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If winter is spreading around only snowflakes, and spring is spreading colorful flowers…what kind of feelings does the bedroom in your home spread around? Is it elegance, comfort, fun, playfulness, simplicity?

Were you trying to have the elegant look and you still sense that something is missing, like some lovely bedspreads?

Find a bedspread now. The best bedspread for you is out there!

The market is full of options when it comes to bedspreads. Whether you search for an elegant pattern on your bedspread or you want one that brings back the memories from your childhood- colorful and joyful- there are many offers, you just need more than one minute to find it.

Which are the best bedspreads?

Curiosity killed the cat, they say. However, we stood brave and fought to find the 12 bedspreads that do best in the market. A penny for one question? Not quite, since we already know that you do search for the high quality, and yet affordable, elegant, but not pretentious, colorful, but not “circus like” bedspread for your home.

At the drop of the hat…here are the winners!

We read, tried, talked about and we agreed: you cannot judge a book by its cover, but you can certainly do that with a bedspread. Whether it has a cotton cover and a microfiber filling, or it’s 100% Polyester, your bedspread or set for bed must be out there, just a click away from giving your bedroom the look that you have always dreamed of.

Best thing since sliced bread…the internet! It helped us decide which are the best 5 bedspreads to choose from.


Bringing a fun, playful feel to your bedroom isn’t difficult when using bedspreads like the 4 Zig Zag Reversible Chevron Bedspread Quilt with Matching Shams and Cushion pillow.

The colorful bedspread looks very cute and gives a fresh feel in your room the second you put it on your bed.

The best part about the bedspread is that it’s reversible so you can simply flip it from time to time so change the atmosphere on your bed.

One side has a bright teal and white chevron design, whereas the other side is a scaled-down Gray and white. Either way, both sides are fun and able to bring a positive vibe into any room of your home. The chevron coverlet looks quite dramatic, giving a nice baldness to your room. Versatility is great in bedspreads, and you should try this sort of bedding, but also for other duvet covers in your home.

The bedspread has a quilted embossed design so it’s not only elegant, but also quite thick and warm. We really like the soft feel of the quilt and the stylish appearance of the set.

The two matching shams ensure the best appearance and save you the trouble of trying to get the best option for a sham. Microfiber and cotton fill were used for the bedding, so it’s easy to take care of. It’s easy to wash the set from time to time.

Along with the bedspread you get a decorative pillow and one standard sham. The colors run true and the bedspread set is great for the price.

Here are the things we like the most on the set:

  • The bedspread is reversible
  • The patterns look bold and elegant
  • The bedspread isn’t too thick and has a good size
  • The set comes with a decorative pillow and a matching sham

We’re not complaining much about the downsides:

  • Some had difficulties inserting the pillow in the sham
  • It has a strong smell in the beginning

The cons aren’t deal breakers for us and we like the bedspread for its versatility, nice appearance and fun vibe it gives to any bedding.

Should you be searching for artistic beddings, look no further and get yourself the Bedsure “Yule Tide” Printed Quilt Set.

The bedding set includes not only a quilted bedspread, but also two shams so the visual impact is complete.

100% microfiber is the fabric of the comforter, which explains the ensuring a soft and plush feeling. The bedding feels nice against your skin, but it has also fade and wrinkle resistant.

The multilayer build explains the durability of the bedding, and each of the 5 layers is well stitched together. The bedspread is not only long lasting, but also lightweight.

The cute floral print of the cover manages to completely change the appearance in any room. The bedspread also comes in prints with Christmas elements and you get to pick from various color combinations. The colors are vibrant and the patchwork is nice for every set.

Apart from the print, the best part about the bedspread is that it’s quite big without getting you too hoot. The duvet cover has good build and you may machine wash the bedding with cold water. In order to expand the lifespan of the set, it’s better to not bleach the bedding and only tumble dry it on low heat.

Highlighting the most important qualities:

  • The bedspread has a soft and plush feel
  • The patchwork looks nice
  • The set comes with two matching shams
  • The bedding set is lightweight and has a good size

We do have some downsides to mention:

  • The duvet cover has a strong smell in the beginning
  • The colors don’t run true

Despite the downsides, we’d still take a shot with this one set whenever feeling to give the best floral, artistic vibe to any bed.

Soft to the touch and impressive in size, the Chezmoi Collection Austin 3-piece Oversized Bedspread Coverlet Set is a nice option that looks good on any bed.

The set includes a bedspread and two shams so you don’t have to search for matching pillowcases for bedding.

