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The Best Airbrush for Cake Decorating

When it comes to bakery, we all know a cake is not complete until it’s decorated. And, if your skills and imagination help you enough, you know that you do need the right tools to get the perfectly decorated cake.

There are kits for decorating cakes that contain all the tools you’ll need to adorn your baked goodies. One important piece stands out though… the cake airbrush. It gives you the chance to create amazing decoration details and it can be used to color just the icing on the cake, instead of coloring all the icing. As you go through our cake airbrush reviews here below, you’ll see that together with the cake spray gun, there are so many other tools to use in these kits for giving your cakes that pro look.

The 7 Best Cake Airbrush Reviews

1) Small and easy to use, the Cake Boss Decorating Tools Airbrush Kit is a great choice especially for the entry-level baker.

The cake air-brush is chrome-plates and powered by a compact 18PSI compressor unit that presents a sturdy build. The compressor unit is quite strong and presents three adjustable levels, presenting a 9W power and using DC voltage.

The cake-air brush is quite user friendly and you only need to turn on the compressor, pour the color you want to use into the reservoir and easily pull the airbrush’s trigger so you can apply the design to cakes. Note to self: some reported the air-brush doesn’t work that great with gold color.

The versatility of the decorating airbrush is great and you may use it for decorating your cakes, to create nicely colored backgrounds or use the airbrush over stencils. It’s a great little tool to use for writing messages and wishes on cakes or adding some intricate designs on your bakery.

The airbrushing kit contains also a rubber hose and a plastic dropper and you may do some fixing when in need by using the special nozzle wrench. You also get an instruction booklet that is easy to follow and an A/C 12 V 50Hz/60Hz adapter. All of these items come in a case you got the problem of portability well taken care of.

The unit is lightweight, but doesn’t lose the durability or the power feeling. It’s simple and so easy to use, which is why is a sure choice for anyone new into decorating cakes.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • The unit is small, lightweight and easy to use
  • It has a sturdy and power feel
  • The compressor unit has three adjustable levels
  • It’s great for an entry-level baker

We would like to see some changes for the better:

  • The unit isn’t for the commercial grade bakery
  • The coverage isn’t that large

Nevertheless, for the ease of use, lightweight and reliability on the small projects, the air brush kit is a great asset for any new baker. And it looks cute too.


2) One of the best selling models of airbrush machines for cake decorating is the Master Airbrush Multi-purpose Gravity Feed Dual-action Airbrush Kit with 6 Foot Hose and a Powerful 1/5hp Single Piston Quiet Air Compressor.

This cake airbrush spray gun is a gravity feed with dual action trigger (air and fluid control) and features an internal mix for a fully atomized spray pattern.

If this is the first time for you to buy and use a cake airbrush spray, it’s good to know that this comes with instructions guide, nozzle wrench, 2cc eye dropper and a molded plastic storage box.

There are high quality precision components used for this cake airbrush sprayer so that it works efficiently, giving great atomization and accurate spray control.

The Master Airbrush spray has multi-purpose usage, but remember that it’s not good to mix cake decorating with crafting around the house 🙂

The needle packing is solvent resistant and so airbrush is “doomed” to a long life, since this lets you use solvent based automotive paints: enamels, lacquers, urethanes.

For a dramatic look for your cake, you can remove the needle and nozzle caps and spray the full range of texture and stippling.

This cake airbrush spray is lightweight, compact, and easy to move around thanks to the built-in handle.

As in the case of any airbrush guns, you need to practice a bit before working on your cakes, but this model has precise air adjustment so you can get a clean, dry airflow.

There is a preset for automatic turn off once the air pressure gets to 57 psi and it turns back on at 43 psi. This expands the life span of the compressor. In more plain words… avoid using it for more than 30 minutes or use a fan to keep the risks of overheating low. Either way, the airbrush gun is thermally protected and it turns itself off when it becomes overheated.

Don’t worry about waste, since this cake airbrush works only when you work and it shuts off automatically when you stop.

This model comes with a 2 year warranty and there is plenty of info in the instruction books to use for a good cleaning. Keep in mind to dismantle the airbrush machine every once in a while and to clean it thoroughly after each use.

And, in case you get lost along the decorating, there are troubleshooting techniques in the guide booklet.

As this cake airbrush gives no bubbles, no streaks, no overspray, it’s a good investment that’s worth every penny.


3) If you’re new to cake decorating or any other craft hobby that involves an airbrush gun, the Paasche H-SET Single Action Siphon Feed Airbrush Set is definitively going to help you, since it’s very easy to use.

