Best Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Best Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Now that Christmas is coming to an end, there’s only one thing left to do: organizing the ornaments. We all hate that (well, most of us anyways) as it’s not as fun as decorating the Christmas tree, for sure.

Luckily for all of us, there are plenty of ornament storage boxes out there that not only give you the chance to perfectly organize your ornaments, but they also look nice and have a Christmas feel.

How to choose?

When trying to choose an ornament storage box it’s important that you know how big you want it to be, or at least have some sort of idea about it.

The more you’re willing to pay for the storage box, the more durability you get from it as well. not only that the storage box holds up pretty well the weight of your Christmas ornaments, but it also has to protect them so they do remain in all piece over the year.

Portability is also something to check on your ornament storage box. You don’t really need a handle for a small storage box, but the bigger it is, the more ornaments it’s going to store, therefore, the heavier it’s going to get. You can’t really get a storage box made of cardboard with a handle, but you should totally rely on a plastic one (assuming the plastic is thick and tough) to have a handle for easier transportation.

The way it protects your ornaments is also essential on a storage box. If you want one to store your delicate glass ornaments over the year, you need a storage box that has some sort of padding (or at least a soft material) that keeps the glass ornaments safe and whole, no matter how much you’re moving them around.

As for the looks? If functionality is more important to you than looks, you have plenty of options. However, if you’re looking for the durable, protective, portable and pretty looking storage box for your Christmas ornaments, you need to realize you’re going have to pay the extra buck.

Our selection

Even though it may not be the biggest nor the most durable storage box in town, the Richards Homewares – Holiday Green 64 Compartment Cube Ornament Organizer manages to serve you well for a good amount of time.

The storage box fits up to 64ornaments and presents a 4-layer design, each layer fitting 16 ornaments. Each compartment is able to protect a 3” diameter ornament so you can have a more clear idea about what the box may deliver.

The box is made with heavy-duty cardboard on the inside and durable material on the outside. It has reinforced red handles on the sides so the box is easy to move around also.

You may also collapse the box during Christmas and it’s not taking much space at all.

The box also looks nice and the red handles stand out so well on the dark green box.

Collapsible and large, the Innovative Home Creations Christmas Ornament Storage, 15.7 by 15.7 by 13-Inch is a reliable storage box to keep your ornaments organized over the year.

The box presents a three-layer design and it fits up to 75 ornaments, regular size. You may easy move the dividers to fit larger ornaments so the box may store variously sized and shaped ornaments.

It’s not difficult to put together the storage box, nor to use it. It’s made with durable materials so it’s a solution for several years.

The zipper closure protects the ornaments from dirt and dust and makes access way easier. The box has two handles on the sides so it’s easy to carry around as well.

The dividers are rigid and the storage box protects your Christmas ornaments nice and easy over the year. It flattens very easy and small so you may put it aside during Christmas.

Pretty and highly functional, the Christmas Ornament Storage – Stores up to 64 Holiday Ornaments is one of the most popular choices out there.

The box presents a three-layer design and fits up to 64 Christmas ornaments. The design is well thought out and you may easily move the cardboard to fit ornaments of various shapes and sizes. It features a front label pocket for easier identification.

The box is easy to put together and collapses for easier storage when not in use. It has a zipper closure at the top so it’s easy to access, keeping dirt and dust away at the same time.

The box is made with durable materials, taking the intense use. It’s colored with green and red accents on the edges so not only is functional, but it also looks Christmassy.

It even has two handles for easier carrying and has no specific smell in the beginning.

Made with high quality materials, the Zober Premium 600D Polyester Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Lid  is not only functional and efficient, but also quite elegant.

The box has amazing finish and comes with 600D polyester that is durable, thick and tough, looking very nice at the same time.

The construction of the box is also very good and the design presents cardboard dividers that fit up to 64 ornaments. The box has 4 levels of storage and each modular tray section may be easily removed so you may customize the box according to your needs. You may store ornaments with all sorts of shapes and sizes.