100% Microfiber is the material of the duvet cover, so the soft touch sensation is always there. It’s even softer than cotton bedding!

The bedspread is thin and lightweight, keeping you warm. The duvet cover hangs nicely on both sides and has lots of length, covering the whole bed. The large design helps the bedding look elegant on any bed.

The fabric’s pattern from this bedding is stamped into it so there are no threads or stitches that could minimize comfort while sleeping in your bed.

You may easily wash the duvet cover in the washing machine. The set holds up pretty well in the washer and the color doesn’t wear out.

Now that we’re talking about colors, the set comes in many color options so you can easily find the perfect one for your bedding. The colors of these bedspreads are bright and don’t fade out fast.

The bedspread looks nice and gives an elegant and new vibe to your bedroom.

Listing the top qualities, here’s what we like the most about this set:

  • The bedding set includes one duvet cover and two matching shams
  • The bedspread is thin and lightweight
  • The pattern is stamped into it
  • The duvet cover looks nice and the whole set washes well

We do have some cons also:

  • The stitching on the set may be improved
  • The shams don’t quite fit the standard size pillows for bedding, according to some

Despite the minor issues, the set with bedspread and two shams is still an elegant choice for your bedroom, especially when you take a look at the price for the set.

Give your favorite room in your home the best classic vibe with the Fancy Collection 3pc Luxury Bedspread Coverlet Embossed.

The set includes a nice quilted bedspread and two pillows. The set looks so nice and the stitching creates a warm elegance. The comforter has good stitches, and has a good, comfortable weight, despite the build.

100% microfiber with soft touch feel was used for manufacturing the comforter.

We like the bedspread as it has the best, rather big size and hangs nicely on any bed. The set runs true to colors and keeps you warm. The material is nice and thin and the bedspread fits nicely your bed.

You may choose from no less than 12 colors and get the set of duvet covers that fits the best your room.

As for caring, the bedspread fits a regular washing machine and dryer as well. You simply wash it and dry the set when in need. The colors of the bedding don’t wear out fast.

Here are our favorite things about the set:

  • The bedspread looks elegant and nice
  • It comes with matching shams
  • The set has a good size and fits your bed nicely
  • The bedding is lightweight and the colors of all duvet covers are nice

There are only some flaws attached:

  • It has a strange smell at first
  • The shams could have a better build

All things considered, for the money you pay, you get one elegant set with bedspread with two shams that gives the best classical vibe to your bed and bedroom.

Classic, yet so nice and elegant, the Beatrice Home Fashions Channel Chenille Bedspread doesn’t need fancy patterns to make a great impression. The bedspread comes in a warm, solid color and the cotton chenille build with channel stripes is efficient, yet subtle.

The chenille bedspread creates an elegant, vintage atmosphere in any room and a relaxed, calm vibe altogether. The backside is color-matched so it looks nice either way on your bed.

The edges on the bedspread are hemmed and the whole bedspread is well manufactured, having a nice durability feel to it. As a matter of fact, the bedspread sure looks top quality, which is even better.

The bedspread is lightweight and the pattern is so nice. The fabric of the bedding is thin and feels nice against your skin. You may even use it as a top bedspread in the summertime.

100% cotton was used for this comforter, and the bedspread doesn’t have a specific smell right out of the box. Quite the opposite, the bedspread smells rather nice even in the beginning.

The bedspread is one model taking washing without colors fading out. The colors are warm and don’t wear out from the bright sun. You should wash the set separately, in order to keep it in best shape.

Let’s put the good things under the  spotlight:

  • The bedspread will give your bed an elegant and classic look
  • The colors are warm
  • The bedspread has great finishes, with hemmed edges
  • The top channel design has a nice, luxurious feel

We also need to mention the cons:

  • The corners aren’t rounded
  • It doesn’t come with matching shams

Apart from the minor issues, for the luxurious, warm feel it brings to your room, the bedspread is worth every penny, since they aren’t that many you need to pay anyway.

When you’re looking for some warm, neutral colors for your room, the 3pc Beige / Taupe Very Soft Fully Quilted Embroidery Bedspread Bed Coverlets Cover Set makes a good choice.

The set includes not only a bedspread, but also two matching shams that spare you the trouble of going shopping for two pillow shams.

The bedspread has full quilted embroidery, so it gives your bed a vintage, warm feel. 100% polyester was used for the comforter, which explains the nice soft touch feel.

