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Christmas Ornament Brands Reviews

Christmas isn’t just the most wonderful time of the year, but also probably the most productive time of the year for many manufacturers out there.

It’s a huge industry going on behind Christmas and there are so many things that complete your Christmas holiday. Whether we talk about the ornaments, the Christmas lights or the special gifts, practically there isn’t anything you couldn’t sell/buy on Christmas.

Are all the Christmas ornament brands good?

Some Christmas ornament brands do stand out with the amazing craftsmanship and attention to the details. Some use the old techniques of mouth-blown glass into little carved molds, so you’re going have to pay the extra buck for the whole craftsmanship.

When you care more for the durability of your Christmas ornaments, there are plenty of options that are going to last for quite some years and aren’t that expensive year.

You may want to go with the popular choices, made of plastic, that come in an amazing variety of shapes and colors so you’re going to be able to decorate your Christmas with only a few bucks.

If you want your Christmas tree to be special and one-of-a-kind, always go with the glass ornaments. They are bit more expensive, but are worth every single penny.

Check your wallet before going shopping for Christmas ornaments and be open-minded. Some things out there may come out as a nice surprise, in the end.

Our suggestions

When it comes to Christmas ornaments, some are absolutely going for the glass ornaments. One manufacturer that sure found out the secret of beautiful and everlasting Christmas ornaments is Kurt Adler.

No matter the theme of your Christmas tree, it’s impossible not to find the ornaments that fit the theme and match your likings.

Made with the 1800’s techniques of mouth-blown glass into nice molded shapes, the Christmas ornaments from Kurt Adler are always making a great impression. They present nice details; typically, hand painted with bright colors and the glittery little details gives them an elegant vibe.

For instance, if you’re looking to give a fun, joyful vibe to your Christmas tree, you may try something like the Kurt Adler 4-Inch Claydough Gingerbread Ornament, Set of 4. The set includes 4 ornaments made of clay dough and presents a real feel, sugary look. Each of the 4 ornaments has white and red icing for a more real vibe. The chocolate little details are adorable and the 2 girls and two boys are going to bring a smile on anyone’s face. Everybody is going to notice the muffin, fork, the cute candy cones and the little scarves, for sure.


Have a nice laugh with your friends around the Christmas tree this year with the Kurt Adler 4-Inch Polyresin Santa on Wine Barrel Ornament.

The ornament is made with resin this time, but it’s still very nice looking and far more resistant than a glass ornament. The happy Santa Claus sitting on a wine barrel is funny and the ornament is bigger than expected. The grapes, the bottle and the glass from Santa’s hands look real and the barrel is a fun surprise for anyone. The barrel features the saying “I believe in Wine” and the ornament has a vintage vibe to it.


If you’re going for the traditionally look on your Christmas tree, you definitely should add on your list the Kurt Adler Petite Treasures 12-Piece Miniature Glass Ornaments Set, 2 Pack.

The set includes 12 miniature ornaments made of glass and each one of them is different from the other.

The ornaments look pretty and everyone is going to notice the many details on them. After all, you can’t go wrong on Christmas with a snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, gingerbread man, candy canes and snowflakes.

Small, yet very easy to notice in a tree, the glass ornaments are a popular choice from Kurt Adler.


And, for the little movie fans out there, a modern choice for this year’s Christmas would be the Kurt S Adler TV209229 Minion Ornament ASSTD that are a perfect gift for the little ones:


If you want to surprise a grown up, you shouldn’t hesitate and get the Kurt Adler 3-Inch Game of Thrones Christmas Ornament. After all, you can’t never have too much of the Game of Thrones vibe around the house, right?


Hallmark is another famous manufacturer that gives you many ornaments that all children are going to love. Their ornaments are mostly movie related, but this doesn’t make them less special or less popular. By contrary, whenever you want to make a nice surprise to a kid put your trust and faith into a Hallmark Christmas ornaments.

Loveable and so popular these days, Olaf could be a pretty surprise to any “Frozen” fan, child or grownup. The Hallmark Keepsake Disney Frozen “Olaf In Summer” Holiday Ornament is crafted by artist Jim Kemmer and has a 2106 copyright stamping. The ornament comes in a gift ready box so it’s a sure gift this Christmas. The amazing craftsmanship and the durability of the ornament match its impressive, beautiful appearance. It’s lead-free also so safe to keep around the little ones.


