A Beginner’s Guide to Site Establishment Checklist for a House Renovation

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported that over 5,000 employees died on the job in 2018 alone. Out of more than 4,600 workers fatalities in private sectors, over 20% come from the construction sector. Hence, site establishment is a crucial element of pre-tender, pre-contract and start-on-site planning.

An efficient site establishment forms the basis for a successful project by configuring, structuring, and managing amenities to support on-site jobs safely and securely. Although minor construction jobs may need little temporary site establishment, bigger projects need expert site establishment commercial carpenters for extensive infrastructure. Still, no matter how small or big the project is, it is crucial to prepare a site establishment checklist. This article walks you through several critical points you need to include in your checklist for a house renovation project.

Checklist #1: Notify the Neighbours

The first action to take when it comes to house renovation is to inform the neighbours on the tentative date that the homeowner plan to start the renovation. The homeowners need to perform this action at least two weeks before the renovation starting date. They can do so either by dropping a letter in the mailbox or through email.

The content of the letter should include notification and request on understanding of the expected noise and dust pollution throughout the renovation process. Homeowners should also give their neighbours a heads up on other possible issues, such as parking and traffic problem due to the tradesman vehicles and deliveries. This notification helps saves the homeowners from the headache of handling multiple complaints from the neighbours.

Checklist #2: Prepare the Site Amenities

Homeowners should store a well-maintained first-aid kit in a suitable, prominent place. They should also prepare a list of emergency contact numbers, such as for ambulance and fire station, and place it in a notable location near the telephone or working site.

Checklist #3: Secure Necessary Permits

Homeowners may be required to get permits from local authorities for specific projects’ items, such as work zones and traffic management items.

Checklist #4: Management of Gas, Water and Electrical Services

Homeowners may need to terminate or isolate gas, water, and electrical supply for the site establishment. Temporary facilities may also be installed for the duration of the construction.

Checklist #5: Installation of Fence and Signage

Once the homeowners have legally and successfully taken control of the construction site in a populated area, they need to secure the domain. They can do so by putting up a fence or plywood hoarding a minimum of 1.8 m high around the site with a lockable entrance. Lock up the area when no one is attending it to keep other people, especially kids, from wandering around the dangerous area.

Homeowners should also put up appropriate signage on the fence securely. The signage should contain the contact information of the builders or site establishment commercial carpenters, private certifiers contact information (if available), the site office’s location, relevant warning signs and other safety and induction signs.

Checklist #6: Check on the Development Application’s Approval

When the site establishment is carried out, homeowners need to make sure their development application is appropriately considered or installed.

Each house renovation is unique, and you may need to do some in-depth research in advance to see what kind of requirements are required in your area. Nevertheless, using a site establishment checklist will ensure that you cover all necessary bases.

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