Best Christmas Hamper

Best Christmas Hamper

The Christmas hamper has become more and more popular in the last 30 years and we have to thank the big corporates for that. Either we talk about the high-end companies, or the very next-door shop, it’s quite common to get a pre-picked artisan goodies that may save the day when you don’t have the time, nor the inspiration to find a better option.

What it should include

When you’re swamped in your business and simply don’t have the time to find the things you need for creating the perfect Christmas hampers, it’s way easier to find one off the shelf. You do need to take a look at the small details though and to seek that your Christmas hamper does contains everything your loved one needs and wants for Christmas.

  • The looks – Go for a hamper basket that looks nice, without paying too much for it.
  • Some healthy nuts -Many like the Christmas hampers with a lot of French toasted pumpkin seed oil, simply perfect for a roast veg
  • The hand-blended liqueurs – Many use interesting and exotic combinations (Jade Dragon is a good example) for their culinary products
  • Various snacks – You can never go wrong with fruity, nutty, crispy toast that go great with cheese
  • Something sweet – Either it’s cupcakes or gingerbread, you should be off the hook if your Christmas hamper has it! Play a bit and throw some nice mini chocolates as well
  • Cheese -Who doesn’t like a nice variety of cheese display?
  • Christmas decorations -Take it to the next level and get some peppermint candy canes to hang on the Christmas tree
  • A touch of nature -A Christmas hamper looks more romantic when it’s colored with some dried rose buds that leave a nice, subtle smell.

As you can see, there are many things your Christmas hamper should include and you only need a couple of minutes to decide which option you like best.

Here are our suggestions!

A Christmas hamper doesn’t have to be all about the chocolate and the gingerbread cookies and you can definitely make a nice surprise with one full of dried fruits. The nice flavors found in the Golden State Fruit Pacific Coast Classic Dried Fruit Tray Gift also make it a good choice when you want to surprise someone, without spending too much bucks.

The hamper includes a nice variety of dried fruits (dried apricots, peaches, pears, plums, prunes, and apples0, but also salted almonds and roasted salted pistachios in the shell.

The red ribbon looks nice and the hamper sure has a subtle Christmas vibe.

When you want to make a nice kosher surprise or simply a Christmas gift, go nuts with the Hula Delights Deluxe Roasted Nuts Gift Baskets, 7-Section.

The nuts are beautifully presented and the display is so artistic and nice. The octagon shaped container features seven sections, each including a single type of nuts. You may find so tasteful all of them so it’s impossible not to like all of them. The basket includes: cashews, mixed nuts, roasted salted macadamia nuts, pistachios, almonds, and raw walnuts. The honey-glazed pecans are simply delicious.

Wrapped in organza ribbons, the basket is a great Christmas present anytime.

The winter seasons are all about spoil and luxurious feel and you may have a sure shot with a hamper that contains a nice combination of cheese, fruits and nuts. The Cheese and Nuts Delight Fruit Basket spoils the tongue of any receiver.

You may find in the hamper natural cheddar cheese, some premium roasted and salted almonds, two kids of pears, two kinds of apples and a fruit in season. The oranges and mandarins do say Christmas anytime, completing the hamper.

The 2 ounces of Partners Olive Sea salt crackers are the final touch for the hamper.

The basket is woven and its faux linen green bow gives its nice looks, with a traditional Christmas feel to it.

If you know for sure that the receiver of your hamper loves chocolate, you definitely can’t go wrong with the Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket.

The hamper is all about the luxurious mixture of crisp caramel corns, the traditions caramel corn with dark chocolate drizzle, and the peanut brittle. Add the sea salt and toffee, and you get a delicious combination that can’t be refused.

As it comes with a nice red ribbon, the hamper is a great choice for the winter holidays. It comes with ice packs so you shouldn’t worry about the chocolates melting.

Either you want to give it for Christmas, or on a birthday occasion, the Broadway Basketeers Gourmet Gift Basket is a nice surprise for anyone.

