Best Christmas Tree Stand for Pets (Dogs And Cats)

Best Christmas Tree Stand for Pets Reviews

Having a pretty decorated Christmas tree and pets at the same time is a challenge, but it’s not entirely impossible to have a lovely Christmas tree without having its ornaments down on the floor every 5 minutes.

What works best?

There are some tips to follow when installing your tree stand and some a sure thing. For instance, you may place some orange peels around the tree stand. Cats and dogs don’t really like the citrus smell so they’re going to stay away from the tree stand. You may also use a citrus spray around your Christmas tree so that the lovely pets don’t come near it.

If you’re going for the real tree, you need to make sure that your pets don’t drink water from the water reservoir of the tree stand. This means the water reservoir has to be protected and difficult to access by your pets.

For some interesting reasons, it seems that pets don’t really like the more compact, rugged tree stands. Maybe it’s because they can’t really play with it, but the compact tree stands, not the X-type ones, work better when you have pets around the house.

No matter how well you protect the tree stand and your tree, try to always place your favorite ornaments on top, out of reach. For safety reasons J

Here are our suggestions

If you’re going for the subtle, yet elegant Christmas and only have a small tree in your house/office, you definitely can manage with a tree stand that doesn’t go over the top with its build and heavy duty materials.

The Vickerman White Plastic Christmas Tree Stand For 2′ – 2.5′ Artificial Trees falls into this category and manages to make any pet lover happy during the winter holidays.

The tree is made with good quality plastic that doesn’t break easily, taking the weight of your decorated tree.

You may use the tree stand with 2’-2.5’ ft. tall trees and its pole diameter is 0.25”.

The tree stand is made of 4 pieces but it’s easy to put together. It’s also easy to break it down for storage when Christmas is over.

The X-design gives your tree stability and the tree stand looks nice with its white color and slim profile.

When you go shopping on a tight budget, getting the tree stand you want and need because of your pets, it’s a bit challenging.

The EZ Artificial Christmas Tree Stand #119 is low-priced and quite dependable. You may use it for artificial trees up to 7.5ft. tall, with a 1.25 diameter for the poles.

The design is good, considering the money, you pay and you may actually hide the power cord thanks to its design.

Made with good quality plastic, the tree stand is a fair option for a low budget.

Made with good quality plastic and resin, the St Nicks Choice Pivot Point Tree Stand is one stand you may try this Christmas, especially if you’re going shopping with just a few bucks in your pocket.

The tree stand fits trunks up to 6 in. diameter and trees no taller than 9ft.

You may easily use it for your real tree and the tree stand holds 1 gallons of water. It has foot lever so you may easier secure the tree in place.

The tree stand has a green and black finish and it’s compact shape makes it safe to use when there are pets around the house.

Designed to give the best support for 10ft. tall trees, the Ultimate Christmas Tree Stand For 10 Foot Real Live Trees brings plenty of good things to consider.

The tree stand is a tough option and its one-of-a-kind design is actually patented. It features 8 bolts with screws, but it’s not that tricky to use it. You’re going to find very useful the plastic turning wrench that is included.

We also notice the broad stable circular base and the grooved lip that catches excess water spills. The water reservoir is large and has a ¾-gallon capacity.

The tree stand is made with tough plastic that doesn’t rust, stain or scratch your floor. It comes with metal screws that increase its durability and rugged build.

Compact and solid, the Omega 2 Christmas Tree Stand- No Screws with Unbreakable Nylon Clamps |Accommodates up to a 7’tree |No Leaking Holds 2.1 quarts of water |Protects your floor from scratching| may become the right choice for many pet lovers this Christmas.

The unique clamping system makes sure that the tough nylon clamps hold tight and secure your tree. You don’t need screws for that and the tree stand is easy to put together and to use.

The tree stand is made with long lasting plastic, taking the indoor and outdoor use. It doesn’t scratch your floor, nor crack /break under cold temperatures.

The stability is great and you may use the tree stand for trees up to 7’ tall, with trunk under 5 inches. Its 20” leg span prevents tipping.

The tree stand holds 2 liters of water and your pets aren’t able to drink from it.

Safe, solid and nice looking, the tree stand is a viable option.

Easy to set up, but difficult to reach its water reservoir, the Black & Decker Christmas Tree Smart Stand with 3.5-Liter Reservoir, Large is a dependable choice for anyone having some pets around the house.

The tree stand takes about 10 seconds for the setup and you don’t need to use any screws nor pedals for tightening your tree.

You may use it for a real tree that is going to remain fresh thanks to the 3.5-liter water reservoir.

The steel blades on the tree stand are razor sharp and ensure a secure hold for your tree as they come with locks. You may use it for trees up to 9’ tall and trunks no larger than 4.2” in diameter.

Easy to use but not easy for the pets to get to the water reservoir, the tree stand is a great choice for any pet lover.

The patented weight-absorbing base on the Santa’s Solution Solid-Steel Christmas Tree Stand for 8 feet Trees is only the most obvious feature that counts on the tree stand, but the stand comes with many others.

If the weight-absorbing base distributes the weight of you tree evenly, the automatic tree centering system ensures a good balance every single time. You may rotate the tree inside the stand for the best branch position before locking it down.

The tree stand has a powder coat paint finish so it doesn’t rust and looks nice for a good amount of time.

As for the watering system, it’s good to know it attaches nice and easy to your stand and tree. It’s easy for your to water the tree, but not that easy for your cute little fur buddies.

