The Amazing Benefits of Using A Stair Lift

The Amazing Benefits of Using A Stair Lift

A stairlift is a device that helps you get up and down the stairs safely. A stair lift consists of a chair that sits on a rail. The chair is attached to a hoist system which can be powered by electricity or gas. The power supply for the hoist is usually installed in the basement and connects to the chair through cables. A wheelchair lift is an elevator-like device used to help people who can’t easily navigate stairs. Stair lifts have been around for a long time with numerous benefits. The following are some benefits of stair lifts:

1. Stair lifts help people with disabilities and mobility issues

A stair lift is a great way to improve the quality of human life. It has been a saving grace for people with disabilities and mobility issues. You can see that it has lots of benefits that make it the best option for people with disabilities and mobility problems. They were finally able to use their stairs again with a lot less effort and they also got rid of the fear that they would fall. This was because the stairlift was able to move slowly without them needing to worry about it slipping or breaking down. This is very useful for people who live on the upper levels of a home or building that has multiple stories because it allows them to stay independent without having to depend on others for help.

2. Stair lifts help those elderly who have difficulty climbing stairs due to age or injury

Stair lifts are a relatively new, innovative technology that has helped countless elderly people overcome one of the most difficult challenges in their day-to-day life – climbing stairs. The stair lift is a great solution for those elderly who have difficulty climbing stairs due to age or injury. It helps them to easily and comfortably move up and down the stairs, which can greatly improve their quality of life.

Some people think that having a stair lift will be an inconvenience but, in reality, it is quite easy to use and manage. They are helpful for people who are still able to move around but need assistance with stairs. It will also help you get back on your feet and live without pain or any other health problems.

The stair lift can also reduce the risk of falls that seniors are prone to. When getting up or down the stairs, it’s important to have a good balance and be aware of where they are going next. This will reduce their risk of falling down and getting injured while exiting or entering the stairlift.

3. Stair lifts offer an alternative means of transportation in case there is no elevator available

The use of a stair lift can be beneficial in many different ways. Keep in mind that it is not just for the elderly or people who have disabilities. All people can benefit from using a stair lift when there is no elevator or escalator available. Stair lifts are designed to help propel the person up or down the stairs with minimal effort. The stairlift minimizes this difficulty by providing an easy way to navigate up and down the stairs without getting tired or dizzy.

The stair lift can be used to move from one floor to another without having to take the stairs which may not be accessible due to some reason like stairs being too narrow, steep, or slippery. They provide an enjoyable experience, a safe and fast way for people to take the stairs.

The benefits of a stair lift

Can stairlifts be fitted to any stairs?

Some people might assume that once they’ve found a staircase that can accommodate their needs, it can be fitted with a stairlift. That is not always the case. It is crucial to look for an option that suits your needs before committing to purchasing one because not all units are able to handle certain types of stairs. There are two types of stairlifts: straight-rail and curved rail. There are many reasons for this and it is important to know which one you need.

Straight-rail stairlifts are the most popular kind of stairlift. They work by being installed on the stairs and attaching to handrails on each side. Curved-rail stairlifts are a newer type of stairlift that can actually curve around corners and onto landings. Straight-rail stairlifts tend to work best for most homes, but curved-rail stairlifts may be better for homes with many corners or landings.

Can you get a stair lift installed in your home without hiring a professional?

Stair lifts are very safe. However, they can cause a minor earthquake if they are not properly installed. A stair lift must be installed by a licensed contractor and be inspected by a local building inspector before it can be legally used in your home. 

With a little bit of work and patience, stair lifts can be installed in homes without any help from professional installers, but it is not recommended. You have to take a look at the do’s and don’ts of installing one on your own because it can be a difficult and daunting task to install. If you are afraid of not doing it correctly, hire someone who has experience installing these lifts as they are complicated pieces of machinery that require specific installation knowledge.

The main advantage of installing it by yourself is that you will save money and time. So, when it comes to choosing between hiring a professional or doing it yourself, the choice is all yours. 

What is the average cost of a stairlift?

The cost of a stairlift is dependent on the features it has. Most stairlifts are priced around $2,000-$7,000 (You can find cheaper options but they are not recommended because they may not be safe.)

Buying a stairlift is a good investment because it is worth the initial cost. But if you are not sure about buying one of them, renting a stairlift may be an attractive option. Generally, for people who don’t use it very often, this option is less costly than purchasing one, yet still provides many of the same benefits. 

Whether you are buying or renting a stairlift, make sure you go to a reputable company!

Points to consider when selecting a stairlift

The market is generous and when you look for a stairlift, you will need to consider several aspects. You want to get the stairlift most suited for your needs, preferences, and budget. Details come next.

Consider the person’s particular needs and mobility

The first and most significant aspect to examine is the mobility and particular needs of the person who will use the stairlift. The more details you have and offer to the selling company, the easier it will be to find the model most suited to their needs and mobility. A detailed conversation with the sales consultant may reveal if the stairlift is the best solution or not for the person. If the stairlift is, in fact, the best solution, you can examine the various types of lifts available and choose the perfect model.

