Best Christmas Tree Stand Design

Christmas Tree Stand Design

The moment you decided which theme you’re going to go this Christmas, there are also several details to think about. For instance, maybe you didn’t give much thought about which type of tree stand you want to use. No matter how nice you decorated it, it would be such a shame not to make the best out of it and highlight it with a good, sturdy tree stand.

Some basics on tree stands

If you’re going with a real tree, you definitely need a tree stand with a large water reservoir that keeps your tree nice and fresh throughout the entire winter holidays.

Maybe you want to show off your Christmas tree as all the ornaments, decorations look nice, and you want to take a look at them all the time. In this case, don’t hesitate to try a rotating tree stand that makes a full 360-degree turn, typically in 70 seconds or so.

When you’re not sure where to display your Christmas tree, you can get some help from a wheeled tree stand. This way, your Christmas tree becomes easy to move around and highly portable.

As for the mechanism that holds tight your Christmas tree, there are many options also.

Whether you get a metal tree stand or one that is made of composite plastic, the types to choose from are various and you need to choose according to your Christmas tree type and your needs. It wouldn’t hurt to take a look at your wallet either, though!

Our suggestions

Best Tree Stands with Eyebolts

1). One good option and low priced tree stand is the Christmas Tree Stand.

The tree stand presents a 4legs design and it gives 4 eyebolts that let you hold tight your tree. The base is wide so you may easily add water to keep your tree nice and fresh until Christmas is gone.

The tree stand has a good build and it’s going to serve you a good amount of time. It matches trees up to 8’ tall, with a trunk diameter not wider than 5.5.

You may easily use 1.25 gallons of water for the tree.

Made with tough metal that is powder coated so it doesn’t rut, the tree stand also looks nice as it’s painted with red and green.

2). Solid and well made, the Handythings Christmas Tree Stand, for Trees Up to 8-Feet, 1.3-Gallon Water Capacity is a good option to gives your tree a secure hold.

The tree stand presents a 5eye-bolt design and its wide base let you use up to 1.3 gallons of water to maintain the good looks on your tree.

The tree stand is good for 8’ tall trees with a trunk no larger than 6”.

The steel spike base plate ensures stability and the tree stand is tough, even though it’s made of plastic. Its spill-catcher edge keeps the area dry and clean and the tree stand comes with steel nuts for strength and easy operation.

The hardware is corrosion resistant so the tree stand doesn’t lose its looks and power over the years.

3). Easy to use and looking nice, the Santa’s Solution Solid-Steel Christmas Tree Stand for 8 feet Trees is a fair option when in need.

What makes it stand out is its patented weight-absorbing base so the weight of your tree is evenly distributed. The tree stand also features a patented automatic tree centering system that ensures the right balance all the time. therefore, you may easily rotate the tree inside the stand for the best optimal branch position before you lock it down.

The tree stand has a heavy-duty build and comes with outrigger leg attachments. The special leg extensions help the stand fit a Christmas tree up to 12ft. tall with an 8in. diameter trunk.

The setup is easy and the tree stand is simple to use. A unique watering system is easy to attach to the stand and tree. You just need to pay attention when watering the tree, at hip level.

The powder coat pain finish protects the stand against corrosion, and the red paint makes it look pretty.

4). Designed to give a good hold to the real trees up to 10ft. tall, the Cinco C-148E Express Tree Stand For Up To 10′ Trees, Medium is one reliable tree stand that you should try.

The tree stand keeps real tree up to 10ft. tall safe and secure, with a trunk diameter no bigger than 7”.

You may use up to 2gallons of water in the water reservoir so your tree doesn’t die before Christmas is over.

The push-pull ratchet mechanism makes the installation easy. On the other hand, it’s not difficult to take it down either.

The tree stand comes with three tough galvanized pins in the center that hold and keep centered your tree.

We also notice the deep spill guard that helps keeping the area dry. As for the reinforced screw holes and the clean leather cloth finish, they only give you the image of a durable and reliable tree stand.

5). The interesting design of the Emerald Innovations XTS3 Swivel Straight Tree Stand For 10′ Tree don’t make it less effective, but simply help it look compact and rugged.

The tree stand is made with impact grade polymer that doesn’t rust nor crack. It’s also soft on your hard floors, protecting them.

The large bolts feature useful handles so it’s easier for you to tighten the screws.

The separate trunk receptacle attaches to trunks no larger than 5” in diameter. The water reservoir is large and holds up to 3.5 quarts of water. Drain slots minimize risk for messy spills when handling the tree stand.

Green colored, sturdy and easy to use, the tree stand has an interesting design that totally works for your tree.

6). Well-made and sturdy, the Goliath welded steel Christmas Tree Stand for Trees 5 to 12 Foot keeps your real tree tight and fresh all Christmas long.

The tree stand is a good fit for trees up to 12ft., with a trunk no larger than 7in. the tree stand has a 28in. leg span and takes up to .9 gallons of water.

Its design ensures stability and the tree stand features four steel support screws with steel end caps. The end caps are red, making a nice contrast with the green painted legs.

The steel elements are powder coated so they are protected against rust.

Easy to use and dependable, the tree stand is one heavy-duty option to try this Christmas.

7). The heavy duty and nice looking John Wright Company JWR61701 Cast Iron Heirloom Christmas Tree Stand, Red is made to last for more than one generation, so you may very well spend the extra buck for it.

The tree stand comes in a bright red color and it has clear lines. It’s made with cast iron that is rust and chip resistant thanks to the baked-in enamel finish. The brass-plated bolts match the rugged build of the tree stand. It gives a good hold to your real tree as long as it’s up to 8ft. tall.

You may easily keep your real tree fresh with the 6in. deep water reservoir. The 14-in square base gives stability to your tree.

