The Best Christmas Gifts For Wife (Her)

best-christmas-gift-for-herOK, we admit: when it comes to women it’s very difficult (let’s not say „impossible”) to know what they are thinking, what they want in life.

Many men are still confused about the women in their life; after all, we are all complex creatures. Most of the differences between men in women are shown in a relationship and, even though it seems like „Mission Impossible- The Never-ending Sequel”, some things, rules, general facts about women do strike home, in the end.

You just need to read a little bit, apply some tips and… try. Reading this might help not only give you a hint about the woman in your life, but also about what she might want from you. On any given day and… on Christmas. It would be great if this year she doesn’t get a refund or change on your gift, wouldn’t it?

Show your woman respect. Listen to her when she speaks (really listen!), know her opinions, career, interests, friends (yeah, it’s a struggle, we know :)) and mind. You don’t have to agree with everything she says (it would be just like a speech like that), but honor her opinions as valuable. Fairly kind, and considerate- this is what you should try for a change. 🙂

Give you woman romance. Some candles can work wonders; light some candles and see where it goes…Your wife was, at some point, your girlfriend and it’s nice to treat her just like then. Try this out.

Scented Candles – Romance – Set of 3: Rose Petals, Champagne, and Dark Chocolate

This romance set is gift wrapped and it set contains 3 differently scented 4 ounce candles. The scents are nice and soft, not strong and the candles are handmade in our USA with natural soy oils.

Each of these candles will burn for 25-30 hours, so…you are covered for some weeks 🙂

The subtle jar design of these candles fits in any room – use one for a small room or combine two for a larger room. The candles will burn very clean (no smoke whatsoever) and the vintage labels give them an artistic look on any shelf of your house..

The set is 100% guaranteed and, if she doesn’t like any of the candles (even though it’s a very slim chance on that), you can get a total refund.

And, now that we are in the bedroom, you can help your wife get a better sleep with this Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, White. This is a „dangerous” gift since some men found themselves left aside once their wives got this pillow 🙂

It’s a body pillow that your wife will appreciate it especially while pregnant, but she can enjoy it even if she’s not pregnant. This pillow supports hips, neck and tummy and this is why is so successful.

On the other hand, this Snoogle prevents sciatica, lower back pains, cradles the tummy and props the head to help breathing and keep away heartburn (if your wife is pregnant).

The sham-style of this pillow features a removable cover that is machine washable.

When it comes to comfort around the house, nothing says better „I Love you” than a nice pair of slippers. On Christmas, spoil your wife with this Bearpaw Loki II Shearling Slipper, made of suede and imported. The heel is only around 3/4 inches and the platform measures…0” 🙂

You will be able to find the color that your wife likes, since there are no less than 19 colors on these slippers to choose from.

The plush lining, flexible and the non-marking sole make these slippers soft and warm and don’t make the feet of your wife sweat. So, Christmas can be cozy and nice and no one likes their feet cold in front of the Christmas Tree.

Along any warm, cozy, soft pair of sleepers comes a bathrobe that feels nice and snuggled, no matter how much snow there is outside. This TowelSelections Turkish Cotton Bathrobe Terry Kimono Robe  is a Kimono style bathrobe that comes in 10 colors and 4 sizes.

Made from Turkish Cotton 100%, in Turkey, this is a good quality bathrobe that doesn’t shrink after the first wash and is machine washable (in warm water, though).

Pretty absorbent, very comfortable and the producers gives enough hints for the size you should pick for your wife.

Keep in mind to tumble dry low heat and to take off the belt from the bathrobe before washing it. Avoid using bleach, fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

Any bathrobe should be put on before taking a bath. Christmas means spoiling, and you can nicely surprise your wife with this Bath Bombs Gift Set by Rejuvelle – 6 Essential Oil Lush Handmade Spa Bomb Fizzies. Your wife will enjoy this set of 100% Natural and Organic small bath bombs that come in 6 fragrances.

Nicely wrapped, these bath bombs are a nice Christmas gift for your wife and are smaller than the typical bath bombs. Each of them has oil already in it and one is more than enough for a bath.

Even though they are colored, these bath bombs don’t stain the bath tub and there are no herbs in them to clog in the drain either.

Each of the 6 bath bombs from this set has a fragrance specific for a certain mood. Some relax, some spice up the body when a cold is troubling your wife, some simple let your wife feel like a queen just because… 🙂

Any nice, elegant, cozy bath needs special beauty products for your wife. This French Vanilla Bath Gift Set gives her the pampering feeling even before she opens the box. It’s a wooden jewelry box, with a leather-look, in two tone of natural wood and features trendy thumbnails and a mirror.

Your wife will find inside the box a 200ml shower gel, 200 ml bubble bath, 120g bath salt, 120 ml body spray, 100ml body lotion and 2 ball bath fizzer. Practically, she won’t need anything else for a royal bath. The pure, spicy, delicate mix of fragrances make her feel luxurious and special.