The height and weight of the person are essential elements as well—a stair lift’s weight capacity ranges between 250-400lbs.

Discover the best fit

You need to use the scales and measuring tape to see which chair will fit the person best. You should get a stairlift with the most appropriate weight capacity. You or the person needing the stairlift should sit on a regular dining chair to examine how much width is necessary for a comfortable fit on the seat. Examine a unit with adjustable arm width to provide you with the required room. We recommend you go or have the person go into a showroom and try various types of chairs.

Pay attention to the features

Stairlifts have features that offer various levels of comfort. For instance, the swivel feature at the top and bottom is helpful for a straight stairlift. The seat swivel getting on and off the stairs will be done facing away from the stairs. Error code display to spot service issues early is also a feature to consider.

Examine the staircase

The kind of staircase you have in your home will help you identify the type of rail you need for the lift. A straight staircase with no intermediate landings will require a standardized straight rail stairlift. However, if the staircase has turns, curves, or intermediate landings, the company will customize the stairlift to the staircase’sparticularities to perfection.

Every manufacturer uses its photo measurement system so that the final product fits the staircase impeccably. Needless to say, a curved rail stairlift is more expensive than a regular straight rail stairlift.

The stair width is also important to examine. If the stair width is less than 30inches, it will be tricky to install a stairlift as you don’t have enough clearance for the knees. A flip-up or zero clearance rail option is best if there’s a door at the bottom landing or the top since it stops the stairlift from intruding on the door area. Consider a curved stairlift to park the unit close to the stairs’ bottom or out of the way. When you park the lift away from the stairs, you will have a less strenuous get on/off away from the stairs’ edges.

Extra tip

Sometimes, a staircase with an immediate landing works best with two straight stairlifts. It’s a common situation for the tri-level home. Consider this option, especially if your wallet is thin.

Get a model with a warranty and service

Always buy from a trustworthy company that offers a warranty covering minor and major components and labor for installation. See that the company provides you with service by their technicians after the labor warranty has expired. It’s important to know that you can call someone reliable every time you need to service the stairlift.

Also, you should purchase an American-made stair lift due to proximity, spending with the shipping parts, and quality control. If the dealer doesn’t have the replacing component in stock, an American manufacturer should deliver it as soon as possible.

Select a dependable dealer

You should do due diligence and gather the information you need when buying the stairlift. There are several manufacturers to choose from; read the reviews and compare the models to get a clear idea about each option.

Take a look at all available stairlift options

Several manufacturers on the market provide you with seat, rail, footrest, and upholstery options for stairlifts. Some manufacturers offer all options, whereas others limit to one or two of them. The options widely added are:

  • Power swivel seat
  • Folding rail
  • Power folding footrest

Such features are added to improve comfort and safety. For instance, if the stairlift person lacks the physical strength to swivel the seat on their own, you should consider adding a power swivel seat. A reliable supplier will recommend you add all the features for better safety and comfort.

The Amazing Benefits of Using A Stair Lift

To buy or rent a stairlift?

The amount of time you anticipate using the stairlift is the decisive factor when choosing between renting and buying. If the person using the lift has decreased mobility and doesn’t plan to move from home for many years, purchasing a stairlift is wise. Keep in mind that new stairlifts come with excellent warranties.

On the other hand, renting is the best choice if the person plans to use the stairlift for only a couple of months due to temporary living arrangements or injury. You can find several options for renting a stairlift as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do stairlifts require servicing?

The stairlift is a complex piece of engineering and needs servicing every once in a while to ensure perfect working. A new stairlift is supposed to come with a two-year warranty that includes two free services as standard. It’s necessary to have the stairlift services once a year.

How long will a stairlift last?

As long as you’re servicing the stairlift accordingly, the stairlift could last for two decades. Upkeep and regular maintenance are crucial for such a lifespan. Make sure you never skip the servicing and manage any issue from the moment it occurs.

Is it expensive to repair a stairlift?

Expect to pay anything from $200 to $500 for a minor repair of a stairlift. If the repair is major, you will pay anything from $1,000 to $1,500 and even more. We don’t recommend you try fixing the stairlift on your own. Instead, you should hire a stairlift manufacturer or an independent appliance repairer for the repair job.

Are there alternatives to stairlifts?

The market gives you several alternatives to the stairlifts, and you can decide according to your needs, preferences, and budget. The shaft elevator, platform lift, AssistAid (stair climbing aid), and an elevator are all alternatives for stairlifts.

Does a stairlift add value to a house?

Even if stairlifts are crucial for the safety and comfort of people who need to use them, they don’t necessarily increase the selling price of a house. The future occupants may not need it and can easily remove it. For people who need it though, a stairlift can become a selling point when selecting a house.

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