The bedspread has impressive build and seems to take intense use for quite some time. It feels lightweight and keeps you warm in the wintertime. Finding bedspreads to keep you warm without adding too much weight is quite tricky!

The beige/taupe colors bring a nice warmth to any room and it’s not complicated to combine it with most colors.

As for caring, no worries either. The bedspread is one of the best at washing, but it’s a good idea to only use cold water and a gentle cycle.

In case you want to do it all way, it’s good to know you may also get the matching curtains.

Here are the things we like the most:

  • The bedspread comes in nice, warm colors
  • The set includes two matching shams
  • It’s lightweight and comfortable
  • It’s well made and soft

The issues aren’t major:

  • The bedspread is a tad small
  • Some reported that the shams aren’t sized well

For the nice, warm appearance and the easy to match colors and warmth, this set with bedspread and matching sham is an amazing choice for you and your partner.

Don’t hesitate to give your bedroom an old-fashioned look with a bedspread like the Cottage Charm Floral Lattice Chenille Lightweight Bedspread with Fringe Edging.

The chenille bedspread presents a pretty floral lattice design that warms up the bedroom. The fringe edging looks nice and adds a nice flow to the look.

Cotton was used for this comforter, which has a nice, soft touch feel. Apart from the nice feel, the bedspread has no specific smell out of the box either. The finishes are great and you should get the set of bedding for the durable and elegant look.

It doesn’t feel flimsy at all. It’s easy to take care of the bedspread as it washes and dries well. The bedspread is lightweight and goes great in the spring and summer.

It comes with a built-in bed skirt, which is the best to have for amazing results. The bedspread is long and changes the vibe of an entire room. The pattern is nice and the bedspread is worth every penny.

Don’t forget to get the matching shams for a complete impact in your bedroom.

A very short list of pros:

  • The bedspread has a pretty floral lattice design]
  • The fringe edging gives a nice flowy appearance
  • The bedspread is lightweight and great for spring and summer
  • The comforter is well made from cotton with soft fiber

We’d like to see some minor changes:

  • If you’re looking for a modern vibe, this isn’t the right choice for you
  • It doesn’t come with matching shams

Never mind the cons as the bedspread sure brings many good things to the table, which is far more important.

The beautiful Modern Heirloom Collection Felisa Cotton Filled Bedspread manages to bring the modern era to your room.

The bedspread is made with 100% soft cotton front and a poly brush backing. Therefore, the bedspread has a nice touch feel and takes the intense use. It’s well made and has a durable feel.

It’s a comforter with king size so it fits nicely on any bed. Its design is great and the quilted cotton batting features vermicelli quilting all over the comforter. The embroidered top looks amazing and becomes the centerpiece of any bedroom.

Despite the design, the comforter doesn’t feel heavyweight, but very comfortable. Furthermore, it doesn’t show any wrinkles and is breathable.

The comforter has a good length and feels soft. It fits well and you may use the washing machine for cleaning it.

Let’s list the main pros:

  • The bedspread is well made and looks amazing
  • The front is made with 100% cotton and the backing with poly brush
  • It doesn’t show wrinkles and washes well
  • It’s long and fits nicely

The minor issues would be:

  • It doesn’t come with a sham, and you will need at least two for complementing it
  • You can’t flip it

Despite the minor issues, we still like this comforter a lot as it looks amazing on any bed and that is what tipped the scale for us.

You don’t even have to like flowers to bring a spring feel into your bedroom, as it’s impossible not to like the Greenland Home Antique Chic King 3-Piece Bedspread Set.

The set is made from 100% cotton, which means it’s one model with a nice softness taking the intense use for a long time. It also means it has no strong smell right out of the box either.

The pretty floral prints and paisleys send you away to the artistic countryside story. They are overstitched with vermicelli quilting and surface nice texture. The bedspread is well made and is built to last.

The retro style has an antique chic vibe to it and makes a nice impression on any guest. The vintage rose bound edge and back complete the beautiful appearance of the comforter.

The bedspread is also prewashed and preshrunk so you don’t need to care much about wrinkles or cleaning.

When you to change the vibe in your room, you may simply flip the bedspread as it’s reversible.

It’s a great bedding set, as the comforter comes with two pillow cases. The new look of your bedding is complete with just one step.

The colors are bright and strong, yet warm, combining so well. The comforter has high quality material and is very well made. The seams look durable even on every sham, and the bedspread drapes down nicely and is rather long.

The comforter is lightweight and comfortable. It’s warm enough for a cold winter.

