Advantages of Kitchen Remodeling

Advantages of Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling the kitchen is a great home improvement option. In fact, one advantage of kitchen remodeling is that it’s the heart of the home. If you’re planning to enhance your house’s look, the kitchen is the first place to start. A good kitchen remodel seriously increases a home’s value.

Kitchen remodeling can be a costly endeavor but you don’t want to cut corners. Be certain to go for a contractor who has the abilities, the right tools and expertise to do a great job. Quality work has significant advantages down the road. You’ll be excited to know that the money you’ve invested has transformed into a higher value for your home.

It’s clear that kitchens endure a lot of wear and tear. As you struggle with oil, grease, and other messes, stains can build up over time. Therefore, the advantages of kitchen remodeling include a fresh, new start.

Below are some advantages of kitchen remodeling.

Improved functionality

A kitchen remodel should have two purposes: to improve functionality with increased storage or improved layout and to make the space more beautiful and modern. Cooking in a kitchen that has been remodeled should be a joy and you should have storage for all of your dishes and pantry items.

Decreased energy costs

Remodeling the kitchen involves the installation or alteration of electronic appliances. In handling the electronic devices, you should incorporate appliances that are more energy-efficient. LED models are among the new options that you should consider since they are energy-saving. Changing electrical appliances in the kitchen should make the room more energy efficient.

Increased sustainability

Upgrading your electrical appliances to the energy-efficient option allows your kitchen to be environmentally-friendly. For this purpose, choose natural materials like salvaged timber, bamboo for cabinets, countertops, and flooring.

Updated and modern physical appearance

Is your kitchen interior stuck in the era in which it was built? Hiring a contractor for kitchen remodeling will provide it with a modern design. Remodeling professionals should be well-versed in current kitchen remodeling trends as well as how to incorporate them with particular preferences.

Increased safety and comfort

Something as simple as adding a kitchen island can make working in the kitchen easier. So sit down with the experts while preparing your remodeling plans. Think of features that will make your kitchen comfortable and safe for work.

Many designs that can make your kitchen a more comfortable place to work in have an overflow area. In a cluttered house, you can conceal sharp knives in this area. Choosing a layout that keeps your kitchen secure and safe is important.

Enhanced home value

Kitchen renovations have a very good record of achieving high-profit returns. Most kitchen remodeling pays off incredibly when you plan to sell your house. In addition, a modern kitchen can assist in speeding up the process of finding a buyer.

Most people enjoy owning dream homes. For this reason, all rooms should be beautiful, but especially the kitchen. A planned renovation of the kitchen is a considerable way to improve your home. Remodeling the kitchen through the help of professionals is of great benefit to you as a homeowner.

There are several companies offering kitchen renovations and home remodeling services in every state. Experts from these companies will do the necessary remodeling of your house based on your preference and ensure that your new kitchen will look fabulous.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Remodeling

When nothing works for you in the kitchen and a remodeling seems unavoidable, there are myriads of things to take care of. You need to select a company that works for you, think about what you want for the new kitchen. Find a company that has the skills to transform your kitchen into a space designed around the style of your home.

Remodeling a kitchen is both energy and money consuming, and it can become fast when you don’t have all the necessary information. Having a set of FAQs in mind when making the decision is more than handy, and you should keep reading our FAQs down below.

1. What’s the ideal way of budgeting for kitchen remodeling?

You must be comfortable with the money you’re going to spend on remodeling your kitchen. Keep in mind that remodeling will also increase the value of your home, which may count in the years to come if you’re planning to sell.

It doesn’t mean that you should spend all the money you have on remodeling the kitchen. The rule of thumb is to keep it to 3% of the value of your house when remodeling the kitchen.

When you’re not planning to sell anytime soon and are determined to remodel the kitchen for your amusement (sort to speak), it’s totally fine to go over the top and spend up to 6% of the value of the property.

2. How much money should you expect to pay for remodeling the kitchen?

It’s not an easy answer, as it depends a lot on the finishes you want to have. Even if stone worktops increase the value of your house, it will also increase the spending, so you need to give it a good thought before choosing.

Unless you’re also thinking about some wall removal work, you should expect to pay something between $17,000 and $24,000. You will be able to address electrical works, removal of the old cabinets, new appliances, and also installation of cabinets.

Keep in mind that the size and purpose of the remodeling project affect your spending a lot. Should your kitchen need important structural work as well, you need to put anything from $3,000 to $10,000 on the side, according to the fundamental needs.

Any significant modification to your kitchen’s footprint will increase the overall spending of remodeling as you’re going to need to patch/change flooring. Moreover, you may also look for electrical and plumbing professionals to complete the project.

