5 Best Blackout Curtains for Your Cozy Home in Mid 2021

blackout curtains

Some places in the world get a little too much sunlight. If you feel like you’re seeing stars, then it’s time to get the best blackout curtains for your home.

It’s the morning and the suns streaming through the windows. You wanted a lay-in, but the light outside has other ideas.

Sound familiar? Even with curtains, you can’t always stop the sun getting through, and it can become a problem. If you’re not getting the right amount of sleep because of the sun, you can say hello to increased fatigue, stress, and anxiety.

But you can solve the problem with blackout curtains. These are drapes that effectively block out the sun, giving you the peaceful sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

Take a look at our list of the best blackout curtains to find the right option for your bedroom.

1) AmazonBasics

If you’ve got lots of sunlight hitting your home, you can make the most of solar savings. But to protect your furniture and help you sleep, we recommend AmazonBasics blackout drapes.

They’re competitively priced but don’t skimp on quality. Unlike some other options which use a stiff liner, the curtain relies completely on fabric. This keeps it light and moveable but still works very well.

The curtains are easily tied back with two velcro ties. They can also be washed in a washing machine, making keeping your home clean a lot easier.

2) Flamingo

The Flamingo P black out curtains are ideal for windows with rods. The grommets make them easy to slide on so installation is a breeze!

Made from thick material, these drapes will be sure to block out sunlight coming in through your windows. They may not be made to measure curtains, but you can get a length to fit floor to ceiling windows, preventing any light from coming in at the bottom.

3) Deconovo

The Deconovo light curtains are made to the highest quality. Created from 230 GSM, triple-weave polyester, they help block out the light and keep the heat in. Energy-saving and light-proof – it’s a win-win!

They’re made completely of lightweight fabric and are designed to be long-lasting. For curtains that are going to perform year after year, these are a great choice.

4) Miuco

If you want to bring some color into your home whilst still blocking out the light, try a Miuco blackout curtain!

They’re available in a wide range of colors, from rusty orange to sky blue, bringing character to every home. The darker shades will block out more light than the lighter ones, so bear that in mind.

But even with the lighter colors, the thick fabric will block out light and act as a sound barrier. They also have weighted hems to make sure they hang straight, keeping your home neat, tidy, and colorful.

5) Redi Shade

These trim-to-fit light blocking curtains are super easy to install. They don’t need any drills, screws, or brackets to put up, so even someone who hates DIY can put these up.

With no cords and a simple design, they’re perfect if you’re looking for a minimal look. They’re even recyclable, giving these shades bonus eco-friendly points!

Pick Your Best Blackout Curtains

Now you know which top our list, it’s time to pick the best blackout curtains for your home. Once they’re up, get ready for some extra peaceful lay-ins!

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