Benefits Of Using Furniture From Sustainably Harvested Timbers


Sustainably harvested timbers are wood that comes from sustainably managed forests. Sustainably harvested timbers are from renewable forests that manage different types of landscapes to prevent damage to wildlife, ecosystems, and watersheds. You can support this cause by using furniture that are made from sustainably harvested timbers.

Brands such as Hudson Furniture understand the gravity of global warming, which is why they have created furniture that won’t contribute to this environmental hazard. You will experience the following benefits once you use furniture from sustainably harvested timbers:

   1. It’s A Fantastic Insulator

Paying your energy bills is a long-term commitment. As a homeowner, you should know how to budget so you can buy all of your necessities without neglecting your energy bills. Using furniture from sustainably harvested timber can help you pay for lesser energy bills. Timber has naturally excellent thermal properties, aside from having high thermal mass and low thermal conductivity.

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As a result, furniture made from sustainably harvested timbers is more adaptable to both heat and cold. This means that this material can manage the temperature better. It can absorb heat and cool indoors, making your home more comfortable regardless of the weather outside. This feature can also reduce the carbon footprint of your home and increase its lifespan.

   2. It Can Support The Timber Industry

Tables made from different materials will basically have the same purpose. It can improve the dining experience of your family and guests while making your home aesthetically pleasing. However, furniture made from sustainably harvested timber is different because once you buy this product, you’ll be able to support the sustainable timber industry.

When you buy products that are made and manufactured using sustainably harvested timber, you can provide more jobs and income to the local timber industry regardless of where you are. Buying this type of furniture will not only improve the quality of your life as a homeowner, but also the lives of the people who were involved in the production and manufacturing of the furniture.

   3. It Can Help Maintain A Healthy Forest

Trees play an essential role in the earth. Trees produce oxygen, stabilize the condition of the soil, and provide a habitat for wildlife. When you buy furniture made from sustainably harvested timbers, you’ll help maintain forests. You’ll allow new trees to be planted, which ensures the longevity of forests today and in the years to come.

   4. It Requires Low Embodied Energy

Sustainable timber uses the lowest amount of embodied energy. In simpler terms, sustainable timber uses less energy in its processing, production, and transportation—all of which are processes required for trees to be used by consumers. Furniture made from sustainably harvested timbers will, again, have lesser carbon footprint compared to other materials.

   5. It Can Provide Uniqueness and Versatility

Homeowners would always want their properties to stand out. They don’t want their homes to be forgettable. If you share the same sentiment, investing in furniture made from sustainably harvested timber can do the trick. This material can be designed in unique ways, which may not be possible with other materials. If you’re looking for a couch that can become the focal point of your living room, look for one that is made from sustainably harvested timber.

In case you didn’t know, sustainably harvested timber comes in different colors and textures. This variety allows you to use timber in different types of furniture. No matter what kind of furniture you’re looking for your home, one that is made from sustainably harvested timber will be available for you.

   6. It’s Durable

You will spend a lot of money to ensure that your home is equipped with the necessary furniture. You need to save money in order to afford tables, chairs, and beds for your home. Using furniture made from sustainably harvested timber can provide value for your money as this material is durable. Furniture made from sustainably harvested timber can last for centuries, ensuring that you and your entire family can enjoy your furniture for the longest time possible.

Some furniture made from sustainably harvested timber are even handed down as family heirlooms from one generation to another. This is proof that furniture made from sustainably harvested timber are indeed durable.

Be Minimalist

Aside from using furniture made from sustainably harvested timbers, look for pieces that can serve more than one purpose. An ottoman that can be used as storage and a dining table that provides seating can be excellent choices. The lesser furniture you use at home, the lesser carbon footprint you’ll leave on the environment.


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