This is an older model of airbrush gun, it’s made in the USA and proves once again that tradition does work.

The airbrush features a chrome plated body for a long lifespan and even though it looks sensitive, its parts are very tough and durable.

This is a single action airbrush gun that comes with three spray heads- so it’s extremely versatile and usable in all kinds of situations. You can use thicker paints with this airbrush spray.

Since it’s a single action airbrush spray, you can get thin lines (1/16 inch) with it, but also wider patterns (1-1/2 inch).

This is a very simple and very easy to use airbrush machine and doesn’t need much practice, as in the case of double action models.

You can clean this up by simply spraying the paint through the airbrush, right after use.

This efficient model gives great performance with details also and may be a gift for a loved one, since it can be ordered in a gift wrap.

It comes at a great price, but keep in mind that it doesn’t come with an air compressor.

The set contains a H#3 airbrush, 1-ounce bottle assembly, 1-ounce storage bottle, size 1 and 5 spray heads, a hanger, wrench and 6-foot braided hose.

The lessons booklet and manual that come along give you clear instructions for using this for the very first time.


4) If you want to go shopping just once for your airbrush gun, and not worry about all the other tools you might need, the PointZero Pro Multi-purpose Two Airbrush Set – Piston Compressor Kit is the one to get.

This is a two airbrush kit with piston compressor and cleaning station and it may be used for all kinds of applications, going from cake decorating to auto-cycle graphics.

This airbrush gun features a sensitive diaphragm regulator with built-in pressure gauge and water-trap that give a well controlled, clean, dry air flow.

The compressor runs until the pressure gets to 58 psi and stops till the pressure goes down to 40psi. Once it gets there, the unit restarts.

This is a compact, lightweight unit, easy to use and move around due to the carry handle.

The 4 piece heads give you great performance for the details and the needle backstop lets you pre-set the trigger travel.

The cutaway handle makes it easy to clean and gives easy access to the needle chuck.

Thanks to the external-mix design, the airbrush is less prone to clogging, while the multi-purpose cleaning jar gives a handy place to flush the airbrush during cleaning and change of color.

The Snap-On lid has three different sections that may be used as a paint palette.

This kit contains everything you need when doing cake decoration with an airbrush gun, except for the paint: the air compressor, two airbrushes, 3-in-1 cleaning pot, brush set, 2 braided hoses, 3-way splitter are included. The brushes may be used to clean the smaller parts of the airbrush gun.

You can control the air pressure with the control knob.

Some consider the hoses to be too short, but noticed how remarkably quiet the compressor is.

As in the case of any other airbrush gun, cleaning and practice make perfect!


5) For those of you out there that want to do it all the way, even though at the beginner’s level, there is Master Pro Airbrush Cake Decorating Set with 12 Chefmaster Airbrush Cake color set, 3 Airbrush Kit.

This set comes with everything you need when using an airbrush spray for cake decorating, and the Chefmaster Colors used are highly concentrated, edible food colors with high strength, extremely bright. These colors come in sealed bottles with handy flip-top or twist-top dispensers.

The colors are easy to mix and give an amazing range of great colors.

This set is perfect for all the things you do in bakery: fondant, pastries, sugar paste and icing, gum paste and so on.

Obviously enough, the Chefmaster colors are made in the USA, using high quality FDA approved ingredients and are Certified Kosher.

The G 25 airbrush set comes with a 0.2mm needle/nozzle, a 1/16 oz. angled gravity cup and works great on the horizontal surfaces. This is a Dual-Action airbrush.

The kit contains also an E91 Airbrush set that has a 0.8mm needle/nozzle, a 2-3/4 oz. siphon bottles, plastic air hose wand and 5mm ends with a propellant adapter.

There is also a G70 Airbrush set with dual-action siphon feed airbrush, a 0.3mm needle/nozzle and a 3/4oz siphon cup.

There is a 1 year warranty for all of these airbrush sets.

The tankless compressor is lightweight, easy to move around, compact and has a carrying handle. The automatic on/off shutoff makes it easy and safe to use.

As it comes gift-wrapped also, this is a great set that even satisfies the needs and requirements of professional bakers.


6) Cake decorating might be easier with the Kopykake Airmaster Airbrush Set that helps you create the most incredible, edible cakes ever.

The compressor unit is sturdy, compact and the chrome-plated airbrush gives a steady, constant airflow with three adjustable levels. You can choose from high pressure to cover large surfaces, medium for basic airbrushing designs, and low pressure for the fine details or the script.

