All the furniture tips you need for a trendy cafe

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So, you are a cafe owner, and you might think “surely, the quality of the cakes and the lattes will get the guest numbers up?” Yes, you are right, but only partially. Delicacies that make your guests smack their lips with pleasure are a big part of drawing the crowd, but you need to keep in mind the importance of the furniture as well.

Rest assured that the first thing the visitors will notice about your cafe is the furniture and the interior décor. The food is secondary. It is all about creating an ambience that will invite your patrons inside. Only when the visitors connect to the décor and the furniture, will they sit and order their choices.

In the following post, we will have a look at the tips you need to keep in mind before investing in cafe furniture. For more information and a detailed product catalogue, all you need is to check out Cafe Solutions Melbourne.

Watch out for the comfort factor

Keep in mind that the guests come to a cafe to have a good time over a cup of hot beverage. So, when the sitting arrangement doesn’t provide enough comfort, there is no reason for a visit to your cafe. This is the main reason as to why you need to ensure the comfort factor for all your furniture. If you are shopping online, you need to look for exchange and return policies.

The décor should match the theme

Most of the trendy and modern cafes have a theme, from the uniform colour scheme to the use of traditional motifs and furnishings. Keep in mind that the furniture needs to match with the overall theme of the décor for your cafe. Matches like rustic settings and wooden chairs look marvellous.

The colour consideration

As far as the colour scheme is concerned, there are some tricks that you need to employ. Avoid blue since it is considered as an appetite suppressor. Instead, go for vibrant shades like the red and the orange for glam and energetic setting.

Go for lightweight and durable furniture

The best cafe furniture is based on certain aspects. Since you won’t be required to change the furniture now and then, it is imperative that you go for designs and materials that are durable and will stand the thorough test of time. Keep in mind that cafe furniture will undergo a greater extent of wear and tear. It is also vital to go for lightweight materials since you will need to clean up at the end of every day or the week. Always remember that heavy furniture is difficult to move around during cleaning.

Make sure that the furniture is stackable

If you go for cafe furniture, it will enable you to pile the chairs and tables on top of each other to save on storage space. This will also help with the periodic cleaning of the cafe premises.

Lastly, it is essential that you select furniture that carries a solid warranty. Cafes enjoy a lot of footfall, and accidental spillage and damage are quite commonplace. Make sure that your investment is protected by warranty coverage to avoid a severe dent in your capital.


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