For the older ones, a great Hallmark ornament for this Christmas is the Harry Potter Christmas Ornament Ollivanders Wand Shop Hallmark Keepsake Ornament.

Made with high quality molded plastic, the Harry Potter ornament presents Harry Potter “Olivanders Wand Shop”. The ornament comes in a nice gift box and looks very nice. It’s not the shiniest Christmas ornament, but it can become an essential ornament for a Harry Potter fan. The details are impressive and any fan of the beloved movie is going to love the accuracy of all the details.


Some things are everlasting and Mickey Mouse is one character who’s always going to be in our hearts. The Hallmark Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Santa Christmas Ornament is simply adorable and the two famous figures are going to bring a smile on any child face.

The ornaments come in a gift box and present satin ribbon hangers so they’re ready to use right out of the box. Dressed for Christmas, the two little ornaments are funny and smiley, bringing a joyous feel to any Christmas tree. Holding some nicely wrapped little gift box in their hands, the two ornaments make a perfect match for any fun, playful Christmas tree.


Another great brand out there that is always creating lovely and memorable Christmas ornaments is Old World Christmas. They are hand crafting the ornaments with techniques originated in the 1800’s. The charm of the molten glass that is mouth-blown into nice carved molds is one-of-a-kind and the ornaments bring an everlasting, vintage feel to any Christmas tree.

Old World Christmas ornaments aren’t just some happy colors, but also about the symbols of things that really matter in life.

When you’re going for the nature theme Christmas tree, a nice little detail may be the Old World Christmas Bee Skep Glass Blown Ornament.

The bee skep is a coiled straw hive that isn’t used anymore. As we all know, bees are always busy and they need to work as team to survive. The glass ornament is a symbol of the teamwork and Christmas is also about togetherness, in sickness and health, for achieving the best things in life. The colors and the golden glitter make the ornament more special, glowing so nicely under the Christmas lights.


Bring some wisdom upon your Christmas tree with the Old World Christmas Pygmy Owl Glass Blown Ornament.

The glass ornament beautifully represents an owl that is very serious and thoughtful. Owls are a symbol of how may see through the darkness of ignorance, which is why they fit very well in a more thoughtful Christmas tree. Even though it’s small, the Northern Pygmy Owl is brave looking and is ready to protect anything that is coming to attack you J the glitter and the pretty colors warm up the ornament that is strong and cute looking, altogether.


If you want to make a nice gift for a couple of newlyweds, put your money at stake with the Old World Christmas Bride’s Collection Ornament Box Set.

The set is going to be a very inspired surprise to a young couple and all of the items of the set wear special symbols. The ornaments look nice and the attention to the details is impressive. The colors are bright and natural and the glitter is subtle.

The set includes a fruit basket, a heart, and a fish, a rabbit, a teapot, a rose, an angel, a flower bouquet, a pinecone, a house and Santa Claus.

As the ornaments come in a Premium Satin Lines Gift Box, you don’t have to worry about wrapping it either.


If you don’t want to get Christmas ornaments every single year and would rather go for the more durable, yet also pretty ones take a leap of faith and try some plastic ornaments. Festive Season gives you traditionally looking Christmas ornaments that look nice, even though they’re made of plastic.

A popular choice out there, the Snowflake Shatterproof 3.15″ (80mm) Christmas Ball Ornaments/Decorations – Set of 6 with Storage Box aren’t going to break any time soon, especially if children or pets are around They go great if you’re going for a red and white Christmas and have a nice glittery finish, even though they’re not made of glass.

The ornaments look best in a 5-8ft. tall Christmas tree and come ready to hand out of the box. The pre-looped string sure are going to be handy in the busy season.

As they’re made of plastic, the ornaments are also lightweight and don’t add weight to your tree, so you can let your creativity flow.

The ornaments come in a reusable slotted box with a slide off cover so it helps you organize better as well. Not to mention you may also offer them as a gift this Christmas as the box looks nice.