This kit is very easy to use- pour on the color into the reservoir, turn on the compressor and apply the design you want to the cake.

The airbrush helps you create blue oceans, but also to stencil, to write down your wishes on the cake. It can help you also with the very small details like dots or swirls just as well.

The compressor has the cake decorating brush attached to it by a flexible rubber hose.

This set gives you also a plastic dropper for transferring colors from the mixing containers to the airbrush reservoir and an A/C adapter.

The special tool that comes along may be used to keep the nozzle clean.

The instruction booklet gives plenty of useful tips.

This cake airbrush kit is compatible with fondant rollers, impression mats and other amazing bake ware supplies.

This kit is both for the beginners and the expert bakers that want to give the personal touch to their baked goods.


7) When money is not an issue and you simply want to buy a cake decorating airbrush gun that will last a life time, get yourself the Iwata 4211 Siphon Airbrush Kit along with the Iwata Smart Jet Air Compressor.

This is a high-quality, dual-action airbrush gun that comes with internal-mix possibility and a bottle feed.

This is a versatile airbrush gun that helps you get high-details, high-paint flow, covering a great range of uses.

This airbrush spray works great not only in bakery, but also does an amazing job for painters, wall muralists, and sign painters. It may be used with textile colors, automotive paints, ceramic glazes and heavier paints.

This is a tool for the highly trained hands that are able to exercise precise control when spraying the paints.

The compressor is powerful, quiet and reliable.

The motor has an auto shut-off feature, the moisture trap has filter and gauge, and there is an air hose and built in airbrush holder.

It comes with a 1 year warranty.


Tips for buying a cake airbrush kit

Let’s dive into some technical (well, not much) info!

How does a cake air sprayer work after all? Air from the compressor is carried to the airbrush through an airline and the force of this air pushes the color out of the nozzle of the spray gun and onto your cakes. In some airbrush guns, the color may be placed in a bowl placed on the top of the cake spray gun. You can also find gravity airbrushes.

You can use a single action airbrush or a dual action airbrush. In the single action airbrush gun you pull back on the trigger to release the color and the air- the further back you pull, the more color is released. The closer you keep the airbrush gun to the cake, the smaller the spray; the further away you hold it, the wider the color spray.

In some deluxe models you can even get a knob at the air compressor to adjust the air flow- it’s easier to work on details when you can choose a softer or stronger air blow.

In the case of dual action airbrush guns, when you pull back the trigger it releases the color, and when you push down on the trigger it releases the air. You can also get a knob on the compressor to regulate the air flow. There is also a moisture trap that removes any moisture that builds up in the airline.

Use the right colors…

The cake decorating airbrush machine needs special airbrush colors that have a specific consistency to pass through the airbrush spray without clogging it.

The diversity of the airbrush colors available is amazing and you can find even pearled airbrush colors that give iridescent looks to a butter cream iced cake, for instance.

…and use some of our airbrush cake decorating tips!

As we tried to find the best airbrush for cake decorating, we took notes from all the cake decorating airbrush machine reviews and summed up the most important steps to follow when using a cake air sprayer.

  • Always use food-safe colors in order to avoid cross contamination and never use the cake spray gun for crafting also.
  • Even though it’s a nobrainer, it’s safer to use, care and clean the cake air spray according to the instructions given by the manufacturer- if you want to extend the lifespan of you little decorating helper. Make sure to read the manual!
  • Creating spontaneously is great, but it’s better to sketch out your cake before beginning so that you have a clear idea on the colors, and the order in which you will spray them.
  • You might feel like a Scot, but pressure, speed and angle are highly important when using a cake spray gun. Practice makes perfect in everything so use some paper towels to try your machine on. Or… steal some coloring books from your kids for practicing 😉
  • Using the cake airbrush might get messy, so it’s better to cover all the surrounding surfaces for protection.
  • Try to keep a distance of 6-8 inches from the cake when using the decorating brush… Less than 6 will pocket the cake and at more than 8… the airbrush color will simply fly away, onto the surroundings.
  • You can get nice, softer lines when spraying with the nozzle at a 45° angle. Choose a 90° angle for the defined, sharper lines.
  • Don’t forget to clean out the pipes between colors using some hot water, and clean the pipes well after each use to prevent ugly splatters on your cake.
  • Last but not least, the cake airbrush is a very important tool when decorating the cake, but not the only one. Use also stencils to cut out fondant flowers, tinting piping gel or buttercream accents for the strongest reaction.

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