Easy to use, safe and pretty, the tree stand is a reliable choice.

If you want to add a real feel to your artificial tree, don’t hesitate to give it a go with the wooden tree stand By Vickerman Wooden Christmas Tree Stand For 7.5′ – 8.5′ Artificial Trees.

The tree stand fits artificial trees sides 7.5’ to 8.5’, with a pole diameter that of 1.25”.

The three eye bolts are easy to use for tightening your tree, giving it a secure hold. The tree stand locks in place and presents no interest whatsoever for any pets.

It’s best to only use it indoor as wood may not handle well some rain or snow.

The tree stand also folds down easy so when Christmas is over it’s easy for you to store it over the year.

Green and compact, so it has a small footprint, without sacrificing the stability, the DYNO SEASONAL SOLUTIONS XTS3 20-Inch STR Swiv Tree Stand is great to have around your pets.

The 20” tree stand has a swivel design so it straightens your tree fast and easy every time. It’s strong enough to hold a 10’ tree with a trunk no bigger than 5” in diameter.

The foot pedal retracts and locks your tree in a upright position. You don’t need any bolts to fix, there’s no hardware implied whatsoever.

The tree stand is made with solid plastic and it has a large capacity for the water reservoir. Even though it’s not difficult for your to fill in the water reservoir, it’s a challenge for your pets to access it.

For the stability and safety around your pets, the tree stand is a solid choice anytime.

Made with welded steel, the Goliath welded steel Christmas Tree Stand for Trees 8 to 16 Foot is both tough and safe to use if you have pets around the house.

The tree stand takes trees up to 16ft. with a maximum 42in. trunk size. The water reservoir is large, taking a maximum load of 1.8 gallons of water.

The design ensures stability and the 4 steel support screws are rugged, whereas the steel end caps aren’t just protective to the floors, but also look nice with their red color.

The steel is powder coated so it doesn’t rust, taking the intense use.

Strong and safe for your pets, the tree stand shouldn’t be skipped on if ever in need.

If you’re looking for a tree stand for the outdoor use, put your trust and faith in the Heavy Duty Outdoor Christmas Tree Stand – For Real Live Trees up to 7 Feet Tall.

The tree stand is made of steel so it’s designed to take the weather challenges and the intense use.

You may put a tree up to 7ft. tall with a trunk diameter smaller than 5.5in. The tree stand has a 16in. grounding spike, so it remains nice and steady in the ground.

The 4 eye-bolts align your tree, whereas the lock nuts and eye bolts are tough, made of zinc-plated steel.

You don’t need to put together the tree stand and the hardwood block sustains an even eye-

bolt installation.

You may also use it as a bird feeder, bird sanctuary or mailbox support.

Tough and durable, the tree stand is great for the outdoor use, with no worries whatsoever for your pets.

The tough build of the Emerald Innovations XTS3 Swivel Straight Tree Stand For 10′ Tree is one of the things we appreciate on this tree stand, but there are plenty of other things to like on the stand.

The tree stand is made with impact grade polymer so the risk for cracking, rusting on harming your floors is minor.

The design is well thought out and the handles on the large bolts make the setup a real breeze. The separate trunk receptacle is easy to attach to trunks that shouldn’t have a diameter larger than 5”.

The tree stand works best with real trees up to 10ft., but not heavier than 100pounds.

The large water reservoir holds up to 3.5 quarts of water, but it’s quite impossible for your pets to reach it. The slots minimize risk for messy spills when putting the tree stand away.

Compact, green and sturdy, the tree stand is one option to write down on your shopping list this Christmas.

Designed and build to give a good hold to your 8ft. tall tree, the Jack Post 95-24RV Revolv Tree Stand is a great option for many.

It’s 22 in. leg span gives stability to your Christmas tree and the tree stand is revolving. The three eyebolts keep well centered and tight your tree, and the 4 legs design prevents tipping, even when around the naughtiest pets.

The tree stand is made with long lasting, corrosion resistant metal and the end caps hold it in place, while protecting your floors also.

Sturdy and tough, the tree stand keeps your tree in place and the pets at distance.

Easy to set it up and standing out with its special mechanism, the Krinner’s Tree Genie L, Christmas Tree Stand is one good investment to make for this Christmas.

You don’t need any screws to tighten or to do any assembly with this tree stand. You simply use the original single cable, insert your tree in the opened stand on the spike, holding it straight and pumping the foot pedal so that the claws hold tight the trunk.

The tree stand works for trees up to 8.ft. tall with trunks no larger than 1.7in. It holds 1 gallon of water but it’s tricky for the pets to drink the water.

Sturdy and made with tough materials, the tree stand is worth every single penny.

The 360-degree rotating Christmas Tree Stand Ez Rotate is especially designed to hold tight and centered your artificial trees.

The tree stand may be used with up to 2000 mini lights and the plugs for lights are built into the stand. This way, no wires are going to get tangled when in use.

The tree poles used with the stand shouldn’t be bigger than 1.25’ in diameter and the trees need to a maximum 8.5ft. tall.

The tree stand comes with a control box with two switches: one for turning on lights and the other one for rotation.

You may also use the stand for your stringing lights or garland. You turn on the rotating stand and watch as the lights wrap themselves.

The sturdy build and the simple, yet effective design, make the tree stand a good choice for any pet owner.

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