The box is also easy to collapse so you may store it away during the Christmas holiday. The solid panel with a ribbon handle gives rigidity and power to the bottom of the bin.

The see-through card slot on the box is great for labeling and the lid is easy to remove for accessing the inside. The seal-tight lid is efficient and even if it’s not zippered, it protects very well your ornaments from dust and dirt.

The reinforced stitched seams and riveted handles increase the durability of the box, which you may easily carry around thanks to the handles.

If it isn’t for the efficiency, maybe you’re going to get the DII Holiday Ornament Storage BinDII Holiday Ornament Storage Bin for its cute, Christmassy appearance.

The box is red with big white snowflakes on it, so it’s definitely designed to store your Christmas ornaments. Nevertheless, the storage box is more than meets the eye.

The non-woven box has a good design and a durable build, taking the use for quite some time. The storage bin comes with cotton handles for easier transportation and a zip lid to protect you items from dust, dirt, and insects. You get easy access to your ornaments, whereas the clear pocket is a functional detail that helps you organize better.

The box is able to store up to 75 ornaments, collectibles and knick-knacks and features separators to protect your precious items. The cardboard inserts help you separate and better protect the more delicate ornaments.

Maybe it’s not the easiest box to put together and you need some patience for it. However, the box is definitely easy to use and to clean from time to time.

If you’re looking for a box to store your small Christmas ornaments, you may totally rely on the Elf Stor Ornament Storage Chest with Dividers – Holds 64 Balls, Green

The box fits up to 64 ornaments and protects them nice and easy over the year. It’s made with durable materials and presents a tough, thick bottom. The edges are reinforced and the handles are strong and well secured.

The heavy-duty build is an important asset of the box. The stitching of seams is well made and the box leaves a durability feel.

The box has a 4 level design and you may very well organize your small ornaments.

The box comes in red or green and it’s easy to carry around thanks to the strong handles. Some would have liked the lid to be zippered, but it’s ok like this also as it protects the ornaments from insects and dirt.

Easy to use and easy to push under the bed when you’re done filling it, the nGenius Under-The-Bed Christmas Ornament Storage Box for 21 Ornaments is a great box to protect your Christmas ornaments over the year.

The box is able to store and protect 21+ ornaments and includes 9 large spaces and 12 standard spaces. It features cardboard dividers that are easy to adjust so you may store variously sized and shaped ornaments.

The fabric used is heavy duty 600D polyester so the box sure can take a beat. Its carrying handles make it easier to carry around and its fold-back top gives you easy access to your ornaments.

The box has a rather rigid structure and is well made. It’s easy to assemble and looks very well. The red color purely makes it fit for your Christmas ornaments.

Long lasting and well made, the Primode Holiday Ornament Storage Chest, With 4 Trays Holds Up to 64 Ornaments Balls, With Dividers (Red) protects your ornaments over the year and looks nice altogether.

The red box is made with tough tear-proof material and presents a heavy-duty polyester build. It’s large enough to fit up to 64 ornaments, of various sizes and shapes.

The box features in fact 4 trays with 4 panels set horizontally and diagonally, giving 64 compartments. The lid is easy to remove and to open, but some would have liked the box to be zippered for better protection and for safety reasons also. Nevertheless, the lid is easy to put aside and protects well your ornaments from insects, dirt, or dust.

The modular tray sections are easy to remove for a better fit of your ornaments. When you’re not using the box, it simply folds flat so you may very easy put it away.

The built-in handles are strong and reinforced so you may safely move around the box even when fully loaded. The plastic tag compartment on side makes things easier for you, as well.

If ever in need for a storage box that is easy to slide under your bed, a very good option is the .Honey-Can-Do SFT-01597 Ornament Storage Box with Movable Dividers, Holiday Red.

The box comes with dividers that are easy to remove so that you may fit all sorts of ornaments. It organizes very well your items and protects them from dust and dirt as well.

The build of the box is good, even if it’s not the sturdies or the most rigid option out there. It’s made or red nylon fabric and green accents. Therefore, it has a festive look also and matches the Christmas ornaments.