So, for a special, luxurious feel when bathing, go for this beautifully crafted precious basket!

No wife will admit it, but all of them need more time for spoiling themselves. They always run, clean, cook and so on. Sometime they just need 15 minutes break to…put on some dead sea mud mask. This Dead Sea Mud Mask Best for Facial Treatment will give your wife the flawless skin that she always wanted. Acne, wrinkles, fine lines around the eyes and mouth- they all appear at some point and your wife needs this mask- she will appreciate the effort! And let’s not say about the cellulite that seems to be an endless fight for your wife!

This Dead Sea mud mask is made with natural ingredients and is safe to use on face and body. It doesn’t feel like other Dead Sea masks and has a wonderful, yet light fragrance. So give your wife a „spa” feeling with this soothing, moisturizing and relaxing dead sea mud mask.

Once your wife completed with the Dead Sea mud mask, she can complete her night routine with this RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream.

This is a hypoallergenic and dermatological tested cream that combines pure Retinol and essential mineral complex. It’s oil free and doesn’t clog pores.

Your wife should use this only external and to keep it out of eyes. If she senses any discomfort, it’s better to reduce application to every other day.

It’s also a good thing if your wife uses also an SPF 15 sunscreen while using this product; Retinol is quite a powerful substance. The results will show after two weeks of use and your wife won’t give up on it, even 10 years later. 😉

Now that your lady is all pampered and snug in her bed, maybe you can think about the next day after Christmas when she wants to get out and meet friends. We know it’s a challenge to find the perfect clothes for a woman (sizing is a sensitive issue) and this is why we suggest the VamJump Women Winter knitted Cashmere Poncho Cape Shawl Sweater Cardigan.

This is a faux cashmere reversible shawl, 110*150 cm (43”x59”) and you can’t really go wrong with it since your wife can wear it in any given day, over her clothing.

Well made, with a rustic, yet chic appearance, this poncho drapes below the knees, doesn’t hit the ground and needs not trying on.

Soft and pretty, this poncho comes in 6 colors to choose from.

No one wants to get cold in winter time (or any other time) so treat your wife as the special lady in your wife with this La Fiorentina Women’s Cashmere Knit Pointelle Hat and Glove Set

It’s made of 90% wool and 10% cashmere, so your wife should only feel warm and cozy wearing this set.

This set is imported and has to be dry clean only.

It comes in 3 warm and soft colors that will make your wife feel light and comfortable, no matter how low the degrees go.

Show your appreciation to your wife with this Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Happy Times Gourmet Food Basket. Christmas is a time when we put diets aside and allow ourselves to bend the rules a little bit.

This wonderfully wrapped basket contains cheese, cookies, candy, salami, small fruits bonbons, cajun spicy snack mix, Columbian Coffe, Italian cracker crisps, California almonds. They are all special flavors and treats that bring smile on anyone’s face.

Carefully handcrafted, ties with a bow, once it’s gone, this basket may become a nice decor item in your house or office. And, it’s sure that your wife will savor it together with you and not by herself 🙂

In case your wife is the modern type, this Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker will make her smile for sure.

Small and compact, easily to move from room to room or to travel with, this wireless speaker and speakerphone may go for 15 hours on a single charge.

It connects via Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm stereo cable and comes with a 24” USB cable.

This Big Jambox features an excellent speakerphone and is true full duplex, and a joy to talk on.

It has clear mid and high tones, a LiveAudio feature and a simulated 3D surround sound mode.

Trendy and cool looking, this device has a long battery life and satisfies the needs of any modern wife. 🙂

And now that we are talking about modern gifts, for the wide that always walks around in the house with her Ipad, surprise her with this DODOcase, Inc. Solid Case for iPad Air. This has a smart cover- magnets activate the tablet’s sleep/wake functionality when the case is closed or opened so your wife doesn’t need to loose time turning it off or on.

The strength-tested bamboo tray not only looks nice, but it’s also impact-resistant; the precision cut bamboo tray gives also easy access to device ports and buttons.

This Dodocase has soft-surface stand mode (lap/bed/couch); the A-frame upright standing mode is ideal when watching movies.

The Dodocase gives 360 Degree Protection and has an elegant design that will impress your elegant, modern wife 🙂

No matter how traditional or modern your wife might be, it’s a sure thingg that she has more than one ring or one bracelet or necklace. So this Zoohu Sculpted Jewelry Tree would be both practical and nice to place around.

Crafted of solid metal and finished in a beautiful black finish, this sculpted jewelry tree has a solid wood base to hold watches, rings or any other small items.

Each brand of the tree or leave has a special design to hang ring, necklace or bracelet.

You do have to assemble it, but your wife will thank you once she starts using it 🙂


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