The basket makes it as great Christmas hamper due to all the great things it includes: the chocolate hazelnut wafer rolls, the blueberry-Greek yoghourt cookies, the brown and Haley almond Roca or the Shila G’s brownie brittle. We all enjoy a Bellagio Hot Cocoa, along with vanilla caramel kiss taffies. The salted and roasted pistachios mix well with the assorted fruit flashers and the basket is a nice Christmas present.

For those of you who really like the Christmas sweets and never go in the mood of Christmas without tasting some nicely flavored cakes, the Dulcet Deluxe Gourmet Food Gift Basket Includes: Assorted Brownies, Assorted Crumb Cakes Assorted Rugelach, and Assorted Muffins. Great gift idea! makes a natural choice.

The package includes a nice variety of sweets: 1 chocolate cheese brownie, 1 old-fashioned crumb cake, one pumpkin muffin and one banana muffin. The raspberry crumb cake, the assorted rugelach and the chocolate chip brownie complete the selection.

Even though this isn’t the typical Christmas hamper, it can sure serve you as one as it comes beautifully packaged, in a deep red color and an elegant bow ribbon that creates a stylish Christmas feel!

You can’t really call it a Christmas if you don’t have some sausage on your table, right. The Dan the Sausageman’s Favorite Gourmet Gift Basket -Featuring Dan’s Original Sausage, Seabear Smoked Salmon, 100% Wisconsin Cheeses, and Dan’s Sweet Hot Mustard is a great gift box that is a nice surprise for anyone, not only the gourmand ones. You may enjoy the original summer sausage, the sea bear smoked salmon, and the roasted garlic red pepper summer sausage. For a complete meal, have a bit from the Wisconsin cheddar cheese and the Elki crackers. Complete the flavors of the sausages with the Sweet hot mustard and enjoy in the end the chocolate covered cherries.

Let’s not forget the nicely handmade wooden crate that really sends you away, to an old-fashioned Christmas.

The pretty and fun looks of the Gift Basket Village The Midwesterner Cheese and Sausage Gift Basket, Medium are one reason why you should try it as a Christmas hamper when in need.

The nicely hand crafted basket comes with rope details and double drop handles, fitting the Christmas atmosphere just right.

The basket include gourmet crackers, Wisconsin Swiss cheese, Wisconsin cheddar cheese, assorted mustard that goes so well with the beef salami or the beef summer sausage inside the basket. The Boca bar cocktail mix, the butter shortbread cookies, the chocolate chip shortbread cookies are great as dessert, and the cranberry cheddar gourmet cheese is always great for Christmas. The cream filled wafer cookies are tasty and the basket makes happy many out there.

Treat your friends with a nice and various selection of chocolates and cakes this Christmas with the Chocolate Treasures Gourmet Food Gift Basket (Ice Packaging).

The basket makes an incredible impression from the first look as it looks very elegant and luxurious. The variety of sweets inside the hamper is impressive: double chocolate brownie, chocolate dipped truffle cookies, chocolate crackle cookies, dolcetto tiramisu filled pastry cookies, gourmet chocolate chip cookies and dolcezze shortbread cookies. The list doesn’t stop here and it’s impossible not to like the white chocolate caramel cocoa mix, the Chambrey chocolate raspberry truffles or the ice wine chocolate truffles.

We’re going to leave some of them aside so you can fully enjoy the surprise when opening the hamper.

the frosted pine and the pretty red and green ribbons of the Hometown Holiday Gourmet | Christmas Gift Basket of Wisconsin Cheeses, Sausage, and Nuts basket recommends it as a cute Christmas present whenever in need.

The hamper is a great gourmet gift that includes a good combination of sausage, cracker, Wisconsin cheeses and nuts.

You may also find inside: focaccia crisp crackers, Cranberry cheddar gourmet cheese, green olive and pimiento cheese dip and an assorted pimento cheese dip. The all-beef summer sausage with cranberries is tasty, whereas the jumbo cashews and peanuts “Nik Naks” cocktail mix spicy up the things a bit. The mint chocolate wafer cookies, along with the cranberry bog frogs are many’s favorite desert, for sure!

When you go for the royal feel, nothing work better than purple and golden. This is why the Heart Healthy Gourmet Food Gift Basket with Smoked Salmon works so great as a Christmas hamper, not to mention about the abundance of ingredients inside!

