5’, with a 1.25” pole diameter.

Even though it’s made of wood, the tree stand has a good stability and locks your tree in place. It also folds down so it’s easy to store it away when Christmas is over.

The tree stand is for the indoor use and brings a nice vibe of natural elements to your Christmas décor.

When you want to see all the decorations in your Christmas tree, a rotating tree stand is what you need. The Do it Best Rotating Tree Stand for Artificial Trees Up To 7.5 Feet Tall is an amazing option, especially considering its price.

The tree stand is able to rotate an artificial tree up to 7-1/2’ tall with a trunk diameter of maximum 1.25”.

The on/off switch on the base makes it easy to operate and the tree stand ensures continuous rotation. It can’t rotate with lights on or just lights on, without rotating.

The tree stand needs 70 seconds for a full 360-degree revolution and the good design helps the tree rotate with no cords tangling.

The wide base ensures stability and the tree stand runs smooth and quiet, having a slow rotation.

Made here in our USA with cast iron, the Green Cast Iron Live Tree Stand isn’t just durable and tough, but also very nice looking.

The tree stand is powder coated so it doesn’t rust and you may paint it whenever in need. It comes with tightening tool and hardware and it’s not difficult to use it. Its floor pads protect the floor, which is always a nice detail.

The base is wide and the tree stand is beautiful and long lasting. It comes with a water reservoir, extending the life of your Christmas tree.

When you’re looking to give your Christmas tree a nice, dreamy feel from top to bottom, the By Vickerman White Metal Christmas Tree Stand For 10′ – 11.5′ Artificial Trees is a natural choice.

The tree stand takes artificial Christmas trees sized 10’-11’ and with a pole diameter of maximum 2”.

Even though it has a delicate design, the tree stand is well made and locks in place your tree for more stability.

The tree stand also folds down for easier storage once the Christmas is gone. It’s better to use it indoor.

Made of metal, the tree stand looks nice and elegant anytime.

For those of you who like to move the Christmas tree around for a various display, a dependable option is the TreeKeeper, TK-10259, 29 Inch Rolling Tree Stand, for 6-9 Foot Artificial Trees.

The 9in. rolling tree stand fits the 6-9 ft. artificial trees and has a rugged build, even though its legs are made with a composite plastic and not metal.

The inner collar design is efficient and protective for the tree trunk and the locking stand hold the tree in place.

The six-point bolt system makes sure the tree is straight and safe and 4 locking castors lock the tree in place.

The tree stand is easy to use and to roll around, giving a firm hold to your tree.

Designed and build for the freshly cut trees, the Amazing Rotating Tree Stand for Freshly Cut Trees is one option you shouldn’t miss on next time you’re shopping.

The rotating tree stand has a good, solid base that ensures stability for your real tree. The design is reinforced and the tree stand holds fresh-cut trees from 3” to 5.5” diameter, no taller than 7 ft., with a maximum weight of 125 pounds.

The legs of the stand are expandable and the screw attachment clasps ensure more stability for a large tree.

The tree stand comes with on/off operation and a large water reservoir.

Well build and taking the hold of your real tree to a whole new level, the tree stand doesn’t disappoint.

The 360-degree rotating artificial Christmas Tree Stand Ez Rotate stands out with its great features and amazing stability.

The tree stand takes even 2000 minilights and the plugs for the lights are built-into stand. You don’t have to worry about any wires tangling at all.

You may only use the stand with artificial trees with poles up to 1.25’ diameter and up to 8.5ft. Feet tall.

The control box works well and had two switches: one for rotation and one for turning on lights. You may also use it for garland or stringing lights.

Easy to use and sturdy, the tree stand is a great investment anytime.

Sturdy and heavy weight, the Krinner’s Tree Genie XXL, Christmas Tree Stand is one of the most popular choices out there for so many reasons.

You don’t need to put it together nor any screws to tighten for the tree stand. The tree stand secures any tree up to 12ft. tall, with a trunk no bigger than 1.7 in., it holds 2.5gallong of water and its automatic water level indicator is very helpful.

Made in Germany, the tree stand has an original single cable operation, as you only need to hold the tree straight and pump the foot pedal until the claws give a tight hold on the trunk.

Giving you, the chance to exercise near your Christmas tree without even have some tinsel trembling, the Christmas Mountains Mfg Inc TS297WL-Santa’s Solution Extreme HQ Xmas stand is one good investment any time.

The tree stand takes a maximum trunk of 8” and the plastic water reservoir has a 2-gallon capacity.

The tree stand comes with 4 support arms that are vertically adjustable. It also comes with strong 3/8” eyebolts and plastic end buttons, holding tightly your tree in place.

The amazing build and tough materials used on the tree stand recommend it any time.

If you’re looking for a tree stand that also looks nice, put your trust and faith in a tree stand like the 10′ – 12′ Christmas Tree Stand.

Even though you may feel like paying the extra buck, the tree stand is long lasting and highly sturdy for your tree.

Easy to install, the tree stand comes with a large bowl for the water. You may use even 2.25 gallons of water.

The design of the tree stand is well thought-out and the tree stand features T-bolt handles so the tightening is easier. It’s not difficult to straighten it either.

The tree stand supports trucks up to 10” in diameter and trees from 10’ to 12’ tall. Its royal red color looks amazing, so the tree stand is something to notice on your Christmas tree.

The sturdy build and the easy mobility of the Vickerman 1.25″ Pole Heavy Duty Rolling Tree Stand Fits, 27″ turn it into one reliable, even though pricey, option to use for your Christmas tree.

Made with tough materials that are corrosion resistant, the tree stand features wheels for high mobility.

Its 4 leg design gives amazing stability and the tree stand is one heavy-duty to use.

If budget is no problem for you and you’re willing to pay for a luxurious, high end Christmas tree, don’t hesitate to spend some money on the Ornate Gold Monogrammed Tree Holder | Personalized Christmas Xmas Urn Stand

The tree urn stand is customized with your choice of gold block letter on a warm, ivory background. You may also go with a fleur de lis emblem on a cream ivory background.

You may use the sturdy bade on the floor or on a tabletop. You may use it both indoor and outdoor as the stand is well made.

It comes with a metal pole inside that holds tightly your artificial tree that shouldn’t be more than 8ft. tall.

The tree stand is made with cast resin and rich antiqued gold finish. This is why you may use is also all year-round with some greenery or topiary.

Elegant and definitely out of the ordinary, the tree stand is the choice for the sophisticated customer.

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