3. Do you need a plan or a schedule?

When you’re remodeling the kitchen (or any other room in your house), you don’t just go ahead and demolish the old kitchen. There are many cabinets, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and other essential elements to take care of.

If you’re going to remodel on your own, you should talk to the electrician, plumber, and other subcontractors in advance. Remodeling the kitchen will go smoother when you take care of the details and make a good plan.

4. Are you going to change the layout in any way?

When you plan to open up the kitchen to other rooms, you cannot just go ahead and tear down the walls. Some of the walls may be load-bearing, but not all of them.

Even if you’re on the urge of smashing down the walls, don’t look for the sledgehammer just yet- you may end up removing the load-bearing walls.

But it’s the other way around too, as you may fear not to take down any walls for being load-bearing when they’re not.

It’s also common for people to think that they cannot move around the refrigerator, sink, or stove, but that’s a mistake. In all fairness, it’s not cheap to move the venting and the plumbing, but why not pay the extra buck if you’re thinking about a new layout in your kitchen?

5. How many days will the remodeling last?

It may seem repetitive, but the time you need to remodel your kitchen depends on how big the project is. Some clients are picky, so they will need a meeting with the designers over and over again until setting up all the details for remodeling.

Don’t forget that it’s also the messy part when you need to take down the current cabinets or islands. Generally speaking, it can take anything from one to 4 weeks for remodeling your kitchen. But it all depends on the project and materials you’re going with.

6. What should you expect day by day?

On a general view, it can take a half-day to remove the current kitchen and half-day for the electrician and plumber to prepare your kitchen for future remodeling.

If the remodeling of your kitchen also includes new cabinets, expect to wait a couple of days until the new cabinets are mounted. It goes faster with laminated tops, which can be installed on the same days as the cabinetry.

If your budget was generous enough to get stone tops, you should expect them to be templated to match the walls and cabinetry perfectly. On the side note, it takes five days for a stone to be made.

After the tops are installed, you should expect for the sink and cooktop to be mounted. It’s around day no.10 of your remodeling.

7. Did you consider having another island for your kitchen?

Not all kitchens are big enough to fit an island. Keep in mind that you need at least 36in of clearance all the way around to comfortably install an island. Ideally, you should have 48in, but even 42in clearance can work.

Don’t skip the electrical outlets (one on each side) and take note of what you’re going to install on the kitchen island.

8. Did you take a look at the ventilation?

Should you think about relocating the cooktop, you also need to solve the ventilation problem. It’s typical for the building codes not to need a range hood ducted to the outside, but the experts advise to do otherwise.

For gaining the best efficiency, you should have a short duct and as straight as possible. Don’t forget to think about where the vent will end on the outside of your home as well.

9. Do you have any ideas about the flooring?

One thing you shouldn’t take any chance with is the flooring. For instance, if you switch from vinyl to tile, the risk of elevation problems at the doorways is very high. Tile will require you to add a second layer of plywood to stiffen the subfloor. An isolation membrane can work, too, as you want to reduce the risk of cracking.

When you don’t want the remodeling also to include the changing of the current floor, make sure that the flooring will run under the cabinets and appliances. Otherwise, you will deal with a hole to cover. No matter where remodeling of your kitchen takes you, keep in mind not to block the dishwasher with new flooring in front of it.

10. What ideas do you have for lighting?

When you’re remodeling, changing, and upgrading the lighting is one of the most useful and impressive changes that you can make. Nobody likes cooking in the dark, so make sure that you have plenty of ambient lighting, but also task lighting so that you can chop the onion just safely every time.

Recessed lights are high in a kitchen, but you need to install it in the right place. A rule to remember is to establish a line of lights straight over the countertop nosing.

11. How many times did you go over the details?

There are many details to consider when remodeling the kitchen. It’s it is better to leave it to the professionals (unless you’re also a contractor). For instance, you don’t want the window stool over the kitchen sink to mess the faucet installation in any way. When the sink is placed too far back in the counter, with the seat overhanging a lot and the faucet coming straight up, things are going to get rough.

12. What’s your plan for the temporary kitchen?

With the remodeling of the kitchen lasting for more than a week, you need a plan for a place to cook until the new kitchen is ready. You may very well move the refrigerator, the toaster oven, and the microwave to a room that can work as a temporary kitchen.

Should the weather allow it, you can always cook on the outdoor grill. On the side, it’s never a good idea to remodel the kitchen in the middle of the winter.

It may not sound sanitary, but you can wash the dishes in the bathtub. And even if it’s against your values, you should use paper plates and plastic utensils until the kitchen is done.

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