Basic Things You Would Need to Make Your first Apartment Livable


Finding your very own first apartment and signing the lease of it is an experience. It is an indescribable feeling of being an adult and an accomplishment.

But wait do you think this is it? Did you think all you have to do now is relax?

No, not yet! You have to set up the apartment with the necessary things to make the apartment livable.  I have often found that first-timers are confused when it comes to choosing essentials and often wish that they did not buy things they did.

To help you find the most essential things. I am preparing this list. So here are things you should be getting to make your house livable.



Now, this is something very simple and we all need it in our new home. But it is also essential to choose a comfortable bed. We suggest a heavy duty slat bed frame and on that an ergonomic design mattress. This combination will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep every night- after all that is the most important thing a person needs! Also, don’t forget to add on pillows bed sheets and comforters.


Now you don’t want your neighbors and passerby looking into your house and see what you are doing at any given time of the day. Like everybody gets their first house for privacy. So curtains are essential. You can buy drapes or curtains depending on your budget. If you are willing to spend then you can buy thermal insulated blackout curtains and if not you can go for shutter curtains which are a more economic option.

Cleaning Supplies

Now everyone likes a clean house and these supplies are going to be a semi-important buy but they will last you for a good few months. For cleaning supplies, you will need various detergents. For instance the floor, bathroom and laundry and many others. For cleaning, you will require a bucket, mops, towels, and sponges. If you have carpeting around your apartment then you should also consider buying a vacuum it will make cleaning much easier

Home security

Whenever you get a new home to remember the golden rule ‘Always gets the locks changed’. You never know that the previous owners might still have the key and they would come to snoop around your house whilst you are out and about. If you are unsure about your neighbors and have quite a few essentials in your home then you can set up an alarm system with cameras and sensors around your apartment. Also, the range of cameras should be around your house, the neighbors wouldn’t appreciate being watched by you in your camera.

Garbage cans and liners

Now you don’t want to get your house dirt every other day. So keep a garbage can in each room like your bedroom, study, lounge, and the kitchen. Also, the kitchen one should be larger sized as you can accumulate all the trash here and give it to the trash man when he comes to take your trash.

First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere so having some essential first aid thing will always come in handy. Keep it somewhere accessible. If you have an open kitchen then we suggest using one of the cabinets in the kitchen.


Now that you have your kitchen you would need some basic kitchenware even if you don’t cook very often. Some basic things can be plates, forks, spoons, bowls, silverware (you never know when you might have some special guest, even takeout looks good in silverware), glasses, coffee mugs, pans, pots, knives, tongs, spatulas, a fridge, and wine glasses. You should also check for gas (if your stove uses one) or the electric connection to which your stove is connected. Both should be available and working. If you are someone who enjoys coffee then a coffee maker would be a worthy investment.

Living room

Living room

Now the living room is the space where you will be spending most of your time. So make it comfortable and useable. We suggest adding a good couch. If you have guests over who stay the night and you don’t want them in your bed. I would suggest you add a sofa bed. This versatile piece of furniture can be your couch when needed and your bed when needed.

Also, every living room has a TV depending on your budget you can choose the screen size and features of the TV you want in your lounge.

A good coffee table on which you can keep your mugs, food, and popcorn. Did you know that a coffee table can be a half table and half-footrest- a few smart decisions will make things comfortable!


The environmentalist and the budget person in me suggest you go for energy smart light bulbs. The more the light the brighter and space-y your house will look.

Pro tip: Keep less furniture in the house this will help the sunlight come into your house during the day and you will see a huge reduction in your bills.

Dining table

If you have a kitchen bar then that’s great but if you don’t then you might want to add on a dining table. While you can eat food on the coffee table when alone but with a guest, a dining table is a better option. Also, you have so many options these days and with fewer chairs, we are sure you can find a reasonable dining table in your budget.

Study Room

If you are someone who works from home then a study room is something you need. For that, you can add a basic table and a comfortable well-foamed chair. If you have the money you can add a coffee chair or a nice couch on the other end of the room. Lastly, you can add cabinets for files and some shelves for your books.

This is a basic list for you to start considering the things you would need in your house. Making a house full is a long process and people take years to do that. Don’t rush one day you will be able to have all the things you desire in your home.






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