For the dreamy, white Christmas a nice and low priced option is the Shatterproof White Snowball Christmas Balls, Set of 6, 80mm.

The ornaments are shatterproof and combine the looks of the real glass with the unbreakable quality of plastic. They are very safe to use around children, pets and elderly and look nice as well

The Christmas ball ornaments present white glitter, looking exactly like big snowballs. They’re a great choice for a 5-8 ft. range tree and come pre-looped. They don’t add weight to your Christmas tree, as they’re lightweight.

The ornaments come in a reusable slotted box with slide off cover so it’s easy for you to store them and to offer them as a gift.


The transparency of the Transparent White Swirl Clear Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments / Tree Decorations, Set of 6, 80mm looks so dreamy under the Christmas lights, which is why you should try them this year.

The ornaments are shatterproof and handle a drop or two. The clear transparent ball with swirls looks nice and gives a nice flow to any 5-8ft. Christmas tree.

Lightweight and durable, the ornaments don’t weigh down a Christmas tree and hold up for a good amount of time. The reusable slotted box helps you store them better and you can also turn them in a pretty Christmas gift.


Another famous brand that gives you traditional and nice Christmas ornaments is Fun Express.

When your Christmas needs some large ornaments that make a great impression on any Christmas tree, go for instance with the (Pack of 12) Red Glitter Poinsettia Christmas Tree Ornaments.

You’re going to find the right spots in your tree for the 4 ½” big poinsettia in the pack. The red petals sure impress the eye and combine absolutely perfect with the green leaves. The gold glitter trim is subtle, yet brings an elegant feel to the ornaments.

Made of nylon, the red poinsettia ornaments are going to last and look nice for many years to come. You may very well use them as tie on s on the Christmas gifts, to add more elegance to the presents.


Even though they’re not ornaments, the Craft Kits And Supplies 200 Christmas Jingle Bells are representative for the popularity of Fun Express.

The jingle bells bring the joyful feel on any Christmas tree or decoration as nothing else sounds better this time of the year.

The package includes 200 pieces per unit and the bells vary from ¼” to ½” in size. Green, red or golden, the jingle bells may be used not only as ornaments, but also for gift, craft and all sorts of jewelry.


When you want to give an elegant feel to your Christmas tree, take a leap of faith with the Oriental Trading Company Glass Icicle, Multi Color, 12 Count.

The 4 ½ ornaments are nicely colored and come with beautiful blue and amber hues. They look magical and bring a fairy tale feel to any Christmas tree.

Made of glass, the 12 ornaments look amazing especially under the Christmas lights. Let your creativity flow and decorate some chandeliers or windows around the house with the delicate and elegant ornaments as well.


When you like simple solutions for your Christmas decorations and would rather get as many ornaments as you can for just one price, Valery Madelyn is an option to have in mind.

You can find in one package most of the ornaments you’d need for your Christmas tree. Additionally, the ornaments are various and look nice, with no cheap feel related whatsoever.

For instance, if you’re going to have a natural themed Christmas, the Valery Madelyn 50ct Woodland Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments, 50 Pcs Metal Hooks Included is a great option for many.

The set includes 50 various ornaments that range in size from 3.15 to 8in. they are made of plastic, but don’t lose a real wood feel either. The package includes onion, pine coins, holly leaves and maple leaves as well.

The diversity of the ornaments is great and they present a multi-finish so they don’t just differ in shape, but also in overall appearance.

The ornaments come also with “S” shape metal hooks so are ready to hang out of the box. The classy metal hooks complete their looks.

If that’s not enough reason for you, the fact they come as gift-wrapped may seal the deal in your case.


Many of you out there are always going to love the red and gold Christmas and this is why the Valery Madelyn 30ct Luxury Red and Gold Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments,60mm/2.36inch,30 Hooks Included seems like a natural choice for you.

The ball ornaments present multi-finish so they are various on many levels. The package includes gold and red ornaments, a combination that seems everlasting. The glitter details and the multi-design give a diverse look to your Christmas tree.

The ornaments come with an elegant metal hook so they’re ready to hang out of the box. shiny, matte or frosted, the ornaments are easy to use and to combine for the perfect looks on your Christmas tree.

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