The box includes 40 compartments but you may remove and place the dividers according to your needs. The top lid sits simply and the zipper gives you easier access, protecting better your ornaments.

The Household Essentials 551RED Large Christmas Tree Ornament Storage Box  brings many good things to the table and the holiday ornament storage container has a functional design and great build.

The box comes with a pullout tray and the top shelf has handles so you may easier pull out a layer of ornaments. A sturdy wall keeps everything in place and secure, for more protection.

The box has 2 layers and adjustable compartments so you may store variously sized ornaments. The lid protects your ornaments from dust, dirt, and insects and it’s very easy to remove.

An adjustable pocket fits small, medium and large ornaments so that they don’t touch each other during storage or transportation.

The long box has a festive looks with its red color and green edges, whereas is riveted handles and reinforced stitching takes up to 25 pounds of weight.

Lightweight, yet durable and protective, the IRIS Wing Lid Storage Box with Ornament Divider, Red safely store up to 75 regular size ornaments.

The box stacks nice and safe several units and is lockable for even more security. The wing lid box comes with a set of dividers that protect and organize your ornaments.

The hinged lid gives you easy access to your ornaments and all the closed units may stack on top of each other, for easier storage.

Big as it fits up to 112 of your Christmas ornaments, the Real Simple Holiday 112-Count Ornament Storage Box isn’t just dependable, but also looks very nice.

The box is white, with red dots and green edges, so it kind of looks elegant and cute wherever you’d place it over the year.

The build of the box is good and the cardboard trays form several layers for a good organization of your ornaments. The box is made with durable materials and the cardboard dividers are easy to remove for a better fit.

The red handles not only look nice, but they also make the box easier to carry around.

The lid is zippered so your ornaments are protected against dust, dirt, and insects. The zipper design also allows you to easy access the ornaments.

Durable, nice looking and organizing your ornaments, the box is one large option to have in mind when in need.

When you’re looking for a rather tall storage organizer for your Christmas ornaments, put your trust and faith into something like the Holiday 54 Compartment 3 Drawer Ornament Organizer Chest.

The organizer has a 3-drawer design and each of them has handles for easier use. The organizer has 54 compartments and each compartment holds 4” diameter items. The drawers are easy to remove and each may fit up to 18 ornaments.

The construction of the organizer is good and it features hard-sided case with carrying handles. The contents label on each drawer gives you info for easier access. The organizer has a sturdy build and its large handles on the side increase its portability.

The material is water resistant and quite durable. The organizer is easy to put together and looks nice. The dark green combines very nice with the red handles and the red stripes on the sides.

The Snapware Snap ‘N Stack Square may not be the typical storage box for your Christmas ornaments, but it sure works and looks nice, as well.

The organizers feature patented snap lock trays so your ornaments are well protected when stored. The trays organize and separate your items, whereas the space-saving design of the box makes it easier to store when Christmas is over.

You may always snap on additional trays to better organize your ornaments. The line presents small and large seasonal totes so you may store all sorts of Christmas ornaments.

The box is clear so you may very well see what’s inside, but the green lid with red handle gives its festive look.

Quick to put together and easy to use, the box is a great option for the rather small Christmas ornaments.

Even though you may be feeling like paying the extra buck, the CoverMates – 108PC Holiday Ornament Storage Bag is going to worth every single penny.

The box is made with 600D moisture resistant polyester and the build is very durable. The fabric on the box is acid-free so it’s not going to stain any of your ornaments.

The design is well thought out and the box features 4 trays that fit variously sized ornaments. The trays are well padded and easy to remove.

The clear view window with the ID labels help you know what’s inside the box, whereas the padded handles makes transportation easy and comfortable.

The bag gives a structured and padded storage for your fragile Christmas ornaments. Each tray is easy to adjust and you may always add dividers to create smaller compartments.

The impressive build, the smart design and the padding make the bag a great option to store your delicate Christmas ornaments.

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