The things we really like about the set are:

  • The bedspread comes with cute floral prints with paisleys
  • The bedspread is prewashed and preshrunk
  • It drapes nicely, is long, and looks great with the two shams
  • It’s lightweight, cozy and keeps you warm in the winter

We also have to mention the cons:

  • It doesn’t quite fit in a typical washing machine
  • The reverse side is a mustard yellow

Irrespective of the minor problems, for the nice appearance, durability and reliability, this comforter is worth every penny.

For some, the fact the Maine Heritage New England Tradition Bedspread is made in the USA is good enough reason to get it. True, the bedspread doesn’t disappoint with the craftsmanship and the high quality of materials.

The comforter is made with 100% woven cotton and is built to last for quite some feels soft against the skin and takes very well machine washing. As a matter of fact, the bedspread doesn’t shrink not misshapen after washing.

The machine replication of handmade candlewick pattern looks nice and out of time. The design is taken from the historic archives of Fabric Company from New England. If you don’t know it, the Candle wicking is a decorative pattern that is handmade and applied with tying knots to the surface, in a very artistic way.

The comforter has a great size and is pretty long. The material is thick and heavy so that the bedspread hangs down nicely.

Elegant and sturdy, the comforter gives your bedroom an elegant, timeless feel that is never out of style.

Let’s make a very short list of pros:

  • The comforter looks impeccable
  • The woven cotton is high quality and so is the craftsmanship
  • The comforter has a good weight to it and hangs down nicely
  • The material is thick and the bedspread is durable

Here are the downsides:

  • It doesn’t come with shams
  • Some expected the bedspread to be lighter

When we draw the final line though, we see a beautiful, durable comforter that brings timeless elegance in any room.

Made 100% in our USA, the Martha Washington’s Choice Bedspread makes a nice impression with its high quality material and craftsmanship.

The candlewick pattern is machine replicated but looks very natural and elegant. The pattern is taken from Mt. Vernon home of Martha and George Washington so one could say you bring history inside your house.

The bedspread comes in nice, warm colors that bring an elegant warmth in any room. The fabric is high quality and the comforter has a durable feel to it. It has a good weight to it and this one doesn’t slide around. The set fits well and hangs down nicely. The fringes on edges create a flowing feel for the bedding.

We like the comforter as it’s not bulky, despite its good built. It may work even in the wintertime, with a warm blanket.

The comforter is easy to wash and doesn’t shrink after washing. If you want to expand its lifespan, it’s better to use cold water for washing it.

Sturdy, elegant and long lasting, the comforter may be the final detail that your bedding was missing.

Let’s not forget it is made in the USA, which is quite a deal sealer for some.

Let’s sum it all up and list the pros:

  • The comforter is made with high quality woven cotton
  • It comes in nice, warm colors
  • It’s well made and seems durable
  • It’s sturdy and doesn’t shrink after washing

We do have some cons:

  • It could be longer
  • Some expected a thicker fabric

We’re not complaining though and still consider the bedspread to be an elegant, durable option that creates a nice welcoming feel in any room.

Let’s get it clear: the more you’re willing to pay, the more you can get from your bedding. High quality material and amazing craftsmanship is what you get with a comforter like the Abigail Adams Matelassé Bedspread.

The bedspread is made with 100% cotton in the USA. The woven cotton is high quality and looks so elegant.

The matelassé comforter is well made which is why it’s going to serve you for a very long time. The amazing center medallion matelassé design of the bedding brings elegance in any room.

Matelassé is a machine replication of trapunto designs that are hand applied. Going further with the details, it’s good to know that trapunto is a three-dimensional raising of a pattern as you fill the applied fabric to create the decorative surface interest.

The comforter is beautifully made and has a classic vibe. The cotton is heavy which is why the bedding is sturdy and falls so nicely. You may use the comforter all year long as it keeps you warm in the winter and doesn’t get too hot in the wintertime.

The bedspread comes in nice, very warm colors that create a good vibe in any room. They are the perfect shades for warming up a bedroom.

You may easily take care of the comforter as it fits a regular washing machine and dryer. More importantly, the bedspread doesn’t shrink from washing.

Let’s highlight the most important pros:

  • The comforter is beautifully made
  • It comes in nice, warm colors
  • It’s heavyweight and hangs down nicely
  • It’s durable and looks so elegant

We’d like to pinpoint some minor problems:

  • It’s not a bedding set, and two shams would have been perfect
  • Some say it’s not as good as it used to be

No matter the downsides, we still like the classic, elegant appearance and the durability of the bedspread and these count so much more.

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