You may find inside the basket all sorts of low fat and heart healthy items, so they don’t just look pretty, but also are considerate to your health.

Here’s what you are going to find inside: Gourmet Tomato basil sauce mix, all natural organic whole grain crackers, pasta Mamas whole wheat pasta, smoked salmon fillet, and natural granola bars, organic mixed berry jam, fancy mixed dried fruit snack, smoked California Almonds. The artisan breadstick, the D’Olivio Tuscany green olives or the Sisters Premium green tea simply make the hamper an offer difficult to not enjoy.

The large round willow woven basket with handle make it look nice and easy to carry, as well.

Go Italian when you want to make a big impression on the one you love with the Italian Luxuries Gift Basket (5.7 pound).

When it comes to this basket, it’s not the appearance that makes the biggest impression, but what’s inside. Don’t get us wrong, the hamper still looks elegant and simple, but it’s definitely the most festive option out there.

What is inside the basket compensates though and impresses a lot more? Here are the goodies: Mountain gorgonzola, Grana Padano, the Pecorino crotons, the Montasio cheese, and a 100% Italiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You can’t enjoy the finest cheeses without a nice, elegant, signature cheese knife or some high quality grissini crunchy breadsticks. Enjoy the special taste of the Italian biscotti, the acetum balsamic vinegar, or the Italian vegetable tapenade. As for dessert, don’t back down and have some taste of the T’a Milano chocolate bar or the torrone, the nougat dessert that’s so popular in Italy.

The premium gourmet food selection from the Pick of the Season Gourmet Food Gift Basket with Smoked Salmon (Candy Option) fit very well its elegant looks, becoming a classic Christmas gift.

The beautiful hamper includes premium smoked salmon, Brie cheese spread, Merlot wine Cheddar Cheese spread, savory Beef salami. They all go great with the Champagne Dill mustard, the raspberry amaretto jam or the fruit and nut mix. The three-pepper blend, the water crackers the focaccia Italian cracker crisps, and the glazed pretzel are to die for, whereas the sweet butter cookie, the chocolate raspberry cake and the Licorice petites go great for dessert.

Have a nice English breakfast tea with some silk crunch cookie aside or the espresso almonds.


When you’re not sure what your friend likes but still want to make a nice surprise, play it safe and get a hamper that includes a great variety of small comforts that may satisfy even the pickiest receiver.


The Holiday Comforts | Meat, Cheese & Nuts | Christmas Gift Basket is filled with an impressive list of various items, going from beef salami, all beef summer sausage cranberries, to Wisconsin Swiss cheese some cranberry Cheddar cheese. Your loved one is going to enjoy also the focaccia crisp crackers, the garlic and onion spread, assorted dipping mustard or the jumbo cashews and peanuts. As for the sweets, you surely can’t go wrong with the nice selection of caramel and chocolate covered dried cranberries and cashews or the chocolate wafer cookies.

Looking pretty and so generous when it comes to its great variety of comforts, the Christmas hamper is a sure choice when in need.

We’ve all aware how the French diet is all praised around the world from being so healthy and fine. This is why you may spoil some you love this Christmas with the French Premier Gift Basket (9.9 pound)

You need to see behind the looks, as the basket doesn’t impresses with its luxurious appearance, but with its special and exquisite comforts. The basket looks elegant, yet it’s not the most sophisticated look for Christmas.

Your loved one is going to enjoy a nice variety of cheeses: Camembert, Chevre by Couturier, Comte, Fourme d’Ambert, and Agour Ossau-Iraty that match so tasteful with the Trouvillais by Biscuterie de l’Abbaye (shortbread cookies made with butter) or the mini toasts.

The basket comes with saucisson sec, Provencal water wheels, Michel Cluizel French chocolate bar and some Edmond Fallot Dijon mustard.

It ain’t French Christmas without some Mousse Truffe or some French cornichon, right? The Agour Bsque dark cherry jam, the petit tresors or the Fleur de Sel Caramels by Kenzi complete the luxurious French hamper.

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