Are Professional Carpet Cleaners a Waste of Money?

Are Professional Carpet Cleaners a Waste of Money

With daily life sometimes being hectic, and people being short on time, mundane tasks often get farmed out. To forfeit time on jobs around the house, like cleaning carpets, can be undesirable.

To keep carpets in good shape, many find themselves looking for a professional cleaning company. This can save a lot of time on cleaning and can be done while the customer is spending their time elsewhere.

But, seeing as cleaning is something you can do yourself, some people feel it’s a waste of money hiring someone else to do it. It could be associated with notions of upper-class grandeur or just plain laziness when a cleaner is employed.

When should you hire a carpet cleaner?

Maintaining your carpets can be challenging, regardless of your current living situation. One simple accidental spillage can instantly ruin the looks of an expensive rug or carpet. Add into this mix the possibility of children running wild, or your beloved pets causing stains on your carpets, and you may constantly be in a state of worry.

If you find your home being subject to large amounts of footfall, professional carpet cleaning could be considered to keep your carpets looking their best. If you have a big family or receive visitors quite often, it’s best to stay on top of things before a problem develops.

If you are a tenant instead of a homeowner, getting your carpets professionally cleaned can be extremely beneficial when it is time to move on. This can boost your chances of getting your full security deposit back from your landlord, without any issues.

The benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner

While there is a lot to be said for people who are willing to put in the hard work, sometimes it’s hard to argue with the complete service that a professional carpet cleaning company provides.

You would expect that they will have the expertise to deal with any problem you have encountered, big or small. Your carpets will look and feel new upon receiving professional care.

Hiring a professional will remove the need for you to even think about or buy equipment that may be required. They will be coming fully prepared to do the best job possible. The fact that these carpet cleaning services can take place while you are at work, or doing other activities can prove to be very convenient in dealing with a busy lifestyle. You know they will thoroughly clean your carpet, efficiently and quickly.

A professional clean can also help with health issues.

Can carpet cleaning improve your health?

Regularly cleaning a carpet can actually improve the health of those who use it, and live in the same home. Pollen, dust, and mold, can all live within the carpet’s fibers causing problems for house members.

The Ear, Nose, and Throat Institute reports on how pet dander can affect your lungs. Pet dander as well as human dander is commonly found in carpets, and on other surfaces. Professional cleaning can remove this and other allergens.

However, there may be some negatives too.

What are the negatives of hiring a carpet cleaner?

The most obvious one will be the cost. DIY enthusiasts love to carry out work themselves, and when it comes to carpet cleaning, many people will have the same attitude.

There are many places where carpet cleaning equipment can be hired, and there are very good vacuums and cleaners to purchase now. HEPA vacuums are excellent at removing pet dander for instance.

The negatives of hiring a carpet cleaning service, largely rest on the cost and having to give access to your home for the cleaners.

What is the outcome, should you hire or not?

When it comes to the financial cost of hiring a carpet cleaning service, you should weigh it up carefully. Rugs and carpets can be costly, and so should be cleaned by experts.

Hiring equipment to clean carpets might not save as much money as you think. You will also have to learn how to use a steam cleaner properly, and to recognize problems.

The InterNACHI reported on how to identify, prevent and remove mold in carpets. Without expert cleaners, you may miss some issues that they would have treated. These problems can damage a carpet over time and your health.

Returning to the theme of price. If you are a tenant, then an end-of-tenancy clean could be the difference between you getting your security deposit in full, or losing money.


Hiring professionals to clean a carpet could be seen as a waste of money to some. However, when it is weighed up against other factors maybe it isn’t.

Cleaning a carpet properly can mean that its life is extended. A steam cleaner can remove grime and dirt that dulls a carpet. A proper clean can also remove health dangers such as allergens and bacteria.

For a homeowner, a professional clean can mean not replacing carpets and rugs so often. And for a tenant, it can mean getting a security deposit returned in full. For some then, carpet cleaning could be far from a waste of money.

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