The centering spike makes sure your tree is well centered and the tree stand is both functional and beautiful.

The Best Rolling Tree Stands

Low priced and easy to use, the National Tree 28 Inch Folding Tree Stand with Rolling Wheels for 7.5 to 8 Foot Tree (FTS-28R-1) is one tree stand you shouldn’t miss when you want to change often the place of your Christmas tree.

The tree stand is for the artificial trees from 7.5ft. To 8ft. tall, with a diameter no bigger than 1.25in.

The sturdy steel build ensures stability to your tree, whereas the wheels run smooth for high portability on your tree. Don’t worry about the tree not staying in place as the wheels feature locks for more security.

On top of everything else, when Christmas is over you may easily store the tree stand as its legs fold flat.

Sturdy and portable, the tree stand is a great design you should try this Christmas.

When you want to decorate easier the Christmas tree or to move it around the house for a various display, the GKI Bethlehem Lighting Rolling 30-Inch Christmas Tree Stand for 7-1/2- to 8-1/2-Foot Artificial Trees is a choice for you.

The rolling tree stand lets you get the best out of your Christmas tree that becomes highly portable like this.

Despite the rolling design, the tree stand still is sturdy thanks to its X-shaped base. It comes with 2 freewheeling and 2 locking caster wheels that go smoothly on hard surfaces.

The tree stand has a low, sleek profile so it highlights best your tree. It has a green finish so it’s quite subtle.

We also have to mention the versatility of the tree stand that comes with tree insert for better fitting of trees ranging from 7 ½’ to 8 1/2’ ft. tall. It’s for the artificial Christmas trees.

Durable, sturdy and easy to roll on, the tree stand makes your tree portable, while remaining centered and standing tall.

Easy to put together and to use, the TreeKeeper, TK-10259, 29 Inch Rolling Tree Stand, for 6-9 Foot Artificial Trees keeps your tree nice and tight, while letting you moving it around, where you want it.

The 29in tree stand is made to give a best fit to the artificial trees ranging from 6 to 9ft. tall.

Is presents an inner collar design that holds and protects the tree trunk, whereas the six-point bolt system keeps your tree safe and secure.

The wheels on the tree stand help you move around nice and easy the Christmas tree. The locks on the wheels minimize risk for unwanted rolling.

The tree stand raises your tree with 2.90 in. above the floor. The support bracket is 7 ½ in. long and the tree stand is a sure buy when in need.

The metal Vickerman 1.25″ Pole Heavy Duty Rolling Tree Stand Fits, 27″ is one reliable tree stand that brings many good features to the table.

The rolling tree stand is great for the 10ft. tall artificial trees. Its green color makes it subtle and its 1.25” diameter for the base ensures stability for your tree.

The wheels run smooth and don’t harm the hard surfaces. Additionally, you may lock them in place for more security.

The tree stand is made with metal that doesn’t rust and tough plastic wheels that take the heavy duty use.

Simple and efficient, the trees stand is one good rolling option to consider for this Christmas.

The Best Electrical Rotating Tree Stands

If you want to admire your decorated Christmas tree on all of its sides, get an electrical rotating stand that is going to show off the entire tree.

The Do it Best Rotating Tree Stand for Artificial Trees Up To 7.5 Feet Tall is good that way, but you need to only use it indoor, with an artificial Christmas tree.

The tree stand is easy to operate thanks to its on/off switch and only has one speed. It gives a full 360-degree revolution in 70 seconds or so. You may rotate the tree with lights on or simply light up your tree without having it rotating. While rotating though, there are no cords tangling with each other.

The construction of the tree stand is good and this one can take a weight up to 80lb. it’s strong enough to hold a 7.5ft. tall tree with 1000lights.

The tree stand comes with a 78in. green cord to outlet that is subtle.

Easy to use, reliable and giving stability, the tree stand helps you enjoy all your favorite Christmas ornaments in your tree.

Holding artificial trees up to 75lb. or 7.5ft tall, the Rotating Christmas Tree Stand [TSR1] is a reliable option when you want your tree to rotate, for better display.

The tree stand has a 24 in. diameter leg base and a good stability. It presents a 1.25 in. diameter tree pole width and rotated 360degrees.

It’s easy to operate the tree stand thanks to its on/off switch. You can also plug it in for tree lights.

The build is strong and the tree stand is made of heavy-duty flexible poly vinyl. It comes in 5 pieces, but it’s not difficult to put it all together.

Silent and lightweight, the tree stand makes a sure choice any Christmas.

Made of metal, the Heavy-duty Rotating Revolving Tree Stand, Seasonal Winter Christmas Tree Stands for Artificial Trees, Metal keeps your tree tight and secure, while rotating it for a better display.

The wide base is large so the tree stand ensures stability for your tree. Its design keeps your tree in place and well centered.

You may secure the tree with the three eye bolts and simply enjoy the ornaments of your tree while it’s rotating.

Rotating smooth and quiet, the tree stand is dependable and long lasting.

The Best Krinner Stand

Made in Germany, the Krinner’s Tree Genie XXL, Christmas Tree Stand stands out with its special design that ensure a secure hold of your tree, without any screws to tighten.

The single cable operation lets you get a hold tight over your Christmas tree, with no risks for falling. The tree stand has also a fully automatic water level indicator so you always know how much water you need to pour.

The tree stand is easy to use and you only have to place the tree in the opened stand on the spike, holding it straight and pumping the food pedal so that the claws hold the trunk firmly.

You may use the tree stand with trees up to 12ft. tall and trunks no bigger than 1.7in. You may use up to 2.5 gallons of water.

Sturdy, solid and with an impressively efficient mechanism, the tree stand is a category of its own.

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